Umphrey’s McGee Brings Fan Favorites To Open Halloween Run In St. Louis

first_imgLoad remaining images Umphrey’s McGee kicked off the first night of their two-night Halloween run with a bang, delivering an awesome setlist that was chock-full of reliable favorites. While the band avoided performing any traditional mash-up covers on their first show at The Pagaent in St. Louis, they turned in a tight performance with a palpable intensity throughout.Opening set one with their “Flamethrower” intro, the band flowed smoothly into the jazz fusion freak-out of “Hurt Bird Bath”. “HBB” is one of Umphrey’s best songs, and it continues to impress, as the band attack the song’s improv sections as if they’re Return To Forever. “In The Black” followed, before the band pulled off a wild transition from the bouncey “Miami Virtue” into progressive rocker “Sociable Jimmy”. Umphrey’s then trotted out reliable jam launchpad “Red Tape”, before bringing the set to a close with a run from the jazz-funk of “Comma Later” into the alternative metal of “The Floor”.Watch video of “Flamethrower” below, courtesy of DarbySTL on YouTube.“Breaker” opened the second set, played for only the second time ever after being debuted at UMBowl this past May. The band followed the new song with an old favorite, as “Der Bluten Kat” was trotted out for a lengthy run. The fun rocker “Nemo” came next, providing somewhat of a breather before the progressive stomp of “Wappy Sprayberry” dominated the middle portion of the set. This started a non-stop run of songs that brought the set to its conclusion. “Wappy Sprayberry” segued into “The Crooked One”, which bled into a huge and improv-heavy “August”. “August” transitioned into the instrumental “Den”, which completed the heavy-hitting second set.For the encore, Umphrey’s unleashed “The Linear”, providing one more danceable moment before they transitioned into a fun, show-closing cover of The Who‘s “Baba O’Riley”. Umphrey’s McGee returns to The Pageant tonight for the second and final night of their Halloween run. Tonight should be chock-full of new mash-ups!Check out the full setlist below, as well as a gallery from Tara Gracer Design & Photography.Umphrey’s McGee | The Pagaent | St. Louis, MO | 10/29/2016Set 1: Flamethrower > Hurt Bird Bath, In The Black, Miami Virtue > Sociable Jimmy, Red Tape, Comma Later -> The FloorSet 2: Breaker, Der Bluten Kat, Nemo, Wappy Sprayberry > The Crooked One > August > DenEncore: The Linear > Baba O’Riley[Setlist courtesy of All Things Umphrey’s]last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee Welcomes BIG Something’s Casey Cranford In Pittsburgh [Video]

first_imgOn Friday, Umphrey’s McGee continued their Wax On, Wax Off Tour with a stop at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA.Umphrey’s McGee came out to open their first set with “Drink My Drank”, last played on June 16th, 2017, a gap of 156 shows. With Joel Cummins laying down some spacey synth work, Kris Myers and Andy Farag locked into a hard-hitting pocket, setting a raucous tone for the Friday night rock show. The sextet smoothy segued out of the instrumental “Drink My Drank” into “Plunger”, allowing Brendan Bayliss to take his first vocal lead of the night. With Ryan Stasik holding it down on the low end, Bayliss and Jake Cinninger tore off into deep exploratory ground, trading off gritty guitar solos. Umphrey’s moved forward with “Words”, off of 2007’s The Bottom Half. The Bayliss-led “Words” got its first play of 2019 last night, and the six-piece did it justice. Umphrey’s continued with “Remind Me” and “Higgins” before bringing the first set to a close with “Partyin’ Peeps”.Following a brief setbreak, BIG Something saxophonist Casey Cranford joined Umphrey’s McGee as they reemerged to the stage, opening their second set with a cover of The Rolling Stones‘ “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Played for only the sixth time since 2015, Cranford added the perfect touch on the favorite tune off of the Stone’s 1971 Sticky Fingers album. Moving back into their six-piece configuration, the band moved forward with “Forks” and “Puppet String” before delivering an improv-heavy pairing of “Night Nurse” into “Rocktopus”. Bayliss stepped up to take the lead on “Example 1”, which was followed up by a rockin’ set-closing take on “JaJunk”. “The Floor” served as the evening’s lone encore.Umphrey’s McGee – “Rocktopus”[Video: Vlad Reznik]Umphrey’s McGee continues their tour tonight, Saturday, March 23rd, with a stop at Cleveland, OH’s Masonic Auditorium. For ticketing information and a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, head to Umphrey’s website.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | Stage AE | Pittsburgh, PA | 3/22/2019Set One: Drink My Drank > Plunger, Words, Remind Me, Higgins, Partyin’ PeepsSet Two: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking*, Forks, Puppet String, Night Nurse > Rocktopus, Example 1, JaJunkEncore: The Floor* w/ Casey Cranfordlast_img read more

