China seizes 15 billion in online lending crackdown

BEIJING — China’s policy ministry says it investigated 380 online lenders and froze $1.5 billion in assets in a crackdown following an avalanche of scandals in the huge but lightly regulated industry.The ministry said Monday it launched the investigation in June because the industry was increasingly risky and rife with complaints about fraud, mismanagement and waste.Regulators have steadily tightened control over Chinese online lenders following a string of failures and fraud cases that prompted protests and complaints of official indifference to small investors.The police ministry gave no details of arrests but said more than 100 executives were being sought by investigators and some had fled abroad.The operator of one lender was sentenced to life in prison in 2017 on charges he defrauded investors of $7.7 billion.The Associated Press read more

UN agency rushes aid to pregnant women in cyclonehit parts of Bangladesh

With some 30,000 babies expected to be born in the coming months in cyclone-hit parts of Bangladesh, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today announced plans to help pregnant women there avoid life-threatening delivery complications.Out of the 6.7 million people affected by the storm which hit in mid-November, 30,000 women are carrying third-trimester pregnancies, the agency said in a news release, warning that almost 4,500 of them “are likely to experience potentially life-threatening complications.”In response, UNFPA is sending reproductive health kits equipped with intravenous fluids and drip sets, antibiotics, pain killers, syringes, sterile gloves and a small sterilizing machine, all to help prevent maternal deaths and disabilities. The agency is also providing other safe motherhood services to women who come to designated facilities for delivery. 4 December 2007With some 30,000 babies expected to be born in the coming months in cyclone-hit parts of Bangladesh, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today announced plans to help pregnant women there avoid life-threatening delivery complications. read more

Police seize 30K worth of cocaine from Milton home

Two men are facing charges after Halton police seized roughly $30K worth of cocaine in Milton.Officers found a half kilogram of cocaine, cash and other drug trafficking paraphernalia while executing a search warrant at a home on Haxton Heights Thursday. D’Shawn Rose, 24, and Christopher MacNevin, 40, have been arrested and charged with various drug related offences.Rose is being held for a bail hearing in Milton court on June 8 while MacNevin was released on a promise to appear in Milton court on July 11.

UN health agency calls for improving tobacco regulations to save lives

The monograph, entitled “Advancing Knowledge on Regulating Tobacco Products,” calls for an overhaul of the existing testing methods that measure the tar, nicotine and other yields of tobacco and tobacco smoke, and urges the establishment of a new basis for measuring, regulating and labelling tobacco products globally.The study recommends that governments consider setting up a new basis for measurement of tar and nicotine yields and regulating tobacco product additives. It also calls for removing misleading “low tar” or “lights” branding. In addition, the publication proposes the development of regulations covering all nicotine-containing products as well as a common international strategy on the future of tobacco product modification. Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland”A cigarette is a euphemism for a cleverly crafted product that delivers just the right amount of nicotine to keep its user addicted for life before killing him or her,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland. “Tobacco needs to be globally regulated if we are to save lives,” she stressed.WHO estimates that currently, 4 million people die due to tobacco every year. The agency warns that the death toll could rise to 10 million by 2030 in the absence of more effective tobacco product regulation. read more

