Students become ambassadors to curb cyber crime in Nashik

first_imgThe Nashik police has started a cyber crime awareness programme to tackle the increasing number of such incidents. Students and common citizens are being involved as ambassadors to spread awareness of the issue. A cyber lab was opened in August last year and since then the Nashik Police is on a mission to bring such crime to zero. Till now, 20,000 students from nearly 40 schools and colleges have been given lessons on cyber crime.“Our only motto is to control such crimes in the city and safeguard the people, especially students. Nowadays people are so much on internet and social networking sites that they can’t even think when they have become the victim of cyber crime,” said Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singal, Commissioner of Nashik. Out of the 20000 students, 250 have become ambassadors who go at different places and create awareness about the cyber crimes. “Not only schools and colleges but we are also targeting the corporates. I try to attend all the awareness programmes,” adds Singal. The cyber ambassadors are trained by the staff of police commission. After the students and corporate, the Nashik police is planning to involve the families also.A police official said earlier tracking of such cases was tough but now through our cyber cell departments, we can retrieve the details of the accused. “Though parents should not spyon their children, they should aware of their activities and surfing habits on the computer or mobile. If this is not done then their children are at risk of falling victim to cyber crime,” added the official.last_img read more

TENNA listing reveals full specs of Nokia 7.1 Plus ahead of Oct 4 launch

first_imgLooks like HMD Global is in no mood rest. 2018 has been an eventful year for the company as it launched dozens of Nokia phones, the latest one being the Nokia 5.1 Plus, a toned down version of the Nokia 6.1 Plus. HMD Global is now working on two more phones to launch this year, which are supposedly the Nokia 7.1 and the Nokia 7.1 Plus. Rumours have been pouring in about the two upcoming Nokia phones, but now some concrete details of the Plus version have leaked. The Nokia 7.1 Plus has made its way to TENNA benchmarking site, which hints at imminent launch.The TENNA listing has revealed almost the complete specs details of the Nokia 7.1 Plus. The list reveals that the 7.1 Plus will come with a 6.1-inch display with 1080 x 2246 pixels resolution. Previous rumours had revealed that the Nokia 7.1 Plus will come with a notched display, while the 7 Plus will sport symmetrical bezels. The TENNA list leaks alongside a render which doesn’t clearly show the phone with a notch, but that’s probably because of the poor picture quality.The TENNA listing also reveals that the Nokia 7.1 Plus will be powered by an octa-core CPU clocked at 2.2 GHz which could be the Snapdragon 710 chipset. Previous rumours had also revealed that the smartphone will come run Snapdragon 710 chip. The Nokia 7.1 Plus is listed to come with two RAM and storage variants. The base model is said to come with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, while the top-end model is seen listed with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which can be expanded via microSD card.advertisementIt also shows the camera details of the phone. This is for the first time that some concrete details regarding the Nokia 7.1 Plus camera have leaked. The listing suggests that the smartphone will come with dual cameras on the rear panel with a primary sensor of 12MP and secondary sensor of 13MP. This means that as far as the camera setup is concerned, the Nokia 7.1 Plus will be similar to that of the Nokia 7 Plus. TENNA reveals that the Nokia 7.1 Plus will include a selfie camera of 20MP and powered by a 3,400 mAh battery. The listing also reveals that the Nokia phone will run on Android 8.1 Oreo and we expect both the Nokia 7.1 and 7.1 Plus are also going to Android One devices.ALSO READ: Nokia 5.1 Plus to go on sale in India today: Specs, price and Flipkart offersWell, now that the smartphone has been spotted on TENNA, we expect the phone to go official very soon. Rumours suggest that HMD Global will launch the 7.1 Plus on Oct 4 at an event scheduled to take place in London. Rumours also reveal that the HMD Global may announce the Nokia 7.1 alongside the Plus variant.last_img read more

