Assam MLA asked to prove citizenship

first_imgAn MLA of the ruling BJP in Assam has been served notice to prove his citizenship amid the exercise to update the National Register of Citizens nearing completion.BJP legislator Kishore Nath and six members of his family were served the notice on Friday morning by Foreigners’ Tribunal No. 1 on suspicion of being ‘doubtful’ voters. Mr. Nath, 53, represents the Barkhola Assembly seat in southern Assam’s Cachar district.Other members of his family who have been served notice include his wife Nilima and four brothers.Officials’ whims “We have been living here for three generations. I believe some mischief was done during a verification process during 2008-2012 when the Congress ruled. No one ever came to our house for verification then,” Mr. Nath said.The MLA said his family members will appear before the foreigners’ tribunal judge with documents to prove their citizenship. “But the notice to me, an elected representative, has vindicated my belief that the methods applied to identify foreigners are designed to harass certain people,” he said. Assam has 100 foreigners’ tribunals which work on reports provided by the police. Mr. Nath said officials entrusted with the verification process often go by their whims.last_img read more

On October 20, counting of votes in J&K urban local body polls

first_imgCounting of the votes polled in the urban local body elections in Jammu and Kashmir was done on Saturday. The four-phase election between October 8 and 16 was held amid tight security. While there was moderate to heavy polling in Jammu and Ladakh, the Kashmir Valley saw an abysmally low voter turnout. The polls were a direct contest between the BJP and the Congress, with the National Conference and the PDP boycotting the process. Nearly 17 lakh voters were eligible to vote for 79 urban local bodies, but polling was held only for 52. No voting was held in 27 civic bodies in the Valley because there was no candidate or only one candidate had filed nomination. In the Valley, there were no signs of any electioneering as militant outfits had threatened to target the elections. Pictures show paramilitary troops guarding a polling station in Srinagar and an armoured vehicle at a deserted booth.last_img read more