New Zealand The Little Nation That Could Win Two World Cups

1979CricketWest Indies4.8England46.7 YEARSPORTWINNERPOP.RUNNER-UPPOP. 2011CricketIndia1,210.2Sri Lanka20.9 2011RugbyNew Zealand4.4France63.1 1983CricketIndia748.0West Indies5.0 2007RugbySouth Africa49.6England51.4 1991RugbyAustralia17.3England47.3 1987RugbyNew Zealand3.3France56.0 1987CricketAustralia16.3England47.3 1995RugbySouth Africa41.4New Zealand3.7 1996CricketSri Lanka18.4Australia18.3 1999RugbyAustralia19.0France58.9 1992CricketPakistan117.3England48.0 1975CricketWest Indies4.6mAustralia13.9m Usually the countries that dominate international sports competitions are the ones more populated than New Zealand, which has just 4.6 million people. Yet the island nation is competing, and winning, in a whole range of sports. Its next task: winning the Cricket World Cup.On Tuesday, New Zealand’s men’s cricket team beat its counterpart from South Africa, a nation of more than 54 million, to advance to its first cricket World Cup final. (And they did it in a thrilling match.) New Zealand has won all eight of its games in this year’s competition, and is the country with the smallest population to ever reach the title match in the competition’s four-decade history. The last World Cup champion, India, had just a slightly larger population: 1.28 billion.Winning any World Cup is a big deal for such a small country. After all, my friend Stephen Wells, a London-based photographer, told me, “Any international/global achievement no matter how trivial is a big deal in NZ.” He added, “Some of us have an inferiority complex that we’re an afterthought of a country, because sometimes we really are an afterthought of a country. But not now.”If the Kiwis beat their neighbors, Australia, on Sunday in Melbourne, New Zealand will become only the second country ever to hold the World Cup titles for both men’s rugby and men’s cricket at the same time.1Australia won the 1987 cricket World Cup and still held that title four years later, when it won the rugby World Cup. Australia also won both World Cups in 1999 and repeated as cricket champs in 2003.As good as New Zealand is in cricket, it’s better in rugby. The men’s team won the last World Cup, in 2011, its second. It has a winning record against every team it has ever played, has been ranked No. 1 for longer than all other teams combined and is the betting favorite to defend its title at this fall’s World Cup. New Zealand’s two rugby World Cup triumphs are the only wins in either World Cup in the last 35 years by a nation with fewer than 5 million people.2West Indies, a cricket conglomerate of 15 small nations and territories, won the first two cricket World Cups in 1975 and 1979, each time representing places with a combined population slightly bigger than New Zealand’s this year. 2007CricketAustralia21.2Sri Lanka20.3 2003CricketAustralia20.0India1,093.8 1999CricketAustralia19.0Pakistan140.6 2003RugbyEngland49.9Australia20.0 New Zealand also has won one World Cup in women’s cricket and finished second at another. And it won four of seven World Cups that have been held in women’s rugby.Again, all that with fewer than 5 million inhabitants.These achievements might be easy to dismiss if you’re not into cricket or rugby. The sports have widespread but not worldwide appeal. Mostly they’re limited to former British territories and Commonwealth countries, and neither is yet an Olympic sport.3Rugby sevens, a faster form of the game played at the World Cup, will debut at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro next summer. But New Zealand has done well in the men’s soccer World Cup lately, too. It qualified in 2010 — as the third least populous country, bigger only than Slovenia and Uruguay — and was the only team not to lose a match. (It drew all three of its group-stage matches and was eliminated.) It fell one game short of qualifying for last summer’s World Cup. The women’s team qualified for the 2007 and 2011 women’s World Cups.In the Summer Olympics, New Zealand has been gaining on its more populous rivals. It won 13 medals in London in 2012, the fourth straight Summer Games in which New Zealand increased its medal total. It ranked seventh in per-capita medals in 2008, and fourth in 2012, behind only nations that won all their medals in athletics. New Zealand athletes medaled in six different disciplines in London.“That shows there’s a system in place, not just chance or concentration on one sport,” said Alex Baumann, chief executive of High Performance Sport New Zealand, the government body that sponsors recreation in the country, in a telephone interview earlier this month.Baumann attributed the country’s sporting success to a number of factors. As with many things, it starts with money. Over the last five years, the government has increased its investment in his department by nearly 50 percent.4New Zealand’s per capita GDP is higher than India’s and some other cricket rivals but below that of Australia and the U.K., two of its rivals in both cricket and rugby.“In the end, we don’t have all the resources like other countries do, like the U.K. or Australia or even Canada,” Baumann said. “You can’t spend the resources so thinly that you don’t make the difference.”Prioritizing funding has spurred individual sports federations to excel, not just for glory but to keep getting money from the government. “There’s that kind of tension between sports to do well,” Baumann said.That philosophy, and a deep emphasis on sports, is shared by Australia, New Zealand’s close neighbor and ally and sporting rival. While New Zealand lately has topped the standings for sporting performance by countries with fewer than 5 million people, Australia has been the dominant global sports force for countries with fewer than 20 million people. Baumann pointed out that each country’s prime minister attended the cricket teams’ World Cup match last month in Auckland, even though it was in the group stage and unlikely to eliminate either team. “It highlights the importance of sport,” Baumann said.CORRECTION (March 27, 3:03 p.m.): An earlier version of this article said India won the cricket World Cup last year. It won the last cricket World Cup, in 2011.CLARIFICATION (March 27, 3:32 p.m.): A previous version of this article said the cricket World Cup final will be played on Saturday. Its scheduled starting time is 2:30 p.m. on Sunday in Melbourne, which is 11:30 p.m. EDT Saturday. read more

Mens Lacrosse Ohio State drops fifth straight game in 1310 loss to

Ohio State then-freshman Tre Leclaire maintains possession of the ball in the first quarter against Loyola Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 14, 2017 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterIn a high-scoring affair, the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team could not put an end to its losing streak, falling 13-10 to No. 5 Johns Hopkins for the Buckeyes’ fifth straight loss in Baltimore Saturday. The Buckeyes (5-6, 0-2 Big Ten) always seemed to be within closing distance to the Blue Jays (8-2, 2-0 Big Ten), but never managed to close the gap when it counted. Ohio State matched Johns Hopkins in goals in every quarter except for one, getting outscored 5-2 in the third quarter in what proved to be the deciding quarter. Ohio State trailed 12-10 with just over two minutes to play in the fourth quarter, but Blue Jay sophomore attack Cole Williams silenced any thoughts of a comeback. He scored a goal with 26.6 seconds on the clock to put the game out of reach, completing his game-high four-goal performance.Ohio State sophomore attack Tre Leclaire paced the team’s offense, finishing the day with a hat-trick. Ohio State freshman midfielder Omari DeBerry scored his first collegiate first goal just before halftime to bring his team to within one goal before freshman midfielder Jackson Reid tied it up at five. For the first time this year, Ohio State’s record fell below .500. The Buckeyes will continue conference play and try to break their losing streak against No. 18 Michigan at 11 a.m. Saturday in Columbus. The matchup will precede the Ohio State football team’s spring game. read more