Georgia GAPs

first_imgThat’s why the University of Georgia is offering a special training, “Passing the Georgia GAPs Food Safety Audit” July 23 in Moultrie, Ga., and Aug. 8 in Vidalia, Ga.The Georgia GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) certification and audit requires growers and packers to develop food safety plans similar to those used by food processors. GAPs focus on eight potential contamination or safety hazard points in growing and handling produce.The one-day UGA program will give fresh-produce growers and packers hands-on training on designing and putting GAPs into place in their own operations. Participants will be eligible to get a third-party audit for a greatly reduced fee.Once the audit certifies a farm is following food safety guidelines, the grower or packer will be certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and can put the certification seal on packaging.Each program will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. The Moultrie workshop will be at the Colquitt County Agri-Complex on U.S. Highway 319. The Vidalia program will be at the Vidalia Community Center a block off U.S. Highway 280 on Old Airport Road.Participants must preregister by July 18 for the Moultrie program or Aug. 5 for Vidalia. A $20 fee covers lunch and other costs.To learn more or preregister, contact the nearest county office of the University of Georgia Extension Service. Or call GAPs field coordinator George Ponder at (229) 392-3846 or UGA food scientist Bill Hurst at (706) 542-2574. Or go to the Web at read more

Endesa plans to close all coal capacity in Spain, Portugal

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Greentech Media:Coal power is no longer competitive in mainland Spain, according to Enel subsidiary Endesa, as the company plans to shut down all of its coal-fired generation capacity on the Iberian peninsula.Endesa operates 23 gigawatts of capacity in total in Spain and Portugal, including 7.5 gigawatts of “traditional thermal power.”In a statement to the Spanish stock exchange, Endesa was unequivocal on its view of coal’s near-term future, blaming market conditions and carbon pricing. “This structural situation has determined that mainland coal-fired thermal power plants are not competitive, and therefore their operation in the electricity generation market is not foreseeable in the future.”Endesa flagged a likely write-down of €1.3 billion ($1.4 billion) as a result of the shutdown, including decommissioning costs. It did not provide a timeline.In the first half of 2019, the company generated half as much power from its coal fleet as it did in the same period last year, without closing any capacity. That alone suggests the writing was very much on the wall.In November last year, Spain’s government said its last coal and nuclear power plants would be closed by 2030. It also revealed tax breaks for natural gas that were not extended to coal. Endesa’s CEO responded at the time by saying he expected the coal plants to remain in place for backup beyond 2030. A few months later he was quoted saying the shutdown could be complete by 2025.More: Enel subsidiary to close coal capacity in Spain Endesa plans to close all coal capacity in Spain, Portugallast_img read more

Does Bigfoot exist?