Brazil delay squad after Neymar fall

first_imgBrazil Neymar, Fernandinho injuries delay Brazil squad announcement Brasil Global Tour 00:11 2/28/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Fernandinho vs. Arsenal Getty Brazil Neymar Marcelo Russia v Brazil Germany v Brazil Russia Germany Friendlies After a host of his regular players suffered physical problems this week, coach Tite has elected to postpone his latest squad announcement by 10 days Brazil have delayed the announcement of their latest squad by 10 days following injuries to Neymar and other key players.Coach Tite was due to name his 23-man group on Friday March 2nd, but on Tuesday the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) confirmed that the call-ups would be postponed until March 12th.READ MORE: Understudy Firmino can lead  | Tite confirms 15 players for WC  | Tite’s tactical evolutionThe Selecao meet Russia and Germany next month as the Brasil Global Tour returns to Europe. Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “We have a different situation from other call-ups,” said technical coordinator Edu Gaspar on Tuesday. “There are at least five players in need of more elaborate physical and medical observation and we want all the necessary information before calling up our players.“By changing the date, we will also gain an extra two or three games in which we can observe and evaluate each player.”Neymar suffered foot injury in PSG’s victory over Marseille on Friday and faces a spell on the sidelines.His PSG colleague Marquinhos also suffered a knock in that game, while Fernandinho hobbled off with a hamstring injury during Manchester City’s EFL Cup final on Sunday.Marcelo is still fighting to return from a muscle problem of his own, and his Real Madrid team-mate Casemiro has just pulled out of Wednesday’s clash against Espanyol due to a stomach problem.All five players are members of “The 15” who Tite says are guaranteed a place at this year’s World Cup.Brazil meet Russia in Moscow on March 23 before heading to Berlin to face Germany on March 27last_img read more

Maximazing LNG Ship Efficiency through Integrated …

first_imgHowever, improvements in insulation and clever engineering have increased storage effectiveness. A small number of LNG vessels are now equipped with reliquification plants that are able to take the excess boil-off gas, reliquify it, and return it to the tanks, making these ships more environmentally efficient. For the majority of vessels not equipped with reliquification plants, the excess gas can be used for running the vessels engines or boilers. Of course, in practice things get a little bit more complicated. LNG tanks are extremely well insulated to limit the boil-off that naturally occurs after the cargo is loaded; typically the cargo is loaded at circa -170C. Yet despite the insulated tanks a small percentage of cargo is converted to gas each day during a sea voyage. That percentage will depend on how efficient the insulation is and how the weather plays out enroute. zoom Today’s LNG carriers are amazing engineering feats. Not only is their cargo extremely dangerous because of its highly flammable properties but their dual/tri-fuel engines and reliquification plants (in some cases) make them among the most complex pieces of floating engineering marvels in the world.Pierre Guillemin, Chief Systems Architect at Eniram, gives us a taste in the following text of an experience onboard a modern LNG tanker, from a couple of months ago, while explaining how these complex sea giants actually work.Liquefied gas is no joke. Imagine for a moment, that you’re running or cycling with a can of soda in a backpack. When you shake the soda can, some of its content will vaporize as CO2 which increases the can’s internal pressure. A similar process occurs in a tank filled with LNG though the somewhat inert gas is replaced with a variety of different natural gases. This is called boil-off. The increasing pressure must be relieved by releasing gas from tank. Complex vessels need to be matched with sophisticated, yet easily-understood data-gathering solutions. The first step of the process is data integration. We collect data from all the various automated systems already installed onboard as well as from our own attitude sensors. In addition, we receive readings from other equipment located on the bridge or in the cargo control room. Rough seas are part of the game. These type of sea states can act like that can of soda in your backpack, jostling the cargo about, increasing the pressure in the tanks. As luck would have it on our trip, we encountered not one but two typhoons. Typhoon Francisco and Lekima kept the officers and crew on their toes but the ship was able to ride out the storms without any problems. Some of the excess gas was used in the engines. The rest got reliquified. Older LNG ships would have had a harder time in this type of situation, and would possibly just burn the fuel without utilizing it. This deep integration is necessary in order to obtain the highest level of accuracy regarding the ship’s physical behavior. For example, we can typically see how offset a speed log is, or the reading errors of an anemometer. This is essential in order to truly understand the actual performance of a ship. Once all the sensors and variables are integrated, both the onboard and onshore systems are automatically synchronized. This is the second step of the process. We use onboard and onshore dedicated calculation servers to improve the accuracy of the optimums we provide. For example, during our installation, the weather certainly didn’t help us get to the next port any sooner. Officers and engineers aboard a LNG ship are already extremely busy people. They need to get their hands on real-time, user-friendly data derived from the vessel’s systems as well as accurate individual metrics. Maximizing fuel efficiency shouldn’t take over other tactical in-the-moment decisions, in order to keep sailing as safely as possible with their strategic cargo. The third step of the process is the actual data-crunching in order to provide the optimum guidelines you would typically see on the display. Eniram, June 19, 2014 However, the integrated system enabled us to quickly and easily devise a very good approximation of our ETA, taking into account all the effects of the rough weather and its energy cost. Engineers could then very well use our prediction regarding the required energy necessary to reach port as close as possible to the original schedule. Modeling takes into account a wide variety of variables, such as fuel flow meters, navigation equipment, engines and reliquification plant usage. The speed profile, for example, needs automatic updates based on the latest current and wind data available onshore. No additional work is required from the navigation officer to import the data, and yet it is achievable in real-time. This also helps model its energy usage and the breakdown of where the energy is consumed. On an LNG vessel, there are countless systems, source of several hundreds of variables being use.last_img read more