Mechanic killed teenage ex in her bedroom and set it on fire

first_imgMr Bennetts said: “He responded by saying ‘Murder’ but made no further comment. He did not ask who he was being accused of murdering or when indeed it had taken place.”Police later found a pair of bloodstained white Lonsdale trainers by a hedgerow five days after Miss Grice’s death.DNA showed that Lane had worn those shoes at some point, and a scientist’s opinion was that a footprint found on Miss Grice’s doorstep came from a Lonsdale shoe.In earlier police interviews, Lane said he had not been at Miss Grice’s home on the day of the killing but later changed his account. He told officers: “You ain’t going to believe me … in the morning I did go to Shana’s.”Mr Bennetts said Lane told police he called at her home after driving past and spotting her car parked outside.Mr Bennetts told jurors: “The front door was open so he went in and saw Shana. Shana was on the floor leaning against the bed. There was no burning or fire. He left. He didn’t telephone the police. He didn’t telephone for an ambulance.”He told no-one about what he had seen. He panicked. He said he thought the police would blame him.”Lane also said in a later police interview that he had installed a tracker on Miss Grice’s car after initially saying he had bought it to cut his insurance premiums. During their relationship, he stalked her… That obsession with her translated into killing herPhilip Bennetts QC, prosecuting Of Lane, Mr Bennetts went on: “There is, we submit, no other candidate. His last account of entering the house and seeing Shana Grice does not survive examination.”Lane denies murder. The trial continues. In the months before she was murdered, Lane allegedly stalked Miss Grice, put a tracker device on her car and turned up unannounced at the home she shared with two friends.Six months before the killing, Miss Grice reported to police that she was being stalked by Lane.Jurors also heard that Mr Cooke’s car was damaged, with a note left on it reading: “Dear Ash, Shana has and always will cheat on you. Happy New Year.”Lane, who got to know Miss Grice when they both worked at Brighton Fire Alarms, was warned by police to stay away from her, jurors were told.Five months later, on July 9 last year, Lane was cautioned by police for another incident after he stole a key to her back door before letting himself in as she hid under her duvet, the court heard.Opening the Crown’s case, prosecutor Philip Bennetts QC said he had become “obsessed”. Prosecutors claim Lane (pictured) refused to accept their break-up and decided no one else would be allowed to form a relationship with Miss Grice Her body was found face-down on the bed in the smoke-filled room by Mr Cooke’s father, Ian Cooke, after her concerned colleagues reported she had failed to arrive at work.Mr Cooke told the court a piece of cardboard had been wedged in the bedroom door to keep it closed.After retreating outside to get some air, Mr Cooke said he and his sister-in-law Debbie Kennard went back into the smoky bedroom.Mr Cooke said: “I saw the bed and at first I thought it was just a duvet, then I realised there was a body on the bed.”I was shouting out for Shana. I then saw her face down, arms to her side. Me and Debbie looked at each other in shock and horror.”A post mortem examination of her body gave the cause of death as an incised wound to the neck measuring 10.5cm. Prosecutors claim Lane (pictured) refused to accept their break-up and decided no one else would be allowed to form a relationship with Miss GriceCredit: EDDIE MITCHELLcenter_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. There is, we submit, no other candidatePhilip Bennetts QC, prosecuting “During their relationship, he stalked her. He put a tracker on her car and followed her movements,” he said.”That obsession with her translated into killing her. He would not allow anyone else to be with her.”Two days before Miss Grice was killed, she met Lane at a hotel in Hove where it was agreed their relationship was over, but he refused to accept it, the jury heard.On August 25 last year, Mr Bennetts said Lane waited until the last person, believed to be Mr Cooke, had left Miss Grice’s bungalow before he went in to the property and her throat.He then dismantled the fire alarms and set fire to her bedroom using an “ignitable liquid”, the court heard. A mechanic killed his teenage ex-girlfriend in her bedroom and set the house on fire after police warned him to stop stalking her, a court heard.Michael Lane, 27, is accused of murdering 19-year-old Shana Grice after she decided to renew a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ashley Cooke.Prosecutors claim Lane refused to accept their break-up and decided no one else would be allowed to form a relationship with Miss Grice.A packed Lewes Crown Court heard he had told a friend he was unhappy she had “gone back to her ex” and said: “She’ll pay for what she’s done.” Lane was arrested on the day of the killing at his workplace, Michael Lane SE Tyres.last_img read more