Nightclubs: Addas of fun and food, music and art

first_img“Where do they go, the lovelies, where do they go? ” Once upon a time, they began their evenings at single-cuisine restaurants, moved on to strobe flashes and claustrophobic bars of discotheques in megastar hotels, and wrapped up at dawn in sleepy hotel coffee shops. Not anymore. Now, if you,”Where do they go, the lovelies, where do they go? ” Once upon a time, they began their evenings at single-cuisine restaurants, moved on to strobe flashes and claustrophobic bars of discotheques in megastar hotels, and wrapped up at dawn in sleepy hotel coffee shops. Not anymore.Now, if you wish to karaoke or have your own birthday rock show at a night spot, listen to Dom Moraes spout poetry at a lounge or feast on an art exhibition at a restaurant, you actually can. A range of neoteric hotspots combining a rash of activities has taken over the one-dimensional disco domain: stand-alone, niche restaurants with bars and lounges like Mumbai’s Indigo and Athena, quaint joints like Chennai’s Korea House and Akasaka, spacious cafes like Delhi’s Turtle and Fab, theme pubs like Bangalore’s Urban Edge and Sparks, even sports bars like Kolkata’s Winning Streak.Gayatri Kachru Aspiring actress and studentIt’s Latino night at Twisters, a two-month-old south Delhi pub, and salsa lessons are on. The buzz is palpable; standing room, only just. And if you are wondering about the yellow ceiling, blue walls and traditional paintings, you can go and down another drink.Here, you can afford to, unlike at the five-star hotels. At Rs 350 for a beer, it’s much easier on the purse than the Rs 550 at star bars. Traditionally, five stars have always been identified with prices that tax the wallet: Oberoi Mumbai’s Frangipani is 20-25 per cent more expensive than south Asian wok speciality restaurant, Sidewok.Luxury hotels blame it on tax. The tax on food in hotels is 33 per cent while in independent restaurants it’s only 15.3 per cent; the tax on alcohol is 36-37 per cent against 23 per cent in restaurants. “We are popular because we offer five-star facilities at cheaper prices,” says Twisters’ S.S. Gill. Leaning back in a leather chair, NRI engineer Navesh Khandelwal voices the preferred partying flavour of the 20 and 30-somethings who have outgrown head-banging: “It’s more chilled here, more relaxed.”advertisementMumbai: music and art find new breeding grounds with karaokeChilled translates into happening, as in organising innovative events, and the megapolises are competing with a vengeance. The usp for the multicuisine restaurant Stop At Sam’s is “Chennai’s most surprising restaurant”. It is. There are talk sessions and workshops with city celebrities, and walls often double up as art gallery. Says Gunit Singla who owns the RA Puram cafe with husband Samir: “Last year, we held 14 special nights, including a Friday the 13th spooky night, and a Thanksgiving night with tandoori turkey on the menu.” Another new Chennai joint, Artz, has jumped onto the art bandwagon and welcomes amateur and professional artists to display their works. Mumbai’s Olive Bar & Kitchen took to the event trend when it opened its Mediterranean doors nearly a year ago. “We are trying to push the boundaries of who we are, moving beyond being restaurants to becoming neighbourhood addas,” says A.D. Singh, one of the five owners of this restaurant-cum-bar. Music and art are among the creative founts that spout fun at The Art Club vents organised by Art Works with support from Olive. This, when blindfolded restaurant regulars aren’t soiling their hands at pottery dos. Preity Zinta and Hrithik Roshan, who live in the neighbourhood, are known to drop by occasionally, though they haven’t taken up painting. Yet.Mumbai: poetry reading at Athena and wine appreciation at OliveBut does this brouhaha translate into better sales? Not directly, explains Singh. “Most of our events are during off hours, during afternoons or early evenings. We hope these cultural events will help cultivate long-term customers.” So wine appreciation workshops and poetry readings do a good job of keeping the culturally inclined entertained at Chateau Indage’s Athena, another new destination in south Mumbai. Managed by Moshe Shek and Vikrant Chougule, Athena isn’t about the gentle buzz of a restaurant, the vibrancy of a bar or the serenity of a lounge. It’s all three coming together in10.000sqft.Delhi’s DV8 pub – the legendary Cellars redone – with its old-fashioned interiors hosts fashion shows, media nights, live music – retro, jazz – and even Formula 2 race days. Plush leather chairs, bookcases with yellowing books, subtle lighting all add up to cosy comfort. At Fab Cafe, also in Delhi, theme nights like the Roopa Gulati show, book readings and jazz nights are standard fare. “The concept of ‘cool’ is changing. We fit into the new concept,” says Manager Ruchi Tandon. The new concept? “Calm, stimulating atmosphere”, rather than the “rock till you drop” partying ‘n’ boozing earlier.Vidhi Bhartia, Kate Bharucha Students”The number of people at discos has definitely dropped in the past few years,” says Rajiv Joshi, marketing manager, Razz berry Rhinoceros, one of Mumbai’s oldest suburban discos best known for introducing the afternoon disco concept. “One of the main Reasons for this is the many new forms of entertainment, besides new places like theme restaurants and lounge bars-cum-restaurants like Athena. The saving grace is teenagers who still love partying here.”The idea is that after dinner you don’t have to go hunting for a nightclub or pay high cover charges to sup on music and ambience. So Mumbai restaurants like the Sidewok and European Asian Indigo are fashioning themselves as “party destinations” and providing “lifestyle experiences”, not simply being places to eat out. Indigo, with a tea-garden bungalow feel, has candle-lit lounges, a bar and an eating space spread over two floors. Athena’s strategy is to lure sports and filmstars, besides socialites and industrialists, the staple fare at any popular Mumbai nightspot. Its club fees seems to have been fixed with the caviar circuit in mind. At Rs 65,000 per annum for the most exclusive membership, it might seem steep, but the 50 memberships on offer sold out even before the official opening, claims the management. Members paid for conveniences difficult to come by: guaranteed bookings, free entry for guests and access to exclusive lounges.advertisementCuisinista Rashmi Uday Singh views this nocturnal shift from dingy discos to more eclectic options as the beginning of a new trend. The success of these modern rendezvous owes itself to the insatiable “new Indian who wants Manhattan, Paris and London experiences in his own land”. Higher disposable incomes, exposure to TV, the Internet and increased travelling have created this new genre of Indian-born international desis.In fact, restaurateurs like the Mumbai-based Doshi family have even sought inspiration from the joints they visit during foreign sojourns. And after their New York eatery shut down, an Indian equivalent was dreamt of. Now, there are three. Karma, a casual Italian eating place and watering hole, opened three months ago. Above it is Bellisima, a fine dining restaurant with new world cuisine. Next to it is the Polynesian flavoured Liquid Lounge with a 30-ft bar serving cocktails, and a live band playing four to five times a week.This burgeoning of modernistic hangouts like lounge bars, restau-rant-cum-bars, coffee joints, karaoke nightspots, bowling alleys-cum-bars, event-centric pubs and offbeat cafes has completely altered the nightlife profile in cities. Take Delhi. Once thought to be dull and dorky, it is fast metamorphosing into a city of pubs, corner cafes and restobars. Panache replaces Punj, and five-star discos are becoming passe, while the existing hangouts are reinventing in a bid to survive.Surprise is of essence at restaurants like Stop At Sams (top) which holds talk sessions, even as coffee bars like Qwikys hold live band performancesWhen Club Zeros in GK-II opened in 1999, it was an uninspiring restaurant serving Indian and Chinese food. In December 2000, it was redesigned into a restobar. Manager Ka-mal Sud claims it is the first such club in GK-II. “We had to redefine ourselves in the face of fresh competition,” he says. “We realised that people come in not just for food, but large helpings of fun too.” Further down the same block, Snob, a four-year-old restaurant, shed its penchant for grub to transform into a pub a year ago. Says Delhi student Priya: “The service might not compare with the best hotels but, hey, it’s different, it’s fun.”Despite bouncers at the entrance in most such pubs, there’s no entrance fee. We2 at GK-I, a pub with a central bar area and big glass panes, has a definite international touch. Goan musician Nelson Furta-don, his flowing moustache twitching, prefers playing at the new trendy places because he finds them livelier. “Hotels are for people like my parents,” he says. Variety is the bon mot. Buzz, a new restobar at Saket in Delhi, with a mul-ticuisine menu and a brimming cocktail list, is part of a gastronomic subculture spawned by the PVR cineplex that also includes a branch of Qwikys, McDonald’s, Pizza Express and Barista in the same compound.Harish SamthaniFormer rally driver and party animalBig-city nightlife seems to have reached the second stage of evolution. This stage is spelt out succinctly by Nikhil Chaturvedi, managing director, Provogue: it is the plane at which the ultimate party dream progresses from shouting above the din of a cramped disco to a craving to hear and be heard in a more innovative partyscape. So, moving from the regular disco option of Gatsby at Park Sheraton in Chen-nai, you have beach discos like teenage haunt EC41 on the East Coast Road, mushrooming on the road to Maha-balipuram and flying in DJs from Delhi, Mumbai, even Goa.”Music is one thing,” says Harish Samthani, socialite and a theme-party organiser, “but more than that it’s the ambience … the open sky and beach which a closed disco cannot offer.” Add “beach” to “parties” and “discos” and you have the hottest Chennai partying trend. Throw in speciality restaurants like the Thai Benjurong, Japanese and Korean joints, discos like the two-year-old Hell Freezes Over – which has about 300 visitors every night and is the first night club in Chennai to introduce an all-woman disco – coffee bars like Qwiky’s that have live bands performing on weekends, and you have the new Chennai outing scene.Chennai party animals, however, claim the city could raise its cool quotient further were it not for stringent liquor laws. Neigbouring Bangalore too nurses this grievance. Bars and pubs here are supposed to close by 11 p.m. but it hasn’t stopped India’s Silicon Valley from being a pub-crawler’s haven: there are 125 pubs and 1,353 bars and restaurants here. The city’s latest attraction is 180 Proof. Once a Gothic confection of high ceiling, arches and tiled roof, it is now a five-level pub with a DJ and Thai dinner. Its old-world charm combines a hi-tech flavour symbolic of the neoteric spirit – laidback ease and 21st century modernism.Six years ago in Kolkata, nightlife meant private parties or a choice of three discos – Incognito, Someplace Else and the Anticlock, all in hotels – but the discos now are wisening up to change. Winning Streak, the city’s first sports bar, is Anticlock in a new avatar.A bar-cum-hangout joint for the 30-35-year-old set, it has sports memorabilia as decor, a mini putting z one, a video arcade and plans for mini basketball and football courts. “Business was stagnating at the Anticlock,” admits proprietor Bunty Sethi. “You need a whole new set of changes if you want to bring in a new crowd.” The managers at The Park Hotel agree. Its two-year-old disco Tantra has introduced global flavors – quieter cigar and malt bars within discos.advertisementVikram Bawa, Maushumi UdeshiPhotographer/ModelThe new options aren’t just for Page 3 socialites; the world cuisine fad and oodles of “we are more than just about food” attitude is seeping into smaller restaurants too. Rewind, a small eatery in Mumbai, is jazzed up often with live music performances. Starters & More that started out as a restaurant is now set to bring in live music, karaoke on two nights, telecast of Formula 1 racing on a big screen, live performances by Sony Music artists and even panja (fist) fights.Notwithstanding the newfangled party temples and their drumbeating about being different, there are people like Prakash Khubchandani of Popcorn Entertainment, Mumbai, who says, “Everyone likes change, but these are passing fads.”Achala Sachdev, choreographer, thinks Indian nightlife could do with further evolution. “It is true we have gone beyond pubs and dingy discos,” she says, “but the third stage has not been reached where you have speciality bars like reggae or jazz bars abroad or stand-up comedy acts at both restaurants and bars.”Bangalore: A pub-crawler’s haven, the Silicon city’s joints are veering towards variety by holding fashion shows at pubs like the Urban EdgeFood critics and entertainment industry experts, meanwhile, believe that the staying power of such joints will not depend on the “fluff” – snazzy events or Page 3 appearances – but the quality of food and beverages, and consistent output.Another development that could heat up competition among the new watering holes is the five-star hotels restaurants and lounges waking up to the poaching of their clientele. So they are focusing on innovation in services, cuisine and dcor.The President, Mumbai, has recently opened Kaleidoscope restaurant, that promises to be easy on the pocket and offers comfort food, even as five-star discos are becoming more spacious or reinventing completely. After 23 years, Delhi’s oldest surviving cult discotheque, Ghungroo at the Maurya Sheraton, has decided to close down. “The new Ghungroo,” according to Sheraton General Manager Gautam Anand, “will be spacious and versatile, literally and metaphorically, and ready by December 2001.” It will be open for lunch, dinner and snacks, not just evening events.”And the lovelies, he knows, will come.”- with Supriya Bezbaruah, Methil Renuka, Anshul Avijit, Arun Ram, Kavitha Muralidharan, Stephen David and Labonita Ghoshlast_img read more

