Pope: Church ‘must heal wounds’

first_imgPope Francis says the Catholic Church must strive to heal woundsPope Francis has said the Catholic Church is too focused on preaching about abortion, gay people and contraception and needs to become more merciful.He warned that the Church’s moral structure could “fall like a house of cards” unless it changed.The Pope used the first major interview of his papacy to explain comments he made in July about homosexuality.He told a Jesuit magazine the Church must show balance and “heal wounds”.The pontiff used the 12,000-word interview with La Civilta Cattolicato to set out his priorities as Pope, acknowledge his own shortcomings and open up about his cultural interests.‘Freshness and fragrance’His vision for relegating the Catholic Church’s reliance on rules marks a contrast to the priorities of his predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, who saw doctrine as the paramount guide for clergy.“The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently,” Francis said.“We have to find a new balance; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”Instead, he said, the Catholic Church must work to heal the wounds of its faithful and seek out those who have been excluded or have fallen away.“It is useless to ask a seriously injured person if he has high cholesterol and about the level of his blood sugars,” he said. “You have to heal his wounds. Then we can talk about everything else.”He said the Church had become tied up in “small-minded rules” and risked losing its true purpose.“The most important thing is the first proclamation: Jesus Christ has saved you. And the ministers of the Church must be ministers of mercy above all.”His remarks are could generate dismay among clergy in the United States who have already expressed disappointment that Francis has not pressed Church teaching on abortion, contraception and homosexuality.Last week, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, wrote in his diocesan newspaper that he was “disappointed” Francis hadn’t addressed abortion since his papacy began six months ago, according to AP.Francis said it was not necessary to speak out on such issues.‘Home of all’“We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible,” he said.“The teaching of the Church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the Church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.”Francis created headlines two months ago when he spoke about gay priests during an impromptu news conference on a return flight from Brazil. He said it was not up to him to judge about the sexual orientation of clergy as long as they were searching for God and had goodwill.In his latest interview, Francis said his remarks were in line with Catholic teaching.“This Church with which we should be thinking is the home of all, not a small chapel that can hold only a small group of selected people. We must not reduce the bosom of the universal Church to a nest protecting our mediocrity,” he said.Francis also used the interview to detail his favourite composers, artists, authors and films, which include Mozart, Caravaggio, Dostoevsky and Fellini’s La Strada.BBC News Share Share Share FaithInternationalLifestylePrint Pope: Church ‘must heal wounds’ by: – September 19, 2013center_img 60 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Tweetlast_img read more