Grenfell council finance worker stole £60k from victims fund to spend on

A council finance manager stole £62,000 from survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster before splashing out on holidays and haircuts, a court heard.Jenny McDonagh, a former boss at Kensington and Chelsea borough council, pleaded guilty to two offences of fraud, one of theft and one of money laundering at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon.McDonagh transferred thousands of pounds intended for victims of the fire into her own account over an 11 month period.During that time, she went on holidays to Los Angeles, Iceland and Dubai as well as spending money on hair appointments, dinners in expensive restaurants and online gambling.The money, which was stolen from October 2017 to August 2018, was taken from three pre-paid credit cards that the council used as a means of financially supporting survivors of the Grenfell fire, which killed 72 people in June last year. Jenny McDonagh Mrs McDonagh is someone who is a serial fraudster who lives beyond her means, gambles and really has little or no control over her spending.Prosecutor Robert Simpson The former council employee, from Abbey Wood, south-east London, was responsible for managing that financial support.Prosecutor Robert Simpson said: “The Crown Prosecution believes Mrs McDonagh is someone who is a serial fraudster who lives beyond her means, gambles and really has little or no control over her spending.”He added that she had spent “quite a lot of money on online gambling” where she is believed to have lost roughly £16,000. Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot said she had committed “a course of dishonesty” and ordered McDonagh quit her current job as finance officer at a mental health charity.A spokesman from Kensington and Chelsea council said: “We take fraud very seriously and we have always taken action to root out Grenfell fraud wherever it takes place.”Over many months our fraud team has worked with the police to build cases and push for prosecutions against anyone who sought to take advantage of last year’s terrible tragedy.”On this occasion it was one of our own members of staff who managed to defraud the council by getting past our own systems and processes. This is both shocking and unforgivable.”We discovered the fraud and took action straight away, including strengthening our internal processes. We apologise to the survivors and families for any distress this may cause.” Jenny McD Mrs McDonagh worked for Kensington and Chelsea council from October 2017 to August 2018, during which she committed the offences. In what Mr Simpson described as an “ongoing breach of trust,” McDonagh continued to spend the stolen council funds even after being arrested by police earlier this month. McDonagh pictured leaving Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.Credit:Kirsty O’Connor/PA Whilst employed there, her alleged attempt at defrauding the museum “hadn’t got far enough for her to obtain anything from it, but it had potential,” according to Mr Simpson.McDonagh, who appeared in the dock wearing a large green coat and showing little emotion as the details of her offending were relayed to the court, was granted conditional bail yesterday and is due to be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court next month. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. On August 1, she was interviewed by police in relation to their investigation, however two days later after being released she used one of the credit cards again.Police then later arrested McDonagh, who is married with no children, for a second time on August 29.Mr Simpson also confirmed that there are further ongoing investigations at McDonagh’s previous employers, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Medway NHS Trust.The court heard that she is believed to have obtained £35,000 from the NHS Trust in Kent, south east England whilst working as there head of payable accounts from November 2015 to June 2016.McDonagh, who studied accountancy at City University London, later went onto work for the V&A Museum as a finance operations manager from July 2016 to August 2017. read more

Prison escapee to now spend life inside found guilty of attempted

Sentenced to life in prison Stafrei “Hopkinson” AlexanderRecaptured prison escapee, Stafrei Alexander of Laing Avenue, Georgetown was on Thursday found guilty, after facing a retrial, of attempting to murder a neighbour, Curtis Thom whom he shot in March, 2015.The jury returned an 11 to 1 verdict after more than two (2) hours of deliberation.After pursuing a probation report, Justice Sandil Kissoon sentenced the offender to life imprisonment.Alexander maintained his innocence as police led him off in tight security.Alexander was represented by Senior Counsels, Stanley Moore and Maxwell McKay while Attorneys Lisa Cave and Orithia Schmidt appeared for the State.At his last hearing in November of 2017, Alexander turned up at the High Court for his sentencing, a month after a jury found him guilty of the attempted murder of Thom.However, presiding judge, Justice Brassington Reynolds announced that the accused would have to undergo another trial.Prior to deliberations on October 30, it was discovered that one of the jurors was below the age of 18.That juror was duly discharged, and the remaining 11 deliberated and found Alexander guilty by a 9-2 proportion for the March 23, 2015, attempted murder.However, Justice Reynolds conceded that he had “erroneously” formed the opinion that a verdict of such proportion could be accepted by the court.His new contention was guided by his review of the Criminal Law (Procedure) Act, Chapter 10:01, Laws of Guyana.It was observed that a 10-1 verdict would have been acceptable.Justice Reynolds thereafter discharged the 11 remaining jury members, and ruled that Alexander’s case ended in a hung jury, as the court could not properly receive a 9-2 verdict.Alexander, an inmate who had fled lawful custody multiple times, was accused of the attempted murder of fellow Laing Avenue, Georgetown resident Thom by way of discharging a loaded firearm in his direction.Thom was shot hours after his daughter’s christening.The court had heard that based on his beliefs, Thom proceeded to walk into his home backwards after the christening, when Alexander mumbled remarks and pointed a gun at him.Thom was shot twice, and was hospitalised for seven weeks, during which he obtained surgery to correct his injuries.Based on the account of an expert witness, a .38 revolver was the firearm of choice on the night in question, but the prosecution disclosed that the weapon used was not found.Alexander, who is also known as Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander was apprehended in late July 2017 after a special operation in Berbice.This came weeks after he had fled the Camp Street Penitentiary during an inferno around the same time when several prisoners, including death row inmate Mark Royden “Smallie” Williams and now dead former policeman and prisoner Uree Varswyck had fled.Prison officer Odinga Wickham was killed during that ordeal, which flattened the century-old sections of the prison.At the time of his arrest, Alexander was said to have been receiving medical attention for an existing wound.Alexander had previously fled lawful custody for six months before finally being recaptured at Kurupukari Crossing in the Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo) in May 2016. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedRetrial for prison escapee accused of attempted murder gets underwayJune 20, 2018In “Court”Attempted murder accused to undergo another trial following hung juryNovember 24, 2017In “Court”Prison escapee sentenced to life for murder of minibus driverJune 21, 2019In “Court” read more