Liverpool must extend goalscoring form, says Mohamed Salah

first_imgLiverpool must replicate their Champions League finishing to revive their Premier League campaign, winger Mohamed Salah has said.Salah and striker Roberto Firmino grabbed a brace each as Liverpool pounded Maribor 7-0 on Tuesday night to record their biggest away European win.The victory has given Liverpool, who managed one win in their last five league games, the confidence to be more clinical in front of goal, said Salah.”I think it’s an important result for us so we have to keep looking forward and we have to win the next games,” the Egypt international told BT Sport.”In the last three or four games we missed many chances…and we had bad luck.”I think that everyone has confidence that the good result is coming, so now we are in a good position and I’m sure in the next games it will be the same.”Reuters PhotoThe 25-year-old has now scored eight goals in 13 appearances for Liverpool but was more occupied with team performance than personal record.”The team did good and we had a good result so that’s the most important thing,” Salah added.”I’m very happy for that – seven goals or eight goals (scored since he joined Liverpool) doesn’t change anything, but the most important thing for us is to concentrate on improving the results in the Premier League.”We didn’t win for two, three games, so we need to carry on and keep looking forward and win the next games.”Eighth placed Liverpool travel to third placed Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.advertisementlast_img read more

46th FIH Congress to be held in New Delhi from Oct 30 to Nov 3

first_imgBy Sumojyoti S ChoudhuryBhubaneswar, Dec 7 (PTI) The 46th Congress of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) will be held in New Delhi from October 30 to November 3 next year.With former Hockey India chief Narinder Batra being elected as the first non-European FIH President last year, the power centre of world hockey seems to have shifted its base from Europe.As a matter of fact, it will be the first FIH Congress under Batras leadership after he took over the reins of world hockey from Spaniard Leandro Negre.The biennial event will run for four days and will comprise meetings, social events, networking opportunities and presentations.The Congress, which will have representations from the National Associations, will also chart out the future roadmap of the game, including the ongoing Hockey Revolution, FIHs 10-year strategy to drive hockeys status as a global sport.The next FIH Congress will hold greater significance as the game is about to witness a transition phase in 2019 with the introduction of the world bodys ambitious Hockey Pro League, a new home-and-away league which is expected to stretch over the first six months of a calendar year.”Our next Congress will be held in New Delhi from October 30 to November 3. The next Congress is very important for us as hockey will witness transition in 2019. As part of our Hockey Revolution, the Hockey Pro League will start in 2019,” FIH President Narinder Batra told PTI on the sidelines of the ongoing Hockey World League (HWL) Final, here.With just one year to go before the HPL actually kicks off, the project remains a mystery as the FIH is yet to come out with the details of the tournament.advertisementAnother factor which is a concern for many is scheduling as the Pro League will coincide with the European Hockey League, the bread and butter for international hockey players.A few years back, hockey was in danger of being dropped from the Olympic sport but the FIH chief says the future of the sport is safe and secured.”Hockey is not facing any threat. The future of hockey is safe. In fact, we are witnessing a rise in hockeys popularity. Hockey has survived and will continue to survive,” Batra said.”The game is being played by 170 countries. Yes, all hockey playing countries doesnt belong to the same level but the game is in a better position.”With changes and innovations becoming the need of the hour for any sport, the FIH chief has welcomed Hockey Indias recent experiment with mixed-gender event during its Hockey 5s National Championships.He, however, said that trying out a new thing doesnt necessarily mean the world body is contemplating of introducing it.”Hockey 5s mixed event was tried for the first time with FIHs approval and it turned out to be a huge success,” Batra said.”Every national association has right to try out new things with FIHs approval but it doesnt mean the FIH is thinking of implementing it. FIH is open to national associations trying out new things like 2 goals for one field goal rule of Hockey India League.”We, at FIH, have a technical committee with experts in it who constantly discuss all these changes. We have a system in place and we work according to that system,” the FIH President added.India will also host the mens Hockey World Cup to be held in Bhubneswar from November 28 to December 16 next year. PTI SSC ATK ATKlast_img read more

