Fallout 4 official mod support finally coming to PC PS4 and Xbox

first_imgPlayers on PC have been modding Fallout 4 ever since it was released last November. We’ve seen a lot of wild stuff coming from some creative folks out there, things like Randy Savage monsters, lightsaber mods, changing seasons, and even a recreation of BioShock Infinite’s Columbia. We’re about to see a whole slew of new mods as Bethesda is officially releasing the Creation Kit and mod tools to the public.While speaking to Game Informer after the DICE Awards ceremony, Executive Director Todd Howard revealed Bethesda’s plans for releasing the Creation Kit. The PC will be the first to get official mod support in April in-between two of the upcoming DLCs: Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. As for when the consoles will get mod support, expect the Xbox One to get it in May followed by the PlayStation 4 in June.Users will be able to search for mods on PC using the Workshop browser on Steam. No word yet on how players will be able to search for mods on consoles. We also don’t know how this content will be curated by Bethesda. Some of the mods could potentially impact the performance of the game, not to mention be extremely NSFW, so we have to assume Bethesda will have a system in place to filter through this content.It’s great to see that modding is no longer relegated to the PC crowd, and that console-only owners can get in on the fun. Expect to see some outlandish Fallout 4 mods in the coming months.last_img

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