Zest Weg Groups EnI Electrical wins contract at Swakop Uraniums Husab Namibia

first_imgThe Zest WEG Group’s EnI Electrical, one of Africa’s largest electrical construction companies, has secured a major contract from Swakop Uranium at its Husab project in Namibia. The professional team includes international engineering and project management company AMEC and Tenova Bateman. “As the Zest WEG Group we are able to make projects work and blend our expertise to provide total solutions for our clients,” Trevor Naude, EnI Electrical, Managing Director, says.“While the Zest WEG Group is well known for distributing one of the largest electric motor ranges in the world from WEG of Brazil, our comprehensive product line up includes switchgear, variable speed drives, motor control centres, gensets and renewable energy solutions. We also have three fully fledged manufacturing facilities in South Africa that we are in the process of expanding as we increase our footprint in Africa,” Louis Meiring, CEO, Zest WEG Group, says.EnI Electrical’s scope of work is the medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) infrastructure up to the MCC incomers. “We will construct 33 kV overhead power lines and install and commission all MV and HV switchgear. Our scope of work also encompasses installation of the free issue MV transformers and the installation and commissioning of all distribution transformers, in addition to all the related cabling and racking work.” The one year contract commenced in August 2014 and is scheduled for completion in August 2015.The transformers have been supplied by group company Zest Energy, while EnI Electrical will install, integrate and commission them. “Strategically we are positioning ourselves as the electrical infrastructure construction company of the Zest WEG Group, specifically focusing on overhead lines and wooden pole construction up to 66 kV, designed and built to the highest standards,” Naude says.“When I joined EnI Electrical we were solely an electrical and instrumentation control company. We have now taken this business to a whole new level whereby we can cater for the HV portion of a project up to 275 kV. That experience resides in Zest Energy and is one of the reasons why the Zest WEG Group is so successful at providing total solutions to meet a variety of customer requirements.”Naude adds: “This is an acquisition market. Many companies are being acquired, whereupon they boast that they are now integrated and working together, but this is rarely the case. On the other hand we have proven that our group philosophy and culture in the Zest WEG Group lends itself to such synergised solutions and value addition.” The Husab contract award represents the growing importance of the African mining industry as key local manufacturers and suppliers such as the Zest WEG Group venture further afield on the continent.“The prevailing economic climate in South Africa almost means it is a no brainer to want to work in Africa. However, it is the combination of our flexibility with our experience and knowledge base that has allowed us to increase our percentage of Africa revenue over the traditional South African base. The entry barrier in Africa is massive overall. The companies that start afresh either over price work and thus do not get the orders, or they under price work and then burn their fingers. The Zest WEG Group has managed to identify and mitigate these two extremes due to our experience of working in Africa,” Naude comments.Mining operations at Swakop Uranium’s Husab project, earmarked to be the world’s second largest uranium mine once in full production, commenced in the first quarter of 2014. Electricity from the NamPower grid was connected on 3 February through a 17 MVA mobile substation.  The Husab mine site will have up to 50 MVA by year end through a permanent substation.last_img read more

Perfect Your Kamehameha In Virtual Reality With This Dragon Ball Z VR

first_img Have you ever dreamt of unleashing your own deadly ki blast just like the ones you’ve seen in Dragon Ball Z? Don’t lie. We all have. And we’ve all pretended at one time or another to be prepping a huge Kamehameha blast by holding our wrists together, our hands stretched out at our sides, ready to conjure all our energy. It was a personal staple of recess play for me, and now we can experience something as close to the real thing as possible, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.There’s an entire Dragon Ball Z-themed VR experience including a special headset and a mobile app that will allow you to channel that satisfying palm-charged ki blast you’ve seen Goku send out into the world time and time again. You’ll be able to send out so many Kamehameha blasts the enemy won’t know what hit them.Thanks to Japanese manufacturer Mega House, fans will be able to pick up special hand sensors, a Dragon Ball Z-themed VR mat, and a headset that utilizes your smartphone to make you feel like you’re in the action anime yourself. It looks very much like a cel-shaded trip through the series’ best moments with a unique overlay for you to pretend you’re wreaking havoc on innocent set pieces and enemies alike.If you’re not totally sold on the VR experience already, check out the trailer for exactly what all it has to offer. It’s called BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z, and it’ll be released in Japan for about 12,000 yen, which equates to about $110 for us. That’s a mere pittance for getting to feel like a Super Saiyan, and honestly, who hasn’t wished to become one of those before? This kit may not make you one in real life, but it’s going to get you as close as it can. New Adidas ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Shoes Are On the WayThe Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All Time Stay on targetlast_img read more