Huawei Mate X foldable phone launched at MWC with 3-way display, Kirin 980 chip and 5G support

first_imgAfter Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold at Unpacked 2019, it is now time for Huawei to show off its own foldable smartphone. At MWC 2019, the company unveiled the Huawei Mate X, which comes with a curved OLED display that can be used in three ways, a slim form factor, Kirin 980 chipset with 5G support and Leica-branded optics, among other things.Unlike the Samsung Fold which sees its Infinity Flex display fold on the inside of the device and revealing a secondary display on the outside, the Mate X has only one large display that folds on the outside. Like the Royole FlexPai, the Mate X’s display can be folded like a book, thereby offering a display on the front and back.When unfolded, the Mate X sports an 8-inch (2480×2200) display. The display is folded with the help of a hinge, which Huawei calls a new Falcon Wing design. When folded, you get 6.6-inch 19.5:9 and 6.38-inch displays on either side. Huawei says that no matter how you view the display, you will get a borderless, full view experience with no notch and barely any bezels. In its unfolded state, the Mate X offers a 5.7mm thickness, which goes to 11mm when the device is folded. The power button on the side embeds a fingerprint sensor. The Mate X’s large 8-inch display aims to offer efficient multitasking experience and the ability to see apps in large screen format.The mate X offers Leica-branded cameras that have been placed on the back side of the hinge. The placement allows one to fold the device and capture super sharp selfies. The design also allows the subject to view the portrait shot being taken from the two-way display.advertisement The Mate X is powered by Huawei’s flagship Kirin 980 chipset. This is paired with a Balong 5000 router, and Huawei claims it is the world’s fastest 5G smartphone. The foldable smartphone houses a 4,500mAh battery that is split into two to allow the device to bend. Huawei has also introduced a 55W fast charging tech which can charge up the device to 85 per cent in 30 minutes.The Mate X with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage has been priced at EUR 2,299 and will be available sometime in the middle of 2019.Disclaimer: The reporter’s travel and stay for this event in Barcelona have been arranged by Huaweilast_img read more

Former Spain and Arsenal midfielder Jose Antonio Reyes dies in traffic accident at 35

first_imgJosé Antonio Reyes, the former Spain midfielder who won five Europa League titles and was part of Arsenal’s unbeaten “Invincibles” squad, has been killed in a traffic accident at the age of 35.Sevilla and second-division club Extremadura, where Reyes played this past season, both confirmed the death on Saturday.”We couldn’t be confirming worse news. Beloved Sevilla star José Antonio Reyes has died in a traffic collision. Rest in peace,” Sevilla said on Twitter.Reyes also played for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid among other clubs in a professional career that spanned nearly 20 years, after making his debut for Sevilla as a 16-year-old.He helped Arsenal go unbeaten through the 2003-04 season, scoring two crucial goals toward the end of the campaign to keep that record intact. He also won a Spanish league title with Real Madrid, and five Europa League crowns with Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. He also made 21 appearances for Spain between 2003-06.I am devasted: Arsene Wenger”I am devastated to hear the terrible news about Jose,” former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said in a statement. “To his family and friends, all support from everyone in the Arsenal family. He will remain forever in our hearts.”Arsenal said it would fly the club flag at half mast at its training ground on Saturday.Reyes’ former Arsenal teammate Thierry Henry also said he was “devastated” by the news.”Wonderful player, superb team mate and exceptional human being,” Henry wrote on Twitter.Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, who like Reyes came up through the youth ranks at Sevilla and played alongside him for Spain and Madrid, also expressed his sadness.advertisement”Broken. Shattered. I have no words,” Ramos wrote in Spanish on Twitter. “All the love to the family. We’ll always remember you, friend! RIP brother.”Because of the death, the Spanish football federation postponed the seven second-division matches that were scheduled to be played on Sunday.Also Read | Want to win something with Argentina in my career: Lionel MessiAlso See:last_img read more

