Brock students protest over universitys sexual violence policy

A group of students at Brock University are calling for a overhaul of the University’s sexual violence policy.It comes after a published report revealed that a Brock University Professor allegedly sexually harassed one of his female students, who then after reporting the incident to the University was told to keep quiet.Brock University President, Jack Lightstone was greeted by over 60 angry protestors.It was Lightstone’s first public appearance since the University came under fire over a sexual harassment case involving a student and professor.According to a published report, the former Brock student says a history professor gave her alcohol and tried to force himself on her in his office after a night of drinking with fellow students.That professor is David Schimmelpenninck Van Der Oye.Up until last week, the professor was teaching classes.While no charges have been laid according to Brock, Schimmelpenninck Van Der Oye is no longer assigned to a class or on campus.He is the acting Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research in Brock’s Humanities Department.Protestors are asking the University to take it one step further and have the professor resign from his post.The protestors say the University dropped the ball numerous times in handling this case.They say the Professor should have been immediately placed on paid leave until the investigation was completed.The investigation wrapped up in January.While Brock was one of the first universities in Canada to have protocols confronting sexual violence, some staff believe the policies need to change.In a statement released late in Tuesday, the university says, ” Brock has been receptive to, and mindful of, all concerns raised about how we have responded to this issue, and the university will be reviewing its current policies and processes.”

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