Watch These Movies Before ‘Men in Black: International’

first_img Men in Black… is back. While Will Smith is too busy granting Aladdin’s wishes, and Tommy Lee Jones already had one foot out the door in Men in Black 3, a new duo of Hollywood stars is here to wear suits, fight aliens, and wipe our brains. Men in Black: International, this reboot/spin-off, stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, two of the most charming actors working today. Granted, if review scores are anything to go by, that wasn’t enough to save the movie. But we wouldn’t blame you if seeing those two is a good enough reason to watch the whole film.In the meantime, watch these movies before Men in Black: International. Stay on target Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ center_img Men in BlackObviously you should watch the original Men in Black just to pick up on all the details and callbacks that will be in the new film. But this quintessential 90s blockbuster is also just a great, crowd-pleasing action-comedy that totally deserves all its goodwill. It has the Will Smith movie rap to end all Will Smith movie raps. And Vincent D’Onofrio wants sugar water. What’s not to love!Thor: RagnarokNot only the best Thor movie, not only one of the funniest and coolest-looking Marvel movies, Thor: Ragnarok also introduced us to the idea that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in the same movie is a great idea. Men in Black: International wouldn’t even exist if Taika Waititi hadn’t originally made this brilliant casting decision.GhostbustersBefore Men in Black, when it came to action-comedies about regular dudes using science to protect New York City from fantastical threats, you couldn’t beat Ghostbusters. You still can’t beat Ghostbusters. While internet idiots work themselves up about so-so sequels, don’t let that take anything away from the enduring legacy of the original classic.EvolutionPerhaps in response to Men in Black, in 2001 Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman directed Evolution, his own take on “Ghostbusters but with aliens.” It didn’t become a huge cultural phenomenon like those other two films, maybe because the comedy was hastily added after the fact. Even David Duchovny at the height of his alien-tastic X-Files fame couldn’t save it. But like evolution itself, it was an interesting experimental process to witness.Blue BrothersGhostbusters may have added supernatural elements, but when it comes to fusing action and comedy to create a mainstream hit, Blues Brothers is actually a better, earlier example to point to. Based on Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi’s SNL characters, this movie not only has hilarious jokes but also car chases and awesome songs, innovative for comedies at the time. Plus they rock very MIB-style outfits. Check out those suits and shades.Alien NationOne of the cooler, more progressive things about Men in Black is that the agents just don’t fight villainous aliens, they also offer a safe haven to peaceful aliens on earth. And if you’re looking for more of this sci-fi immigration metaphor, it doesn’t get much more blunt than Alien Nation, the movie or the TV show. It even has the same buddy cop elements as MIB.District 9If you want to see how depressing the alien immigrant sci-fi metaphor can get, go watch District 9. Neill Blomkamp first movie (and his only good movie) is both a great action experience and a really heady examination of alien refugees in a region like South Africa, already teaming with racial strife. The fact this movie manages to make us empathize completely with alien characters who are giant bugs is a miracle.last_img read more

WWE Smackdown moving to the USA Network in 2016

first_img WhatsApp Impact Wrestling leaving channel 5Spike in the UK, New deal with 5STAR announced Google+ Dean Ambrose to appear at Cauliflower Alley Club reunion after his WWE contract expires is reporting that at today’s USA Network press upfront gathering it was announced that WWE Smackdown will be moving from Syfy to the USA Network in the first quarter of 2016. It was also confirmed that WWE Tough Enough will be airing on the USA Network as well sometime in 2015.USA Ad Sales Chief Peter Lazarus on the move and the new ad campaign with WWE:“We are now focused to educating the marketplace about WWE’s positive attributes.” Upfronts: USA Network Grabs ‘SmackDown,’ Loads Up on Scripted Development Facebookcenter_img Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest Twitter Tampa Bay to host WrestleMania 36 at Raymond James Stadium in April 2020last_img read more

Vancouver woman gets surprising new type of scam

first_imgVancouver’s Amy Rhoads went to check her email this week and found a surprise: A death threat.But worry not, said the threat’s author. Pay up and he’ll call off the hit.Clearly, Rhoads said, it was a scam, but she gave the grifter some credit since it’s an angle she had never seen or heard of before.Other grifters seem to try more mundane angles: Getting people to pay an advance to get the rest of some stowed-away cash; depositing and then wiring money from bad checks, or, as the Clark and Cowlitz county sheriff’s offices have been warning people about lately, sending threats of arrest on pain of a cash payment.The email announced “I will be happy to put a bullet on your skull,” told her not to call the cops and that the would-be assassin’s men had been watching her.But, the hitman or -woman said, it would all go away if she put up $10,000 to cancel the contract.last_img read more

Leeds owner calls for another PL division

first_imgLeeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has proposed the creation of a new division in English football to increase the revenues for teams outside the Premier League.Radrizzani insists the existing TV rights revenue sharing mechanism for the Sky Bet Championship which is the current second tier in English football, did not provide enough money to keep clubs aspiring to break into the top flight afloat.“It is really not sustainable to stay in the Championship… The small money they generate from TV rights, because the way they split (it) with 72 clubs, maybe needs to be reconsidered,” he told the Leaders Sport Business Summit, as quoted by Reuters.“Consider, another way, to create probably a Premier League 2 or something else that can be sustainable even for who is not promoted,” he added.Solskjaer reveals he plans to build his team around Pogba Manuel R. Medina – July 17, 2019 The Manchester United manager wants to end the speculation that the Frenchman is leaving the Red Devils.The English Football League (EFL) which oversees the Championship signed a domestic TV deal believed to be worth around £600million which is shared among all of the EFL’s 72 member clubs.However, Radrizzani insists he still harbors the ambition of getting Leeds back into the Premier League despite takeover approaches from potential bidders.“I have been approached by many parties in the last few months. I see already the value is probably more than double what I invested,” he said.last_img read more