Eoin Morgan and Trevor Bayliss endorsed decision to exclude Alex Hales

first_imgEngland cricket team … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. From there Giles, in conjunction with the national selector, Ed Smith, resolved to drop Hales, hopeful it will minimise the damage to the team’s month-long World Cup build-up that begins with Friday’s one-off ODI against Ireland in Malahide. Hales, who left the squad on Monday morning after being informed of the call, missed a presentation given to the squad by Gareth Southgate later that day in which the England football manager spoke about dealing with tournament pressure.The 30-year-old could well return to action for Nottinghamshire on Friday in their Royal London Cup game against Durham at Grantham following the completion of his ban. The Outlaws have won five from five but Ben Duckett’s call-up by England in place of Hales has opened up a spot in the top three. Peter Moores, Nottinghamshire’s highly respected head coach, must first assess whether Hales is mentally ready to return to the middle after reportedly being left “devastated” by events. His white-ball contract at the club expires at the end of the season and, given the stress caused by his actions, strong returns are probably needed before any talks over a new deal. Reuse this content Share on Facebook Since you’re here… ECB opts for quick fix and cleanest of slates before World Cup starts Leadership failure at ECB leaves Alex Hales and England in a mess Read more Cricket news The Spin: sign up and get our weekly cricket email. Support The Guardian Share on Messengercenter_img Topics Both Giles and Tom Harrison, the chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board, have faced criticism over their handling of the Hales situation, not least the fact that they knew of his ban before the preliminary 15-man World Cup squad was selected on 17 April.The pair told Morgan, Smith and Bayliss they were unable to share knowledge of the transgression with them for fear of legal reprisal under the recreational drugs policy’s confidentiality clauses for second offences. The ECB is now expected to approach the Professional Cricketers’ Association for discussions over amending the policy to prevent a repeat of the situation.On Tuesday a line on the ECB website that stated such second recreational drug violations leave a player “liable to sanction and public disclosure” was tweaked to remove the phrase “and public disclosure”. The ECB claims it was a previously unnoticed error. Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Vic Marks England have privately maintained that the decision to remove Alex Hales from their World Cup squad was endorsed by Eoin Morgan, Trevor Bayliss and a core of senior players. Read more ECB Share on Pinterest Share on WhatsApp Hales linked up with the squad in Cardiff on Saturday evening after news of his 21-day ban for a second recreational drug violation had broken the day before, providing an opportunity to garner support from teammates on the first day of their training camp.But when Ashley Giles, the director of England cricket, later asked senior players and staff whether Hales could yet be retained in a squad that is looking to win a first global 50-over trophy this summer, it is claimed no favourable views were forthcoming.Realistically only Morgan, the all-powerful captain who has led England to No 1 in the rankings, could have stepped in to save Hales. Bayliss, the head coach, is known to have distrusted the player ever since his involvement in the 2017 Bristol incident with Ben Stokes and viewed this latest transgression as the final straw. Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Lucas Moura doubts Van Dijk dribble stat

first_imgTottenham forward Lucas Moura says he thinks Virgil van Dijk was one of the top three players in the world last season, but questioned the infamous stat about the Dutchman being impossible to dribble past.The Dutchman’s monumental performances for club and country this season have seen him thrust into the conversation for the Ballon d’Or, alongside Liverpool teammates Mohamed Salah and Alisson.It has been claimed that the only player to successfully complete a dribble past Van Dijk last season was Manchester City’s Leroy Sane, on international duty with Germany in November – but Moura isn’t so sure. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? In an interview with Brazilian YouTube channel Desimpedidos (via Sport Witness), he said: “Dude, now this question there I don’t know if it’s true.“They say he hasn’t been dribbled past since… whatever. If the guy is past him, it’s already a dribble.“I don’t know, but the guys must have gone past him now.“I know I scored a goal against Liverpool, we lost, but I scored against Liverpool and he was left behind. But he’s great. He is.”26-year-old Moura was the hero of Spurs’ stunning Champions League semi-final comeback against Ajax, scoring a hat-trick in Amsterdam, but had to settle for a place on the bench in the final against Van Dijk and Liverpool.He came on as a second-half substitute for midfielder Harry Winks but was unable to turn the tide as Van Dijk’s man-of-the-match performance helped Jurgen Klopp’s side to their sixth European title.“Hey, the guy’s good,” Moura admitted. “He’s two metres tall, strong, and the Liverpool team is a very good fit, with a lot of chemistry.Lucas Moura Tottenham 2018-19“So he had an excellent season. He was elected the best in the Premier League, I think.“In the world… there are a lot of people there. But for the season, I think he’s among the top three. Among the top three!”In what was undoubtedly one of the least entertaining Champions League finals of recent years, one of the defining moments of quality came from Van Dijk as he ushered Spurs forward Heung-min Son away from goal as he threatened an equaliser at 1-0.Moura admitted to being upset at having to start on the bench, but it was nothing compared to the pain of defeat.”Of course I got upset,” he said. “I wish I had started. But I got so much more upset that we lost.”We really believed that we could be champions. And man, it was difficult. I cried a lot after the game. Because it was so close, so close.”last_img read more

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash the Simplest Way

first_img The Best Whiskey Quotes of All Time Editors’ Recommendations 7 Most Popular Beard Styles for Men Right Now 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts With the rising popularity of gluten-free and low-carb eating, spaghetti squash has become something of a power food lately. It has all the yummy qualities you’ve come to know and love from other squash varieties, and its noodle-like interior texture makes it a perfect delivery vessel for your favorite pasta recipes. To get the most out of this unique vegetable, preparation is key. Read on to find out how to cook spaghetti squash in our step-by-step guide.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual1. The first step in prepping your squash is to cut it in half. You can split the squash either lengthwise or width-wise, but doing it width-wise will give you longer, more spaghetti-like strands. The skin of spaghetti squash can be quite tough, so to make cutting easier, create several puncture marks along the area where you’ll be cutting and throw the whole squash in the microwave for 4-5 minutes to soften it up.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual2. Once your squash is softened, trim off the top and bottom, leaving a flat surface on each end. Then slice the squash along your perforated line to split it into two halves.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual3. Next, you need to remove the seeds from each half. Start by cutting around the center with a knife.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual4. Use a spoon to scoop out all of the seeds at the center.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual5. Once you’ve removed all of the seeds, you should be left with two squeaky clean squash “bowls.”Leeann Whittemore/The Manual6. Spaghetti squash holds a lost of moisture, so it’s a good idea to draw some of that out before you begin cooking. To do this, liberally sprinkle salt over the rim and interior of each half and let the squash sit for about 15 minutes.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual7. After those 15 minutes, you should see beads of moisture collected along the rim and in the interior of your squash. Wipe this moisture (along with any remaining salt) away with a paper towel.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual8. It’s time to add some flavor! Mix about a tablespoon of olive oil with your favorite spice blend (we like to combine parsley, oregano, basil, and garlic powder) and brush the mixture liberally over the interior of the squash.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual9. Top each half with a light dusting of salt and pepper to taste.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual10. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil to make cleanup easy. Place each half of your squash face down on the pan. Placing the halves face down will allow additional moisture to run off onto the pan while they’re cooking, making for a better final texture.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual11. Bake your squash at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 to 40 minutes, until its nicely roasted and golden brown.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual12. Using a fork, pull the strands of squash away from the skin and into the center of each half. Now you should start to see where this veggie gets its name.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual13. You can serve your noodles directly in the squash bowls or you can pull out the strands and transfer them into a dish.Leeann Whittemore/The Manual14. Top or toss with your favorite sauce (and any other ingredients you want to throw in), then enjoy a delicious squash-noodle feast! How to Cook Steak in the Oven 5 Classic Whiskey Cocktails You Should Know How to Makelast_img read more