Turks and Caicos media plot thickens

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Share Share Tweetcenter_img NewsRegional Turks and Caicos media plot thickens by: – September 15, 2011 Douglas Parnell, leader of the Peoples Democratic Movement, Former Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Education, Lillian Boyce and Hayden Boyce, publisher and editor in chief of the Turks and Caicos Sun.PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands – A dispute in the Turks and Caicos Islands over the accuracy of two articles that appeared in a recent edition of the Turks and Caicos Sun newspaper may well escalate, based upon investigations by Caribbean News Now.Douglas Parnell, the leader of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), has rejected as untrue statements made by the Sun in two recent articles and threatened to take legal action for defamation.The articles in question claim that Parnell pleaded guilty to and was therefore convicted of serious charges of fraud in the United States some years ago.Following the initial publication of the articles in the Sun some three weeks ago, Parnell appeared on local television and vigorously challenged the accuracy of the Sun’s reports.“Articles in the Turks and Caicos Sun unlawfully and wrongfully state that I pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the United States and that I have been convicted of one or more criminal offences in that country. This is a complete and utter lie!” Parnell said at the time.“These statements published by the Sun are completely false and in fact I informed its editor in chief of this prior to the publication of the articles in question. He nevertheless decided to go ahead and publish the articles in reckless disregard of the truth and the tenets of responsible journalism,” he added.The Sun subsequently published a number of court documents that it claimed were evidence of the truth of its earlier reports. Caribbean News Now has since independently accessed the court records in question through the US government’s PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) website and it would seem that there is some substance to Parnell’s claim that the Sun newspaper deliberately withheld publication of documents that in fact disprove its earlier allegations.In particular, a court document dated April 3, 2008 (click here), clearly states that Parnell appeared with his counsel, and entered a not guilty plea, thus contradicting the Sun’s claim that he pleaded guilty. Given that the newspaper also has access to the full court record, it is not known why it chose to ignore this apparently critical document.A later document dated March 5, 2010 (click here), is an order of the court dismissing the charges against Parnell “with prejudice” upon the motion of the United States Attorney. The term “with prejudice” means that the charges can never be refiled by the government.Again, given that the Sun must have had access to this document contradicting its earlier claims that Parnell was convicted of the offences in question, it is not known why the newspaper chose to ignore its existence in its subsequent publication.The Sun did, however, elect to publish a list of persons to whom restitution was paid, notwithstanding an order by the US District Court in New York that the list be sealed. No response has yet been received to an email sent by Caribbean News Now to the court asking for its comments on the implications of this.The after-hours number given on the Sun’s website is apparently out of service. Any response to a subsequent emailed request for comment will be published in a later story.Parnell’s attorney, Wendal Swann, confirmed that Parnell is considering starting legal action against the publishers of the Sun. Swann says he sent a letter to the publishers pointing out the libellous nature of certain of the statements made in the articles appearing in the newspaper. Publisher and editor in chief of the newspaper, Hayden Boyce, acknowledged receipt of Swann’s letter in the subsequent publication, and described him as “a rookie lawyer” but, according to Swann, provided no reply. “Readers must question the motive behind the publication of only a selection of the court documents, when they had access to the documents proving the statements about ‘crime’ and ‘conviction’ were simply not true,” Swann said.According to some local observers, the articles about Parnell, which now turn out to be of questionable accuracy, may be politically motivated in that Boyce is the husband of former Progressive National Party (PNP) cabinet minister and deputy premier Lillian Boyce who, according to corporate records obtained by Caribbean News Now, is also a 50 percent shareholder of the company that purportedly publishes the Sun.The final report of the 2009 Commission of Inquiry into possible corruption, or other serious dishonesty in relation to past and present elected members of the TCI legislature recommended a criminal investigation in relation to Lillian Boyce of possible corruption and/or other serious dishonesty including misfeasance in public office in relation to the following matters:— Boyce participated in a possibly corrupt transaction in relation to the sale (flipping) of Crown Land by: 1) accepting the proceeds of profits made by her brother, Earlson Robinson, from the sale of a share in the interest of a company, which had involved the disposal of Crown Land for large profits to an overseas developer, David Wex; 2) loaning or giving part of those profits to Misick, or assisting her brother in doing so; and 3) failing to declare those profits to the Registrar of Interests or to disclose them Commission, and failing to declare her brother’s connection to the transaction in Cabinet discussions concerning the transaction.Other findings by the Commission in relation to Boyce in respect of which no recommendations were made are as follows:— Boyce failed to declare to the Registrar of Interests, or initially to the Commission, her receipt of payments of Candidates’ Stipend, totalling $72,000.— Boyce abused her ministerial position by: 1) assisting or permitting her fellow Cabinet Ministers, specifically Michael Misick and Floyd Hall, to interfere in and override the Scholarships Policy for nominating according to set criteria, in particular merit, candidates for overseas scholarships, thereby by-passing the control of the Scholarships Committee; and 2) granting a scholarship to her own daughter without referring her candidature to the Scholarships Committee for scrutiny.The Sun’s attack on Parnell is widely perceived to be an attempt to deflect attention from the criminal investigations of Lillian Boyce and other former Cabinet ministers.Caribbean News Now 112 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Dominican magistrate orders that two Haitian nationals be removed from the state