first_imgIllustration by Wade MickleyAs interesting as it may be for such creatures to exist, there simply is no way that a specimen as large as a Bigfoot could have gone undetected until now. The United States is too populated, too technologically advanced, and too developed for any creature, other than microbes, to have escaped detection until now. There are also way too many gun owners who would have killed one by now. Sure, I would like to believe as much as anyone. However, common sense overrules my child-like wonder in this case.—Keith Koger, Charlotte, N.C.———-There is no way something like Bigfoot can exist in these days and times without us knowing about it. There is a much better chance of UFOs and aliens.—Ed McKeown,Roanoke, Va.———-P.T. Barnum once said, “A sucker is born every minute.” If you put on a show, people will come. Even the famous 8mm movie with the fuzzy picture of his buddy in a gorilla suit was admitted by the lone survivor to be a fraud.—Joseph Gracia, Silver Spring, Md.———-There are many local and faraway stories concerning Bigfoot. I’ve spent many hours reading various accounts, even some relating to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Although the tales are riveting at times, I am unconvinced, although I still believe an imagination is a wonderful thing to have.—Ed Staples, Waxhaw, N.C.———-I remember making Bigfoot tracks in the mud when I was a boy. Am I responsible for encouraging these Sasquatch hunters? If we can find dinosaur turds that are thousands of years old, we should be able to produce some more convincing evidence before we cry wolf—or giant skunk-ape.—James Gorman, Bluemont, Va.———-Bigfoot as envisioned probably does not exist, but there is likely some mutant life-form running around in the wilds.—Jim Cermenaro, Vienna, Va.———-People have been claiming to see Bigfoot for decades, yet there is still no hard proof of his existence. I just watched a show on National Geographic about how pranksters used to make their fake bigfoot prints. These old-timers were really good, but what they were doing was really no different than Hollywood special effects.—Travis Ratliff, Honaker, Va.———-One time while working in the Cascades, my wife noticed something standing near her out of the corner of her eye. There were no other people within miles. When she told her story to some of her fellow co-workers, some of them had witnessed a large hairy figure walking through a mountain prairie a little farther out in the backcountry. They did not want to say anything, afraid that people would assume they were on drugs or something. It was enough to make us believe. I have spent enough nights in the backcountry to know that we have not seen everything in the wild.—Bryan Freeborn, Asheville, N.C.———-The recent hoax aside, there have been so many amazing similarities in the sightings, footprints, and accounts by eyewitnesses across the years. When we humans think that we know about everything in the natural world, we’re being very egotistical. We should realize we have much yet to learn.—Joe McAlister, Greer, S.C.———-There is still a lot going on out in the woods that we don’t know of or understand just yet. Our capacity for openness should be as vast as the unknown. We’re enfolded by a realm of mystery in the natural world.—David Wooldridge, Lowesville, Va.———-Bigfoot DNA is only strand away from being a human being. A chimpanzee is 33 strands away from being human. Those attention-seeking boys in Georgia did a disservice to the real science and search for Bigfoot.—Patricia Locke, Lebanon, Tenn.———-It is extremely anthropocentric of humans to think that such a large creature could not exist without our having documented it. Nature has surprised us countless times in the past, and to think that there are creatures that we are unaware of is not the least bit unreasonable.—Will Lindsey, Charleston, S.C.———-Online poll results:51% say Yes | 49% say Nolast_img read more

NCUA merger videos target board directors

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr A three-part video module from the NCUA will give credit union board directors additional tools when they are considering a merger, the agency announced Thursday. The videos are available here.The videos aim to provide education about the merger process and how it may benefit a credit union. The modules examine current merger trends, when a credit union board should consider a merger and how to negotiate a merger agreement to best serve the credit union’s interests. continue reading »last_img