Ombudsman Reappointed for Five Years

first_imgJustice Minister and Attorney General Cecil Clarke announced the reappointment of Nova Scotia Ombudsman Dwight Bishop for five years today, Oct. 21. “Nova Scotians are well served by a person of Mr. Bishop’s integrity and qualifications,” said Mr. Clarke. “He has demonstrated a level of professionalism in the office and we look forward to a continuation of his high standard of service.” The ombudsman is an independent officer of the House of Assembly, and reports to the legislature through the Office of the Speaker. Provincial legislation allows for an automatic renewal of the ombudsman’s contract. Mr. Bishop is a former member of the RCMP. He is a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and a board member of the Nova Scotia division of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. He is an executive member of the forum of the Canadian Ombudsman and a member of the Parliamentary Ombudsman Association. Any person or group, with a complaint against a provincial or municipal government department, agency, board or commission, can ask for the ombudsman’s assistance. The office has an expanded focus relating to youth and seniors. The ombudsman also has responsibilities under the Civil Service Disclosure of Wrongdoing Regulations. More information on the Office of the Ombudsman, including the office’s business plan, is available on the website at .last_img read more

Study on America First attitudes Trump fans hate NAFTA not trade with

first_imgWASHINGTON – While trade tensions between the countries might be rising, a new study suggests Americans hold an overwhelmingly positive view of the commercial relationship with Canada and that the opinion is a rare matter of partisan consensus, shared by people warm, cold, and ambivalent towards President Donald Trump.The finding was embedded in a study presented in Washington on Monday, the same day the U.S. pushed ahead an international case against Canadian wine rules, and a week after massive duties were slapped on Bombardier planes.The annual survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs measured opinions on the president’s so-called America First policies and found dramatic splits on a series of international issues, where core Trump supporters were isolated from other Republicans, Independents and Democrats.But trade with Canada was an exception.No less than 79 per cent of U.S. respondents said Canada trades fairly with their country — with that feeling shared by self-identified core Trump supporters (73 per cent), Trump-skeptical Republicans (75 per cent), Independents (79 per cent), and Democrats (83 per cent).That was warmer than views on trade with Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and significantly higher than for trade with the other country now involved in renegotiating NAFTA: only 47 per cent expressed the same attitude about Mexico.Results on NAFTA point to a broader pattern of the survey.While 53 per cent agreed NAFTA was good for the economy, the breakdown showed 70 per cent of Democrats agreeing, along with 49 per cent of Republicans who were less enthusiastic on Trump, and just 20 per cent of self-described staunch Trump supporters agreeing.It’s a pattern that repeated itself on other international issues where it was Trump’s core supporters versus the majority of the country. The president of the Chicago pegged the core Trump supporters at 25 to 30 per cent — he said they consistently see world issues differently from the rest of the country.“{(That’s the) striking finding overall,” said Ivo Daalder, president of the Chicago Council, presenting the findings at Washington’s Wilson Center on Monday.