Defamation complaint against Kejriwal Court defers hearing

first_imgNEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Monday deferred the hearing on a defamation complaint filed by BJP leader Vijender Gupta against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia for allegedly “maligning” his image by accusing him of attempting to kill the AAP chief. The matter was adjourned for June 26 as the concerned judge was on leave. In the complaint, Gupta, who is the Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, has sought Rs 1 crore as compensation from Kejriwal and Sisodia, besides litigation costs. Also Read – Kejriwal ‘denied political clearance’ to attend climate meet in DenmarkHe claimed that due to widespread circulation of tweets and news reports on the statement of the two Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders, his reputation was harmed for which they have not expressed any remorse or apologised. “The accused persons have damaged the complainant’s image, image of BJP and its leaders, supporters and workers badly and have tarnished his reputation and defamed him by making frivolous and scandalous statements against him and the BJP,” Gupta claimed in the complaint. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsHe alleged the statements of the accused were made with “ulterior motives” to degrade his reputation, malign his image and gain some cheap political mileage in the 2019 general elections. “It was also apparent that false narrative against the complainant was being circulated in a motivated manner and for the fulfilment of an agenda,” he claimed. Gupta said the allegation that he was attempting to murder Kejriwal was malicious, deliberate and defamatory. “These allegations are not only awful and disquieting, but distressing and defaming. The complainant can’t even think of hurting someone knowingly and voluntarily much less planning to assassinate/kill/murder Kejriwal,” he said.last_img read more

Plan for reform to medical inadmissibility policy coming in April Hussen

first_imgOTTAWA – Next steps for Canada’s policy on taking medical conditions into account when accepting or rejecting permanent residents will be laid out by mid-April, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Thursday.The Liberals have been under pressure for months to overhaul the medical inadmissibility provisions of Canada’s immigration law, which allows the government to deny people permanent residency if, for example, their condition would create “excessive demand” on the health care system.Advocates and opposition politicians say it discriminates against people with disabilities; in December, the House of Commons immigration committee recommended the entire provision be scrapped.The Liberals have agreed the program is problematic, a message Hussen repeated Thursday in his testimony before the House of Commons immigration committee.“The policy is out of step with Canadian values on accommodating people with disabilities.”Hussen said the government has been consulting with provinces, and wanted to review the committee’s own report before deciding how to move forward. The response will come by April 12, Hussen said — the deadline for the government to respond to the committee report.“I will encourage you to wait for that response and in that response you’ll find how we’re proceeding on this issue,” he said.The Liberals have been discussing the issue since 2016, said NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan.“He might have the luxury to wait, but the family members don’t,” Kwan said. “They have been separated and they need a policy change. What is the holdup?”About 1,000 permanent residency applications are flagged each year for medical inadmissibility, Kwan said. It can lead to an entire family being rejected on the grounds that one member has a disability.last_img read more

Newborn southern resident whale calf spotted swimming near Tofino

first_imgTOFINO — A newborn calf in a southern resident killer whale pod has been spotted in the waters around Tofino.Department of Fisheries and Oceans marine mammal co-ordinator Paul Cottrell called the birth wonderful news.He says the southern resident killer whales are currently an endangered population, numbering just 75, so any births are significant.Beautiful photos of a newborn southern resident killer whale spotted by the Whale Centre in #Tofino yesterday. (John Forde & Jennifer Steven) @NEWS1130— Lauren Boothby (@laurby) June 1, 2019He says the first year is tough for killer whales babies, with a 50 per cent mortality rate, but another calf born in January still appears to be doing well.The first calf born in three years to the endangered orcas died shortly after birth last August and its mother pushed the baby’s body through the water for weeks.Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States released photos last week showing a female adult Southern resident and her 3 1/2-year-old calf in declining in health.last_img read more

Number of dead nears 200 over 6000 homes damaged

The death toll from the floods and landslides is nearing 200, according to the latest reports by the Disaster Management Centre.The Disaster Management Centre said that the death toll had reached 180 by this evening and 109 others are missing. Of those killed, 77 are from Ratnapura, 54 from Kalutara and 21 from Matara. Latest reports also stated that over 6000 homes have been damaged. Over 500,000 people have been affected and many of them are now in temporary shelters.Meanwhile the Ministry of Petroleum Resource Development will set up a Disaster Management Unit to continuously supply fuel to the areas affected by the adverse weather. The Unit will be set up with the intention of identifying the issues related to the distribution of fuel and coordinating all the institutions under the Ministry. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Good dog good job Millions of dogs follow owners to work at