India inflation likely crept up to sixmonth high in April

first_imgA woman looks at an item as she shops at a food superstore in Ahmedabad, India October 13, 2016.Reuters fileIndia inflation likely crept up slightly to a six-month high in April, driven mainly by food prices, a Reuters poll found, although holding below the Reserve Bank of India’s medium-term target of 4 per cent for the ninth straight month.If true, that would support expectations for the central bank to keep policy on hold through to the end of next year after cutting interest rates twice in a row, in February and April, ahead of national elections.The latest Reuters poll of over 40 economists, conducted May 3-9, showed India retail inflation likely rose to 2.97 per cent last month from 2.86 per cent in March. The data is due May 13.Forecasts ranged between 2.68 and 3.56 per cent, with almost three-quarters pegging it at or below 3 per cent.”In continuation of the previous month’s trend we see a further pickup in food prices and moderation in core,” noted economists at Citi.”While Brent prices had spiked in April – there was little pass through to pump level prices, probably due to ongoing elections.”Indeed, while inflation is tame now, economists say that rising oil prices will eventually push inflation up and could pose a challenge for whatever government is formed after India’s national election is completed later this month.Crude oil prices surged last month, driven by a cutback in supply by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and sanctions imposed on Iran and Venezuela by the United States.The expected slight rise in April is likely to come in part from the cost of transporting food, according to Prakash Sakpal, Asia economist at ING, although not everyone agrees.Fuel costs tend to lag the price of crude, and so economists expect upward pressure in future months in any case.”I think in the second half (of the year) inflation will start picking up…and then we will see the RBI losing (room) to aggressively ease,” said Vishnu Varathan, an economist at Mizuho.”Having said that, the growth cycle is such that the RBI could still squeeze through one more rate cut on the premise of further downside risks to growth.”last_img read more

Pollsrelated complaints to be filed online

first_imgElection Commission logo. File photoThe election commission (EC) is mulling over introduction of an online process to file allegations of irregularities relating to the elections.The commission is also considering online submission of nomination papers in the national parliament election.A proposal in this regard has been sent to the technical committee for scrutiny. If the commission gives the approval, the new process will be applicable from the next parliament election.During the EC’s dialogues with the political parties and the representatives of the civil society ahead of the next parliament election, many suggested submitting nomination papers online.Sometimes candidates are obstructed by opponents to submit nomination papers. If the online process is introduced, such problems will not emerge, believe the EC officials.According to the proposal of the EC secretariat, there will be a specific portal for submission of nomination papers.If this process is introduced, many tasks including scrutiny of nomination papers can be done timely and accurately. Describing the move to introduce the online process of filing allegations, the proposal says the candidates bring allegations of various types after the declaration of the election schedule.Due to political obstacles, the aggrieved candidates can’t file allegations timely. On the other hand, the high-ups of the EC remain ignorant of the allegations. According to the proposal, allegations will be submitted online.An account will be registered with name and mobile number. Through this account, allegations and suggestions can be submitted. Later the complainant will be informed about the outcome of the allegation.     EC secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed told Prothom Alo the proposals tabled at an EC meeting on Tuesday have been sent to the technical committee.After scrutiny, the committee will resend the proposals to the EC. And if the EC gives a go-ahead, they will be implemented in the next general election.Moreover, the election monitoring system was proposed to be online-based.In the existing system, presiding officers have to update the EC secretariat hour-to-hour. In the tabled proposal, presiding officers will be able to inform about their centre by SMS using fixed short-codes. The texts will be stored in the server of EC and these updates will be viewed by the EC and its secretariat officials across the country.Besides, a data-base of information for various election schedules, using a GIS (geographic information system) app in constituency demarcation, a virtual private network for constant communication between upazila level and the EC secretariat will also be introduced.Sujan (Citizens for Good Governance) secretary Badiul Alam Majumder told Prothom Alo that this is, undoubtedly, an optimistic effort of the EC.Sujan has long been demanding provision for submitting nominations online. If this process comes into effect, it will remove many obstacles to submitting nomination papers, he said.Badiul Alam Majumder also said that the EC must take quick steps after receiving complaints online.*The article, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Rabiul Islam and Imam Hossain.last_img read more

TMC drops Congress from logo now only Trinamool

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress has introduced its new logo and dropped ‘Congress’ from it.Though the party has been registered as the All India Trinamool Congress with the Election Commission, party supremo thought that after 21 years of official separation from the Congress, it was high-time to drop the word. The new logo with a new catch line has been introduced recently. The new logo has Trinamool written in green with twin flowers and blue background. The catch line is Amar, Apnar Banglar (Mine, Yours and for Bengal). While addressing the media after publishing the list of candidates for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, the Trinamool Congress supremo had mentioned about the change in the logo and said “at times one has to take suggestion from the younger generation.” The party nominees are putting up the new logo in the wall graffiti. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseOn January 1, 1998, Mamata Banerjee set up the Trinamool Congress after separating from the Congress. She thought that Congress would never protest against the misrule of the CPI(M) government and floated her own party. She had named the party as Trinamool Congress as she thought that Congress had neglected the people who belonged to the grassroots. She had sketched the logo having “two flowers and grass.” After almost two decades, the Trinamool supremo thought that time had come when the party should drop the name ‘Congress’. It was learnt that Abhishek Banerjee had helped her to make the new logo. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAfter Indira Gandhi who had floated a new party and named it Congress (I), Mamata Banerjee is the only successful leader whose party has become bigger than the Congress in Bengal. After floating Congress (I), Gandhi introduced “Cow and Calf” coming out of the old Congress logo of two bullocks. Later in 1977, she introduced another logo — the “hand” — which is still the logo of the Congress. Political experts said as TMC has become significant in national politics in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, it has decided to drop ‘Congress’ from the logo. Over the years, through several ups and downs, Trinamool has gained overwhelming support from the people.last_img read more