first_img Share Tweet Sharing is caring! 18 Views   one comment Sharecenter_img LocalNews Dominican magistrate orders that two Haitian nationals be removed from the state by: – January 5, 2012 Share Court gavel. Photo credit: kirtok.comMagistrate Candia Carette-George ordered on Thursday that Pierre Richard Clervilus and Jean Cadette Cenac be removed for violating the country’s Immigration and Employment Act.Magistrate Carette-George said the state must send a clear message to the Haitian nationals that they must obey the laws of the country and not overstay or work without obtaining a work permit.Pierre Richard Clervilus, according to the facts presented in Court by Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, arrived in Dominica at the Melville Hall Airport on July 22nd, 2007 and was granted a three month visa which expired on the 23rd of November, 2007. He was taken into custody on the 31st of December, 2011 at his barbershop in Lalay, Grandbay by Sergeant Cadette D who was on patrol in that community because he admitted to that he had been residing in Dominica for five years without a Dominican passport or a work permit. The Defendant told Sergeant Cadette that his former girlfriend a Dominican had maliciously damaged his passport three (3) years ago however there was no record of that report at the Grandbay Police Station or the Immigration Department. He was asked by Sergeant Cadette why he did not take advantage of the amnesty in 2010 and he did not offer a satisfactory response however when the charges of overstaying and working without a valid license were instituted against him he said, “I sorry but I was afraid”.His attorney Wayne Norde explained to the Court that his client’s situation is an exceptional one; that his client arrived in Dominica and was involved in a relationship with a Dominican national whom he has a three year old son with but when the relationship went sour she tore his passport.According to Norde his client faced severe difficulties in obtaining another passport from his country as he could not provide a record of the previous passport which had been issued to him. He also explained that his client did apply for a work permit but because the passport was destroyed he could not have gotten it and the application was placed on hold at the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.Mr. Norde implored the Court not be repatriate his client based on the fact that he has a son in Dominica which he cares for, his family members in Haiti whom he provides for and that his heart is in Dominica.Inspector Weekes argued that despite the olive branch which was extended to all Haitian nationals in 2010 after the hurricane, the Defendant did not seek to regularize his stay in Dominica. Weekes said further, “While I understand the plea which council is making for his client, I must agree that we must do it right. There are laws and we must ensure that they are adhered to”.Magistrate Carette-George however said that the Defendant should have gone to the Immigration Department to regularize his stay before the visa expired and before his passport was destroyed and that “they need to adhere to our laws and act accordingly”. She noted that there was sufficient time for the Defendant to seek an extension and work permit before the passport was destroyed and he did not, therefore she is ordering that he be removed from the state and not deported so he may return to care for his son if he wishes.In rendering her decision, Magistrate Carette-George told the Defendant through a translator that she would not impose any custodial sentence or fine against him; her order is that he be removed from the state under proper escort and subject to necessary detention. She further advised him that if he chooses to return to Dominica he should ensure that he does it right.Meantime Jean Cadette Cenac who arrived in Dominica on the 23rd of July, 2009 and granted a one month visa did not present himself to an Immigration Officer for an extension of time and therefore violated the Immigration Act of Dominica.He was also represented by Attorney Wayne Norde told Magistrate Carette-George that she had “removed the wind from under his sails” based on her ruling against Pierre Richard Clervilus and therefore he is only asking the Court not to impose a custodial sentence or fine on his client, and have him removed from the state to allow him to return if he wishes to do so.Magistrate Carette-George also ordered that Cenac be removed from the state and advised him to ensure that if he returns to the country he ensures that his documents are in order.Both defendants pleaded guilty to the charges.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

White sugar available for sale DEXIA confirms

first_img 31 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews White sugar available for sale DEXIA confirms by: – March 26, 2012 Tweetcenter_img Share Share Photo credit: correspondent32.wordpress.comThe Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) has confirmed that after a short spell of shortage white sugar is available for sale.Manager of the Commercial Department at DEXIA, Norman Dorival explained to Dominica Vibes News that the company usually purchases brown sugar from Guyana while white sugar is sourced outside the region from Guatemala and Columbia.He noted that due to unavailability of brown sugar from Guyana, this depleted their stock of white sugar.“We receive brown sugar from the Guyana Corporation and they could not supply sugar to us due to a short fall; heavy rain falls and strike action. So in the absence of brown sugar, our white sugar stock sold out”.According to Dorival, under the CARICOM protocol, DEXIA must obtain approval from the Guyana Corporation to purchase brown sugar from another source market even during shortage.“Presently under the CARICOM protocol, we are obliged to buy sugar from Guyana. During a period of extended shortage, we would have to get the approval of Guyana Corporation so that the 35% tariff which the Customs charges on products purchased from outside source markets would be removed”.He also informed that the company is expecting a shipment of brown sugar from Guyana to arrive in Dominica hopefully by Thursday this week.Meanwhile, supermarkets can purchase white sugar from DEXIA’s wholesale department. Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Heskey urges Sancho to choose Liverpool over Man Utd

first_img “But having someone young, fresh and dynamic coming in, it will only add to the squad and I think that is where Jurgen is going to be looking at next. What can he add to the squad that is going to give Liverpool that little bit more longevity. “When you look at the Liverpool frontline, you’ve got (Sadio) Mane and (Mo) Salah as the goal-getters and that is exactly what they do well. Read Also:Man United ready shirt number for Sancho after £120m switch “They command respect from defenders as a result. You’d like to think that Sancho has the quality to get in the side, but it will be very tough to get in ahead of Salah or Mane.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Liverpool hero, Emile Heskey has urged Borussia Dortmund whiz Jadon Sancho should move to Anfield over Manchester United. Jadon Sancho is keen on returning to the Premier League United are keen on signing the England and Borussia Dortmund sensation in the next transfer window in a deal that could cost them up to £130m. But Heskey told GentingBet: “When you look at Jadon Sancho’s age, he will always be an asset to Liverpool. “In two to three years, you’ve got an ageing Liverpool side – even though in this day and age and with the fitness levels of all the players, age is nothing.Advertisementcenter_img Promoted ContentWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show YouBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemThe Best Cars Of All Time8 Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You7 Worst Things To Do To Your PhoneWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?The Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldPlus-Size Girls Who Set The Catwalk On FireWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growthlast_img read more