Good dog, good job? Millions of dogs follow owners to work at pet-friendly jobs LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Like any new addition to an office, Dolly had an adjustment period. The hardest part: learning not to bark at the mailman.Dolly is one of millions of dogs that accompany their owners to dog-friendly businesses every day. Even more will join her next Friday for Take Your Dog to Work Day.“I consider it a benefit like health care. It’s a huge attraction,” said Dolly’s owner Erin McCormack, who works at Authentic Entertainment in Los Angeles as a producer on the Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings.”McCormack and her Maltese mix walk together before work and at lunch to get some exercise, and McCormack saves money on the dog walker or daycare she would otherwise need.“It’s such a great way to create a productive atmosphere. It makes the environment more conducive to creativity,” she said, at a company that produces shows like the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” and Bravo’s “Flipping Out.”At the same time, McCormack added, “They are a calming force. When things get stressful, you can lean down and pet your dog or take a walk and pet a nearby dog. You get a more efficient workplace, one that’s not consumed with stress.”About 1.4 million owners take some 2.3 million dogs to work every day, according to an American Pet Products Association survey last year.When the group last surveyed businesses, in 2006, one in five was dog-friendly. That number is probably holding steady if you include one-person offices, work-at-home pet owners and retail shops, said Len Kain, co-founder and editor of, which lists dog-friendly companies in every state.Some of the nation’s largest employers are dog-friendly — like Google Inc. and Keeping employees happy is one of the main reasons cited by employers.“Engineering and software companies are often the type of company that is pet-friendly,” Kain said. “These companies have trouble finding people with the skills they need and do not want to lose these employees.”Extrovertic, a health care communications agency with 40 employees and offices in New York City and Cambridge, Mass., tested the waters last year with Take Your Dog to Work Day. On June 22 this year, it is sponsored by North Carolina-based Pet Sitters International to promote adoption.The experiment was so successful that the company went dog-friendly and Sally, a 5-year-old rescue beagle owned by supervising account manager Jared Shechtman, became Take Your Dog to Work Day’s poster dog.“We are a small agency. We want to be different. We want the quality of our employees’ lives to be better than they would get at a bigger agency. Having dogs in the office is another way of saying, ‘We are different and we care about you,’” said company CEO Dorothy Wetzel.Fifteen to 20 of the 120 employees or freelancers working at Authentic Entertainment bring their dogs to work, said co-founder and executive producer Lauren Lexton.Lexton and Tom Rogan decided to let people bring dogs to work when they founded the company 11 years ago, because “it always felt right. Dogs give a softer element to everyday work and there is something about having them around that makes people happy.”When you have great people, you want to keep them forever, she explained, so if they have a dog that’s used to coming to work, the person is less likely to accept a better job offer if it comes along.Having animals around also encourages camaraderie, McCormack said. “Dogs automatically break down barriers. They are automatic conversation starters and ice breakers.”Not every business can allow dogs, said Kain, who started with his wife Tara 15 years ago in Anchor Point, Alaska.Companies may be located in buildings that ban dogs; it can be illegal for a food store, restaurant, hair salon (in some states) or medical office; and insurance may be a barrier, he said.For others, allowing pets may be a way to help make do with fewer employees working longer hours. “By allowing dogs at work, an employee doesn’t have to leave to take care of the pet,” Kain said.At Authentic Entertainment, Dolly’s biggest hurdle was deliverymen. “She has always had a fear of carts and boxes and people in uniform,” McCormack said.She introduced Dolly to Authentic’s maintenance man, and because Dolly still barked and growled at outside deliverymen, McCormack asked for a heads-up call from the front desk when they arrived.Now she puts Dolly in her lap until the deliveries are finished. Problem solved.Dolly’s favourite part of coming to work is the attention, McCormack said. At home, she plays second-fiddle to a 3-year-old. At work, Dolly is Miss November in a calendar featuring employee dogs as characters on their shows.“She is the toast of the town,” McCormack said. “Everybody knows her and she is the star.”___Online:http://www.petsit.com AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Jun 12, 2012 3:22 pm MDT read more

Second Cat GH800B Longwall Plow System goes to Ibbenbüren

first_imgThe German Ibbenbüren mine is adding a second Caterpillar GH800B Longwall Plow System to recover its thin seam of anthracite coal, which averages only 1.04 m thick. RAG Anthrazit Ibbenbüren GmbH placed the order for a second system based on the productive performance of the first Cat GH800B system. Ibbenbüren installed the very first GH800B system in late 2013, and it has been effectively working in heights of 0.8 to 1.2 m. The new system is scheduled to start producing in July on a 220 m face.The Cat dealer in Germany, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH received the order. Zeppelin will provide product support services as it has for the first system. New system components include the Cat GH800B automated plow system and Cat AFC PF4 armored face conveyor, which are manufactured in the Caterpillar longwall products facilities in Lünen, Germany. The longwall team in Lünen worked closely with Ibbenbüren to design and construct the GH800B system for the challenging conditions. A key to good longwall performance in Ibbenbüren is the highly effective controllability of the plow system, even in very soft floor conditions.The new system also includes a shock absorber, an elastomer coupling in the plow pulling sledge to reduce peak loads on the plow system – chain, plow connectors and drives. The effect is smoother plow operation and extended service life of components. RAG, the mining company, has retrofitted its older plow systems with shock absorbers.As with the first G800B system, Cat automation of the complete plow longwall as well as remote control of all functions and adjustments enables high production, enhances safety and minimises operating cost. At Ibbenbüren mine, all underground production operations are controlled from a central control station on the surface. In 2015, Ibbenbüren is going to produce 1.63 Mt of high quality anthracite from its longwall systems working 1,300 m below the surface.last_img read more

iRadio founder Dan Healy to head RTÉ 2fm

first_imgFOLLOWING THE RESIGNATION of John McMahon from the top job at 2fm yesterday, RTÉ Radio has announced Dan Healy as the station’s new chief.The radio man has worked in broadcasting for more than 13 years, including spells at the helm of 98FM and Newstalk. He was also a co-founder of iRadio, where he worked for four years until 2009.He has spent the past three years as CEO of Independent Radio Sales, the parent firm of a number of local and national stations including Cork’s Red FM, KFM, Radio Nova and Spin South West.RTÉ Radio Managing Director Claire Duignan said Healy’s track record in the industry is “unparalleled”.“2fm is a core priority for RTÉ – it’s vital that RTÉ, as the public service broadcaster, meet the needs of younger listeners and this appointment is a significant statement of confidence in the future of 2fm,” she added.Healy said he was delighted to accept the appointment.“It is a wonderful and challenging opportunity to play a significant role in the further development of the station. It’s a well-worn phrase in radio circles, but it’s also true that RTÉ 2fm is a sleeping giant.“It plays a hugely important role in providing outstanding music, sport, entertainment, news and information to its legion of listeners.”Read: RTÉ News chief ‘satisified’ with €167,000 cost of Pope coveragelast_img read more