The analytics talent gap: Why the middle matters

first_imgThere are many challenges to creating a data-driven credit union. One often cited issue is attracting and retaining qualified technical personnel. Hiring a Data Scientist is impossible for all but the very largest credit unions due to cost. Filling the position Data Architect is tough because of the heavy competition for qualified candidates. However, for many credit unions, having full-time employees with these skillsets is probably overkill anyway. There are many qualified vendors and consultants who can provide these services on either a project or retainer basis.Where the talent gap really hurts credit unions is in the middle ranks. There are two particularly valuable types of employees that credit unions need to attract and retain.Business Users with Data and Analytics SkillsetsIn the past, middle managers and subject area experts were prized primarily for their business acumen. Whether it was Finance, Marketing, or Operations, excellence in that focused business specialty was enough.In today’s quest for organizations to become data-driven, employees in the middle ranks must be knowledgeable about the tools and techniques of data and analytics. It is no longer enough for business managers to consume canned reports. In order to achieve excellence, these performers need to know how to access and interrogate the data that has an influence on their areas of specialty.Marketing is a great example of a business domain that is directly impacted when employees are knowledgeable in data and analytics practices. In today’s credit unions, Marketing must not only rely on abundant and accurate internal data, but it also has the opportunity to tap into an ocean of external data. Much of this data is unstructured; it is not in easily digested rows and columns. There are cutting edge Big Data technologies that marketers need to be able to use in leveraging this vast trove of data.Translators – The Liaison between the Business and Technical WorldsTranslators can work either in a business area or an IT territory. No matter what their official environment, however, they are comfortable on either side. Their focus is translating communications between the two worlds.In the Business-to-IT communication, the Translators explain business requirements in a language that the technology team can understand and express in software and other media that produce the desired business result. In the IT-to-Business communication, the Translators convey the possibilities and limitations that govern the technology environment to help the business better manage the risks and rewards balancing act. Overall, these employees help to deliver the data and tools that make the data-driven organization a reality.Attraction and RetentionClearly attracting and retaining these two types of employees is a key to building and maintaining a data-driven credit union. Yet, their skills are in high demand. What must be done to hire and keep these valuable performers?Make the Data and Tools Available These employees know what to do and how to do it when it comes to data and analytics. Yet, if the data and tools are not at their fingertips, they will be motivated to seek employers who can make these easily available.Be Ready to PayThese are valuable employees who will be an integral part of achieving the credit union’s data and analytics strategy. Making their compensation packages competitive is a strategic investment.Training has a Double BenefitData-savvy job candidates will be attracted by opportunities to extend their skills. Another enormous benefit is to train existing employees to become data and analytics-focused. Overall, a robust training program sends a strong signal that the organization is evolving its culture to be more data-driven.Unlike the “rent-an-expert” opportunities for high level technical roles, building a strong middle tier of data and analytics-oriented employees is essential to creating and maintaining a high-performance, data-driven organization. 44SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Pete Keers Pete serves as an Engagement Manager at OnApproach. He has over 20 years of management reporting, information systems, and project management experience. He has held leadership roles in both business … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Broken leg for Nick Scholfield | Racing News

first_imgNick Scholfield is hoping he may yet be able to return in time for the busy Christmas schedule after breaking his leg in a freak incident at Fontwell.The multiple Grade One-winning jockey suffered the injury on Friday when he was cannoned into by a loose horse as he crossed the finishing line in fourth on Shintori in the Star Sports Owner’s Club £20K Guarantee Handicap Chase.- Advertisement – He was due to ride Champagne Court in the feature Badger Beers Silver Trophy Handicap Chase at Wincanton on Saturday – but will be out of action for several weeks at least.“I’ve fractured my tibia,” said Scholfield.“I hope I can get back as quickly as possible – if I could do it in six weeks, that would be what I’m hoping.”- Advertisement – Go Steady had unseated his jockey Bridget Andrews at the third-last, but then ran loose before careering into Scholfield.He admits his frustration at the injury, just as the new National Hunt season begins to step up a gear, but acknowledges many others are encountering far more trying times during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.“In these times, this is not so bad,” he added.- Advertisement – “It was unusual circumstances – something you don’t expect – so it’s frustrating from that aspect.“I’d crossed the line and finished the race on Shintori.“I was just pulling up, and a horse that had fallen was galloping (loose) and it has just ‘T-boned’ my horse, and my leg was stuck in the middle, and it caused me to fall off.” – Advertisement –last_img read more