China’s ex-PSG star freed from Wuhan coronavirus lockdown

first_imgChinese women’s football star Wang Shuang will finally reunite with the national team after two months stranded at the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, state media said. Loading… Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Things That Actually Ruin Your Phone11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table TopSome Impressive And Almost Shocking Robots That ExistThe Best Cars Of All TimeBest Car Manufacturers In The World8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better8 Things To Expect If An Asteroid Hits Our Planetcenter_img The 25-year-old former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder will bolster a squad due to play off against South Korea over two legs for Asia’s final qualifying place at the Tokyo Olympics, which have been postponed for a year to 2021.In February, Wuhan native Wang was pictured kicking a ball on a rooftop while on lockdown in the city of 11 million people as she attempted to keep up her fitness.Wuhan, where the virus was first identified, led the world with an unprecedented total lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.On Wednesday, tens of thousands of people fled the city when a 76-day travel ban was lifted.Xinhua news agency said that Wang and two other players stranded in Wuhan, Yao Wei and Lu Yueyun, would join the squad in Suzhou to prepare for the playoff. The first leg has been tentatively scheduled in Korea on June 4.Chinese star Wang Shuang was on lockdown for more than two months in her home city of WuhanRead Also: Odion Ighalo opens up on career-best goalBut the trio will first undergo a further 14-day quarantine period on arrival in Suzhou, Sina Sports said.Wang, the undoubted star of the Chinese side, has won more than 100 caps. She spent a year in the French capital with PSG before returning to Chinese football in July last year.Wang scored eight goals and contributed seven assists in 27 matches for PSG.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Iloilo activists mark martial law anniv with ‘National Day of Action’

first_img“Angamon panawagan sa sining komemorasyon sangmartial law dapat tagaan solusyon angugat sang problema sa kaimolon. Ang kaimolon, ang madata nga pinatyanaymasolbar lamang paagi sa pag-istoryahanay,” said Sulayao. Marvin Saijo of the University of thePhilippines Visayas’ student council, on the other hand, said they werepressing for a halt to the red-tagging of student activists and the so-calledmilitarization of schools./PN Reverend Father Marco Sulayao of thePromotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR Panay and Guimaras) said peoplewould be at the losing end of an all-out war between the government and rebels. Yesterday’s National Day of Action inPanay Island ahead of today’s martial law anniversary was also be observed inRoxas City, Capiz province and in Kalibo, Aklan. But the mass action was not aboutMarcos’ martial law only. The protesters also pressed for the resumption of thepeace talks between the national government and communists, scrapping of theRice Tariffication Law that is being blamed for the deluge of cheap importedrice, halt to extrajudicial killings and corruption.center_img ILOILO City – Activists here joinedyesterday’s National Day of Action to mark the 47th anniversary of thedeclaration of martial law. They marched from the Iloilo provincial capitol toSunburst Park. NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN. An effigy of President Rodrigo Duterte is displayed at Iloilo City’s Sunburst Park as activists mark the 47th anniversary of the declaration of martial law. It was on Sept. 21, 1972 when then President Ferdinand Marcos placed the country under military rule to supposedly quell communist rebellion. But yesterday’s (Sept. 20) mass action ahead of the anniversary today was not only about Marcos’ martial law. The protesters also pressed for the resumption of the peace talks between the national government and communists, and a halt to extrajudicial killings and corruption. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN It was on Sept. 21, 1972 when thenPresident Ferdinand Marcos placed the country under military rule to supposedlyquell communist rebellion. last_img read more

France braces for ‘severe disruption’ amid strike

first_imgFrench President Emmanuel Macron’s administration will hope to avoid a repeat of the country’s general strike over pension reforms in 1995, which crippled the transport system for three weeks and drew massive popular support. GETTY IMAGES The industrial action is expected tolast beyond Thursday and some trade union leaders have warned they willcontinue their industrial action until Macron abandons his campaign promise tooverhaul the retirement system. The Macron administration will hope toavoid a repeat of the country’s general strike over pension reforms in 1995,which crippled the transport system for three weeks and drew massive popularsupport, forcing a government reversal.(BBC) The country’s largest nationwidestrike in years was agreed by unions unhappy with President Emmanuel Macron’splans for a universal points-based pension system. PARIS – France is enduring severedisruption as millions of workers threaten to strike in protest at being forcedto retire later or face reduced pensions.last_img read more