Tiger Airways to stay grounded

first_imgTiger Airways has stopped selling domestic tickets and said it would refund fares to passengers holding reservations between now and July 31. However, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission head Graeme Samuel warned that consumers may have to wait “several weeks” before getting refunds. He said their failure to warn customers that flights might not take off for an indefinite period. And in the latest for the troubled airline, chief executive Crawford Rix has resigned from his post just hours after the Civil Aviation Safety Authority said it would put forward an application to extend the airline’s grounding until the end of the month. For current and would-be passengers of Tiger Airways, the next couple of days and weeks look set to be dogged by more uncertainty, with the aviation industry safety regulator saying it would apply to extend the airline’s suspension, originally due to end on July 8, until the end of the month. The decision has been spurred on by unfinished investigations into the airline’s safety records. So far discussion between Tiger and the safety regulator are focused on the competence, qualifications and training of the airline’s pilots. Tiger has been instructed to retrain its 100 pilots before it is allowed to resume flights in Australia. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Amazon a vendu des millions de Kindle en cette fin dannée

first_imgAmazon a vendu “des millions de Kindle” en cette fin d’annéeLa boutique en ligne a annoncé dans un communiqué le succès fulgurant de sa gamme de liseuses et tablettes Kindle. Des millions d’exemplaires sont déjà partis sous les sapins selon les termes d’Amazon.Le lancement international du Kindle aura donc bien connu le même succès qu’aux Etats-Unis. Amazon a publié un communiqué annonçant que les ventes de ses liseuses sont “largement supérieures à 1 million d’exemplaires par semaine” indique Le Figaro.À lire aussiArchos 35 Carbon, 50 et 53 Platinum : prix et caractéristiques des premiers smartphones du constructeur français Autre chiffre de vente donné par l’entreprise américaine, celui du Kindle Fire, la tablette tactile concurrençant l’iPad, quasiment deux fois plus cher. Là encore, la réussite commerciale semble dépasser les espérances de son constructeur. “Le Kindle Fire a eu le meilleur lancement que nous ayons jamais vu. C’est le bestseller absolu sur Amazon depuis 11 semaines, nous en avons déjà vendu des millions, et nous en fabriquons des millions d’autres pour répondre à la demande”, a souligné le patron de l’activité Kindle, Dave Limp, dans un communiqué. En outre, il précise que “la demande s’accélère de semaine en semaine depuis trois semaines”.On ne peut que croire les estimations données par Amazon, l’entreprise ne donnant, comme à son habitude, pas de chiffres exacts. Malgré des critiques presse peu flatteuses, notamment sur le plan du design et de la puissance de la machine, l’objet a, semble t-il, séduit les acheteurs américains par la richesse du catalogue de contenus et le faible coût de la machine (seulement 200 dollars). Son lancement européen n’est toujours pas annoncé par Amazon, mais les liseuses noir et blanc Kindle, elles, sont déjà disponibles et restent dans les meilleures ventes de la boutique en ligne.Le 17 décembre 2011 à 18:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Monkeys running amok keep residents on edge

first_imgHyderabad: It is no monkey business this. Fed up with monkeys entering homes, snatching fruits from passerby and forcing residents to stay behind closed doors and windows, the residents of Ramchander Singh Colony, Sriram Nagar Colony and neighbouring took it upon themselves to get rid of the monkey menace.• Residents take it upon themselves to get rid of monkey menace Also Read – Golden 90’s Music Superstars – Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu LIVE in Concert will be performing together for the very 1st time in the city of pearls,… Advertise With Us • Spend about Rs 5 lakh to capture; call expert catchers from Nellore • Vexed colony residents paying Rs 500 for each monkey capture • The monkeys being released in batches in Srisailam, Narsapur forestsSudershan Reddy, president, Ramchander Singh Colony Welfare Association, said, “We approached the Peerzadiguda municipality but did not get support from officials. The lack of trained monkey catchers, they said was the reason. We decided to pool in money and brought 12 specialist monkey catchers from Nellore who have been staying here for the past few days and have caught more than 314 monkeys.” Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us The monkeys are being released in batches in Srisailam and Narsapur forests. The residents are paying Rs 500 for each monkey capture and are bearing the expenses of food and accommodation of the monkey catchers. “We are spending close to Rs 5 lakh,” says Sudershan Reddy.The reason for so many monkeys making the area their home is attributed to the RTC Bus depot and workshop that has many sheds and shrubs. The simians find it a safe haven as no one dares venture inside the area. Ramu, a resident says, “The monkeys snatch food items from people’s hands and also enter kitchens. Children have stopped going out and we keep the doors and windows closed all the time.” Advertise With Us “The reduction in greenery in the city has led to monkeys invading homes. A large number shifted from Osmania University after a number of trees were felled in the recent years,” says Madhulika Sen, a resident of DD Colony who is also a victim. Central Excise Colony, DD Colony, West and East Marredpally, Uppal, Peerzadiguda and Koti are a few areas in the city where monkey menace is rampant. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Additional Commissioner, Sanitation, P Venkateshwar Reddy, says, “There are no monkey catchers in the East and South Zone. We are training people and would deploy them at the earliest. Last year we caught 339 monkeys and this year 39 have been captured.” An expert monkey catcher Amjad, a resident of Bolakpur is no longer rendering services to the civic body, but has trained quite a few who are now catching monkeys. Officials say, unlike the past, monkey catchers from UP are not showing interest and, as a result, there is a shortage.Monkeys cannot just be released in the forests. There is a need to identify areas that have enough water and resources in the interiors and it is a big problem. Permission is to be taken for capture as well as release of monkeys – A Shankaran (OSD-Wildlife) Last year, 339 monkeys were caught and this year till date 39 has been captured. The number is decreasing with each passing year – P Venkateshwar Reddy, Additional Commissioner, GHMC We approached the Peerzadiguda municipality but it was of little help. Finally, the residents pooled in money and brought expert monkey catchers from Nellore – Sudershan Reddy, president, Ramchander Singh Colonylast_img read more