“There are differences between Democrats, and Republicans, and Independents, but those differences are all much smaller than the differences between them and the core Trump supporters. That’s the key. ‘America First’ is resonating with those who have a highly favourable view of the president.”But he said that view is not winning majority support in the country.In fact, the annual study found what it called a record level of support for international trade — with 78 per cent of respondents calling trade good for American consumers, 72 per cent called it good for the economy, and 57 per cent called it good for job-creation.Democratic respondents were most pro-trade, and Republicans most negative — a disconnect from the pattern in the U.S. Congress, where the Republican leadership is pro-trade and the Democratic leadership is somewhat aligned with Trump’s trade-skepticism.“There are two wings in each party. And there have been for years,” said Jane Harman, a former legislator who calls herself a pro-trade Democrat, and now heads the Wilson Center.“It has been always difficult — certainly more difficult in the last 10 years — to put those wings together to get support for trade agreements.”The turbulence on trade has been especially noticeable lately.The U.S. government touts a 48 per cent increase from last year in anti-dumping and countervailing cases initiated by the Department of Commerce. It just announced 220-per-cent duties against Bombardier, following a complaint from Boeing.On Monday, the U.S. filed a second complaint with the World Trade Organization against Canada over British Columbia rules favouring domestic wines on store shelves, which is the subject of a long-standing complaint that began under the Obama administration, which also alleged the rules were discriminatory.The countries have just completed their third round of NAFTA negotiations. Insiders briefed on the substance of recent rounds say the countries have encountered a series of early irritants, pointing to tough negotiating ahead.The Chicago Council surveyed 2,020 Americans and found:—Strong majority support for NATO (69 per cent). Most respondents (59 per cent) agreed the U.S. should remain committed even if other countries don’t boost defence spending, although the most pro-Trump respondents felt differently (38 per cent said stay).—On immigration, 76 per cent favoured allowing millions of undocumented people to stay in the U.S. Only 22 per cent said they should be forced to leave. Core Trump supporters were the least favourable — 54 per cent said stay, 45 per cent leave.—On climate change, 62 per cent said the U.S. should remain in the Paris agreement, including 53 per cent of non-Trump Republicans versus 23 per cent of Trump Republicans.last_img read more

First Nation hockey team competes in firstever allgirls tournament in Ottawa

first_imgAnnette Francis APTN NewsWhat started as a pipe dream became a reality for an all-girls hockey team from Fort Hope First Nation.The Rez Girls travelled to Ottawa to compete in their first-ever all-girls pee wee tournament on Friday.“I think they did amazing,” said Rebecca Jerome, the team’s coach and a teacher in the fly-in community. “They had a rough start but they were able to get comfortable with the ice and were working together and talking to each other on the ice and the best thing was them supporting each other especially their goalie.”Jerome has been working with the 16-member team since September to get to them to the nation’s capital.For many of the girls, it was their first trip beyond the Thunder Bay area, and it wasn’t just about hockey. They had the chance to tour Ottawa, including Parliament Hill and the Canadian Museum of History.Allison Norman, the team’s general manager, says it took a lot to bring the team on this trip.The girls started fundraising through businesses and corporations, but when word got out the generosity flowed. The team received donations from the community of Markham for the jerseys, plus donations of quilts, backpacks, hockey equipment and food.Steve and Katie Koopman, of Kingston, launched a GoFundMe page, to help take the team to an Ottawa Senators game.Steve Koopman says the page has raised more than $10,000 – far beyond the initial $3,000 goal.“We’re already trying to get them a little bit of a jump toward next year’s tournament or even assisting with equipment in the future,” he said.last_img read more