Kalibo fest organizer quits weeks before Ati-Atihan

first_imgLast July 9, Lachica signed ExecutiveOrder No. 22 authorizing Kassamaco as a partner of the municipal government inenhancing tourism and in facilitating the events of the Ati-Atihan Festivalslated next month.   “Walakaming autonomy, bakit may Kalibo Festival Executive Board (KFEB), na in conflict with the executive order.It will curtail our authority. Hindi kamikaparte sa pag-draft ng MOA. Ano pa ang saysay ng Kassamaco if may festival board pa,” Zaraspeadded.       Zaraspe said his sudden resignationwas triggered by the proposed tri-party Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) presentedto them by Mayor Emerson Lachica and the department heads in a meeting on Dec.2.      Lachica was also surprised ofZaraspe’s resignation – his vice-mayoral candidate in the 2019 local elections. Prior to Zaraspe’s resignation,Kassamaco was facing rough waters in its accreditation as civil societyorganization before the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo. “It is with a heavy heart when Istepped down in Kassamaco. I did my best and I have to go back and to live aprivate life,” he said. The creation of the KFEB, which actsas a decision-making body of all matters and issues related to the conduct ofall Ati-Atihan activities, doesn’t sit well with Zaraspe, who said the KFEBwill run in conflict with Kassamaco in the overall management and operations ofthe festival.   KALIBO, Aklan – Apolonio ‘Apol’Zaraspe III, president of the Kalibo Sr. Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan ManagementCouncil, Inc. (Kassamaco), has officially resigned on Dec. 4 – weeks before the2020 festival. The Kalibo town in Aklan is set for its annual Ati-Atihan Festival. In line with the celebration, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed a proclamation declaring Jan. 17 a special non-working holiday in the capital town. EXPLORE BY TRAVELOKA He also thanked the outpouring supportof the Church, police and members of the community during his short stint inKassamaco.   Such an abrupt resignation of Zaraspe wouldleave Kassamaco without its titular head, and the festival in limbo.(With a report from Akean Forum/PN)last_img read more

Iloilo City to help province reforest denuded areas

first_imgTreñas recently instructed CityDisaster Risk Reduction and Management Office head Donna Magno to coordinatewith Iloilo towns devastated by “Ursula” for financial assistance. “We are ready to support theprovincial government for the reforestation of our watershed kag sa aton mga kabukiran. We are readyto offer our own manpower and whatever resources available,” said Mayor JerryTreñas. The main source of Iloilo City’s wateris the watershed in Maasin, Iloilo. One the northern municipalities thatexperienced Ursula’s wrath was the town of Balasan. All its 23 barangays gotflooded, according to Chinky Diolosa, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction andManagement Office officer. According to Defensor, the denudationof mountains in northern Iloilo was primarily due to unabated cutting of treesand massive corn plantations. Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. said therecent massive flooding was due to the denudation of the province’s mountains. ILOILO City – Following theflashfloods brought by typhoon “Ursula” in northern Iloilo, the city governmenthere vowed to help in the reforestation program of the provincial government ofIloilo. The city government has a treeplanting program, too. Treñas wants to regreen the metropolis. “We don’t want what happened duringtyphoon ‘Ursula’ to happen again,” said Treñas. According to the city mayor, he isinitially thinking of giving P50,000 to P100,000 for the affected towns. “Isasa mga teorya naton nga isa sa nag-amot sang pagdasig sang panaog sang tubigamo ang wala na sang sponge saibabaw sang aton bukid,” Defensor said. “Ang mga kahoy sa bukid serve as sponge kay pagtupa sang ulan it will delayinstead of rushing down.” Not even super typhoon “Yolanda” inNovember 2013 was able to do this, said Diolasa./PN “Of course that is a fact, pero whether nga isa na sia sang rason sang pagbaha; naga-speculate kita unless lang ifthere’s a way for me to say scientifically nga amo gid man na ina pero commonsense would tell you nga posible isa sina sa rason kon ngaa kayti kon wala unod ang bukid wala sia sang sponge – dasig manaog ang tubig,” Defensor explained.last_img read more