Health officials probe more botulism cases

first_imgAug 2, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned of a link between four botulism cases and contaminated chili sauce 2 weeks ago, state health departments have confirmed one additional botulism case and reported at least three more suspected cases.The initial recall, issued Jul 19, involved canned hot-dog chili sauce made at a Castleberry Foods production facility in Augusta, Ga. A few days later the recall was expanded to more than 80 of the company’s products, which included chili, hash, barbecue meat products, and a few pet food products.The four previous patients included two Texas children and an Indiana couple. In a Jul 30 early-release article in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the children, who are siblings, were hospitalized on Jun 29 and received botulinum antitoxin on Jul 7. Initial stool cultures did not reveal the pathogen, and stool and serum cultures taken 9 days after symptom onset were negative for botulinum toxin. Both are still hospitalized, andone is still on mechanical ventilation.The Indiana couple became ill Jul 7 and were hospitalized 2 days later, the MMWR report said. In view of their shared symptoms, they received botulinum antitoxin on Jul 11.The man’s serum sample tested positive for botulinum toxin type A. The woman’s serum sample was also positive, but the scant volume didn’t allow the laboratory to determine the toxin type. Samples from leftover chili sauce also tested positive for botulinum toxin type A. The patients remained hospitalized and on mechanical ventilation.Botulinum toxin is a nerve poison produced by Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium commonly found in soil. Botulism symptoms include double or blurred vision, droopy eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, and muscle weakness, according to the CDC. If untreated, the illness can progress to paralysis of the limbs, trunk, and breathing muscles.Mark Horton, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), said tests confirmed that a 51-year-old San Diego woman has botulism poisoning, according to a Jul 27 CDPH press release. State health authorities were investigating whether her illness was linked to the contaminated products. The woman reported buying and eating one of the recalled products, Kroger Chili with Beans, in early July, the CDPH said. However, she threw the product away before it could be tested.She had been hospitalized but was recovering at home, the CDPH reported.On Jul 27 the Hawaii Department of Health (HDH) said it was investigating a possible case of botulism poisoning on Maui, according a press release. The department said the patient met some of the clinical criteria for botulism and was being treated pending laboratory confirmation.”The DOH has consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and although the case has not been confirmed as botulism poisoning, we are taking every precaution,” said HDH Director Chiyome Fukino, MD.In addition, Indiana television station WISH reported Jul 31 that a Logansport resident was hospitalized with suspected botulism poisoning. Doctors at Logansport Memorial Hospital had noticed the patient had some botulism symptoms, though it was not clear if the patient had consumed any of the recalled products.The TV station reported that the CDC provided botulism antitoxin for the patient and that Indiana state police delivered it to the hospital.Elsewhere, state officials in New Mexico said yesterday that a 52-year-old man from Sandoval County was paralyzed with botulism poisoning, the Associated Press (AP) reported today. Officials were trying to determine if he ate food included in the national recall, the report said.Deboarah Busemeyer, a spokeswoman for the New Mexico Department of Health, told the AP that the man was hospitalized on Jul 26, was in serious condition, and could only wiggle his toes. She said preliminary tests, reported by the CDC, pointed to botulism, the AP reported.In other developments, a Wisconsin company yesterday recalled cans of its French-style green beans after routine monitoring revealed a possible production problem. Lakeside Foods, based in Manitowoc, said in a press release that no illnesses had been reported and that no botulism toxin had been found in any of the product tests, which were ongoing.The recall involves 14.5-ounce cans of the green beans, which are sold under about 17 different store brands in 20 states and Canada.See also:Jul 30 MMWR article on botulism casesJul 27 Hawaii Department of Health press releaseJul 31 New Mexico Department of Health press release read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Social-gathering ban, de-emphasizing seasonal flu vaccine, high Tamiflu dosing, impact on Mecca

first_imgZambian district bans social gatheringsHealth authorities in Zambia’s Luanshya district have banned weddings and other social gatherings to curb the spread of the pandemic H1N1 virus, according to a Sep 26 Times of Zambia report that was picked up by Xinhua, China’s state news agency. Over the past 4 days the district has reported more than 630 suspected pandemic flu cases. Flu cases are reportedly on the rise elsewhere in Zambia, as well. 26 Xinhua storyBritish Columbia pares back seasonal flu effortsBritish Columbia said today it would delay promoting seasonal flu shots until early in 2010, except for those in high-risk groups such as older people, the Vancouver Sun reported. Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia announced similar steps in the past few days. The moves follow reports of an unpublished Canadian study that suggests seasonal flu vaccination may double the risk of pandemic H1N1 infection, a finding not confirmed by WHO and CDC data.High antiviral dosage may have saved H1N1 patientsDoubling the dosage of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) in patients with severe H1N1 flu cases has helped Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong avoid any deaths from the disease so far, according to the Hong Kong newspaper The Standard. The hospital has treated at least 60 severely ill patients without loss of life, said Dr. David Hui Sui-cheong, a respiratory disease specialist. The hospital has focused on early treatment along with doubling the dose. 28 Standard reportPandemic chokes flow of pilgrims to MeccaWorries about the H1N1 pandemic have kept many Muslims from traveling to Mecca for the minor pilgrimage called umra, which can be done any time of year, according to the Herald, a Scottish newspaper. The drop in visitors has hurt business for shops, hotels, and tour operators in Mecca, with hotel occupancy rates in the last 10 days of Ramadan down by more than a third from last year. Saudi Arabia had urged the elderly and people with chronic diseases to postpone trips.|Sep 28 Herald storylast_img read more