Justice ministers push feds for answers on support for pot legalization

first_imgVANCOUVER – Canada’s justice ministers are asking for clarity and support as they scramble to organize and police an entirely new marijuana industry in fewer than 10 months.British Columbia Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said he hopes this week’s meeting between federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and her provincial and territorial counterparts will provide more answers about how the Canadian government intends to make good on its plans to legalize pot by summer 2018.“Obviously, I think the July time frame is a challenge,” he said. “But right now that’s the timeline, that’s the time frame that we’re working towards.”The justice ministers began two days of meetings in Vancouver on Thursday. Besides pot, the agenda includes discussions around how the justice system deals with people who don’t disclose their HIV status to their sexual partners and the fallout from a Supreme Court of Canada decision that puts a time limit on how long it takes to prosecute a criminal charges.Manitoba Justice Minister Heather Stefanson said in a statement that her government wants more clarity on how the Canadian government intends to support provinces in implementing The Cannabis Act.Stefanson stressed the importance of developing proper policy to address road safety and enforcement, regardless of the regulatory regime.“Our primary concern regarding the legalization of marijuana is the health and safety of Manitobans,” she said. “The federal government must recognize that rushing into something of this magnitude presents tremendous risks.”Ontario Justice Minister Yasir Naqvi described the deadline as tight but added that his province is working diligently to be ready by July 1, 2018.Ontario became the first province to make public its plans for legalized cannabis last week, unveiling the outline of a regulatory system that restricts sales to stores operated by its own liquor board.“The timeline is fast approaching and we have not been wasting our time, fully recognizing that a lot of work has to be done,” Naqvi said.He added that Ontario developed its plan following extensive consultations and that other provinces and territories will have to find their own way.The federal government has come under fire for what appears to be a hands-off approach to regulating the sale and policing of marijuana once it becomes legal.Brian Patterson, head of the public safety group Ontario Safety League, said he is shocked by the federal government’s commitment to an unrealistic deadline that is politically motivated and will put Canadians at risk.The group released a position paper earlier this month titled “Too Far, Too Fast,” urging the government to slow down and consult more extensively with police forces, health agencies and provincial governments.“Before you open the pool you better check the chlorine levels and know what’s going on. And we’re just opening the pools because it’s Canada Day,” Patterson said.“Spitballing in the dark seems to be the method being used to stick to that date.”Patterson also criticized the absence of scientific evidence to back some of the federal government’s positions, such as allowing 18 year olds to smoke when health professionals have said exposure to marijuana can negatively impact developing brains in people as old as 25.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said repeatedly it is important to act quickly to get marijuana out of the hands of youth, who he says have easier access to weed than beer.Youth health experts urged a House of Commons health committee earlier this week to develop extensive prevention and public-education campaigns focusing on the harmful effect of marijuana, warning that stronger regulations alone will be ineffective in deterring kids from smoking pot.Representatives from several law enforcement agencies warned the federal government that there was zero chance police would be ready in time to enforce new laws for legalized pot.— Follow @gwomand on Twitterlast_img read more

Section of 100 Street near 103 Avenue to be closed this week

first_imgLocal traffic only will be permitted between 102 Avenue and 103 Avenue northbound on 100 Street.The city is reminding drivers and pedestrians to obey all construction signage, the instruction of flaggers, and reduce speed to keep workers safe.Construction is expected to be completed this week.For more information, and for further updates, you can visit the City of Fort St. John’s Facebook page. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Starting Wednesday, August 21, a section of 100 street will be closed as the City starts construction on the storm sewer system near 103 Avenue.According to the City, during construction, 100 Street at 103 Avenue will be closed to northbound traffic, with only one lane of southbound traffic available.The city says the sidewalk on the east side of 100 Street will also be closed between 102Avenue and 103 Avenue.last_img read more

MDP youth wing President arrested

“Shauna is well known internationally for her non-violent pro-democracy work and for her climate change advocacy, and was featured in the film THE ISLAND PRESIDENT, about former President Nasheed’s first year in office,” Ghafoor said.She also had interactions with the Sri Lankan media after Nasheed resigned from the Presidency in February this year and later claimed he was forced to resign. Shauna was recently received at meetings with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, the United Nations and the Indian government as part of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s diplomatic delegation to the U.S. and India. Ghafoor said that the MDP is deeply concerned for Shauna’s safety, due to the documented abuses of other detainees held in police custody since the coup d’etat on 7 February. The MDP calls upon the government of the Republic of Maldives for her immediate release. Maldivian opposition Democratic Party (MDP) Youth Wing President and Policy Secretary Shauna Aminath was arrested in Male this evening and is currently being held in police custody in the Dhoonidhoo detention island.Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, the MDP spokesperson for International Affairs, told the Colombo Gazette in an email that at this time the charges against her are unknown. read more