Cheapest times for Aussies to book overseas hotels revealed

first_imgMarrakech, Morocco. Image credit: TripAdvisorTripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced its “Best Time to Book” report, revealing the least expensive times to book hotels for overseas travel between June to August in popular destinations around the globe, based on TripAdvisor hotel booking and meta click data.Aussie travellers can discover significant savings and enjoy a holiday abroad in warmer climates during winter at a fraction of the price.The research showed that the best time periods to book can vary depending on the region or city where the traveller is looking to visit during summer and that for most destinations, the hotel rates change gradually over time, without dramatic increases or decreases in price.For example, the least expensive time to book U.S. hotels is within 2 months of the mid-year trip but hotel prices remain fairly consistent throughout the year, with a relatively modest potential savings of 7% when booking during the least expensive time period.For European hotels, the best time to book for the northern hemisphere summer is between 3 – 5 months ahead when travellers can save 23% compared to the most expensive booking period. In Asia, the least expensive time to book hotels is within 3 months, when travellers can save 23% compared to the peak travel period.“The cost of taking a holiday quickly adds up and many Australians opt for destinations where their dollar goes further or they can swap the winter chill for a second summer,” said Joanne Kershaw, TripAdvisor spokesperson.“Our report shows there are can be significant savings to be gained if you know when to book. Travellers can use TripAdvisor’s insights to cost-effectively book their next interstate or international holiday.”TripAdvisor analysed hotel booking and interest in nine popular regions around the world for the months of June, July and August. Below is the breakdown of potential savings for nine world regions when comparing the least expensive to most expensive times to book hotels.Cancun, Mexico. Image credit: TripAdvisor.Best Time to Book Hotels in World RegionsU.S. hotel rates consistent but travellers can save by booking within 2 months – U.S. hotel pricing remains fairly steady throughout the year, but those booking within 2 months of their trip can save 7% on their hotel.Plan for longer lead times when booking hotels in Europe – Travellers looking to visit Europe should plan to book their hotel rooms 3-5 months ahead to save 23% versus the peak booking period for the region.Best value for Asia hotels when booked within 3 months – Travellers can save 23% versus peak pricing by booking a hotel within three months of the trip. Asia prices rise slightly 3-5 weeks ahead, before seeing the lowest prices within the final two weeks before the travel date.South Pacific savings unlocked when booked within 5 months – For Aussies looking to travel close to home, they can save 19% or more per night by booking within 5 months of their travel date.Within 4 months is best for the Caribbean – Booking within 4 months is the sweet spot for Caribbean hotels when travellers can save 7% compared to the peak pricing periods.Modest savings in Central America within 3 months – Booking a hotel within three months of the trip is the most cost-effective approach for Central America, when travellers can save 7% compared to peak periods.Within 4 months is ideal for South America – Travellers heading to South America can find 20% savings by booking within 4 months of the trip. For those willing to wait, they can save an additional 2-4% by booking within the last few weeks before the travel date.Within 4 months is best for Middle East – For those planning a Middle East trip, the optimal booking period is within 4 months when travellers can get 24% savings. Prices increase slightly during weeks 3-4 before dropping again for last minute deals within a couple weeks of the travel date.Wide booking window for African hotels – Travellers booking a hotel in Africa can save 21% when booking within 5 months of the trip. Hotel rates rise slightly between 3-5 weeks ahead, before dropping during the last two weeks before the travel date. TripAdvisorSource = TripAdvisorlast_img read more

Police arrest duo for church theft drug use

first_imgBy Doris ChristodoulouTwo men, aged 38 and 46, have been arrested in connection with theft from a church, knife and drugs possession and drug use.Police were notified at around 10.40am on Wednesday that two men had entered a church in Nicosia and after stealing an unknown amount of money, they left. Nearly two hours later, police received information that the two men had re-visited the church and then left in a car.Officers who rushed to the area spotted and stopped the vehicle. Police arrested the two passengers after the amount of €123 was found in their possession along with two flashlights, five knives,  jewellery, drug paraphernalia, and traces of heroin. You May LikeTummyTuckHipoMatthew McConoughey Now Lives In This Unique HouseTummyTuckHipoUndoHealth & Human Research7 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Eat A Banana Every DayHealth & Human ResearchUndoCash RoadsterOJ Simpson Net Worth RevealedCash RoadsterUndo Cyprus’ Dothraki warriorUndoVerstappen wins crazy German Grand PrixUndoFresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more