CBSL says latest Moodys ratings unwarranted

“In fact, based on satisfactory programme performance, the Sri Lankan authorities and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reached staff-level agreement following the fifth review of the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) programme on 26 October 2018, and the agreement was to be announced on 29 October 2018. The programme discussions are currently on hold, pending clarity on the political situation,” CBSL said in a statement. These investments would be sourced through enhanced credit lines for state banks from the Middle East and East Asia, together with remittance and tourism related inflows. In addition, the US dollars 500 million enhancement, in February 2019, to the syndicated loan obtained from CDB is also on track. This means that by February 2019 more than USD 2 bn will be mobilized. This would more than cover all the ISB payments due in 2019. In addition the buffer can be further built up through USD 600 mn expected as disbursements from bilateral and multilateral agencies during next year.Meanwhile, domestic financing conditions have shown considerable improvement through spaces created and debt management strategies introduced recently. This has reduced the roll-over requirement of Treasury bonds and SLDBs in 2019, 2020 and in the medium-term. The Treasury bond maturities, which amounted to over Rs. 600 billion in 2018, are lower in 2019 and 2020, amounting to around Rs. 450 billion and Rs. 290 billion, respectively. Similarly, SLDB maturities, which amounted to around US dollars 2.3 billion in 2018, have also been reduced to around US dollars 0.62 billion and US dollars 0.82 billion in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Further, the new acquisition of government securities by the banking sector has increased by only 1.5 per cent in 2018 as against the trend increase of around 5 per cent in recent years. These developments along with resource availability among institutional investors highlight the substantial space that exists to meet financing requirements from the domestic market. Continued fiscal consolidation, particularly with the positive primary balance and the Active Liability Management initiatives, are expected to further strengthen the government’s fiscal operations in 2019 and in the medium term.Given these parameters, the CBSL is of the view that the recent rating action by Moody’s is unwarranted. Such an action only on the premise of heightened political uncertainty, with no evidence of slippages in macroeconomic policies, cannot be justified. These measures will further strengthen the country’s foreign reserve adequacy, and would enable timely servicing of external obligations while intervening cautiously in the foreign exchange market to prevent a disorderly adjustment of the exchange rate. In addition, the fiscal and macro prudential measures that are already in place are expected to result in an improvement in the external trade balance as well, thus reducing pressure on external reserves and the exchange rate.Arrangements have already been made to ensure Sri Lanka’s track record of meeting debt obligations on time is sustained. In order to meet the Government’s external liabilities of International Sovereign Bond (ISB) maturities of US dollars 1 billion in January 2019 and US dollars 500 million in April 2019, the authorities have already built a buffer fund from proceeds of the divestment of Hambantota port and the syndicated loan of China Development Bank (CDB).The space provided under the Active Liability Management initiative not exceeding a limit of Rs. 310 billion also provides for building required buffers and spaces to meet future debt service payments.In addition, the issuance of Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs) of around US dollars 750 million to US dollars 1 billion during the remainder of the year and in early 2019 is now at an advanced stage of completion. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) is of the view that the decision by Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) on 20 November 2018 to downgrade the Government of Sri Lanka’s foreign currency issuer and senior unsecured ratings from B1 (Negative) to B2 (Stable) does not properly reflect the country’s macroeconomic fundamentals, and therefore unwarranted.The CBSL said that Sri Lanka’s macroeconomic position has neither deteriorated nor has there been any policy slippage since Moody’s last rating decision in July 2018, in spite of the recent developments in the country’s political sphere. CBSL said that Sri Lanka’s current level of gross official reserves (GOR) amounting to US dollars 7.2 billion is sufficient for the country to meet its external debt obligations in the period ahead. In addition, as a precautionary measure, the CBSL has initiated negotiations with central banks of friendly nations with regard to obtaining foreign currency SWAP facilities of sizable amounts. read more

Weekly Summary Corporate dividends name changes new listings

NEW YORK — Changes announced in corporate dividends Sep. 16-Sep. 20.INCREASED DIVIDENDSAmerican Tower Corp .95 from .92BRT Apartments .22 from .20Great Southern Bancorp .34 from .32Ingredion Inc .63 from .623Mackinac Financial .14 from .12Masco Corp .135 from .12Microsoft Corp .51 from .46TTEC Holdings .32 from .30OTHER CORPORATE NEWS AND LISTINGS:Stock Splits This WeekViveve Medical Inc 1 for 100 reverse splitACQUISITIONS AND MERGERSMINIMUM VALUE $350 MILLIONChesapeake Lodging Trust – Park Hotels and Resorts Inc (2.7B)Speedway Motorsports Inc – Sonic Financial Corp (800M)Total System Services Inc – Global Payment Inc (21.5B)Tribune Media Company – Nexstar Media Group Inc (6.4B)NEW STOCK LISTINGSNYSEBank of America pfd NCapital One Financial Corp pfd IEnvista Holdings Corp (IPO)Fortress Transport & Infra Investors LLC pfd APing Indentity Holding Corp (IPO)Public Storage 4.875pc pfd INASDAQ GLOBAL AND GLOBAL SELECT MARKETSDatadog Inc (IPO)Exagen IncPennant Group Inc (The)STOCKS REMOVED FROM TRADINGNYSEBT Group plcNASDAQ GLOBAL AND GLOBAL SELECT MARKETSChina TechFaith Wireless Communications Tech Ltd ADSCORPORATE NAME CHANGESFamous Dave’s of America Inc to BBQ Holdings IncThe Associated Press read more

Security Council urges all parties in Burundi conflict to cease fighting

“Members of the Council reiterate their strong support for the Arusha Agreement as the basis for the resolution of the conflict in Burundi and are united in the belief that there is no military solution to the conflict,” the current Council President, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury of Bangladesh, told the press. “Armed groups should not pursue their agenda through violent means.”In a press statement following the Council’s meeting on Burundi, Ambassador Chowdhury said the Council members also encouraged the dialogue between the Government and the rebels and called upon the countries in the region to use their influence to bring the armed groups into the peace process. They endorsed the findings of the Council’s mission to Burundi, and repeated their call on the Forces for National Liberation and Forces for the Defence of Democracy to enter into the Arusha process and refrain from any violent action. Members of the Council noted the progress made in advancing the peace process at the session of the Implementation Monitoring Committee in Arusha from 28 May to 4 June. They also reiterated their full support for Nelson Mandela, the Facilitator of the Arusha process, and regional initiatives to bring peace to the troubled central African country. read more

Liberia UN airlifts first of two Nigerian battalions to wartorn capital

Despite inclement weather in the Liberian capital of Monrovia, a total of 142 troops and their equipment had been deployed to Robertsfield airport from Freetown, Sierra Leone, where they had been a part of the UN Mission in that country, known as UNAMSIL. The Nigerian troops are to form part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) force that will police implementation of a recent ceasefire agreement between the Liberian Government and the country’s two main rebel factions, the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy and Elections in Liberia (MODEL). In a press briefing today at UN Headquarters in New York, Hédi Annabi, Assistant Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations, told reporters that the airlift would continue over the coming days and, barring any unforeseen development, was expected to be completed by 17 August. Two months of nearly non-stop fighting between Liberian rebels and government forces has devastated Monrovia. Countless civilians have been killed or wounded and hundreds of thousands of others have streamed into the capital seeking refuge from the fighting. Many have been living in the streets with little if any access to clean water, sanitation and food. UN agencies have called the conditions “horrific” and say the city is now in the grips of a cholera epidemic. Last Friday, the UN Security Council authorized the establishment of a multinational force to support implementation of the ceasefire, as well as a follow-on UN stabilization force. Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomed the move, saying, “Now that this resolution has passed…I would hope that when the multinational force gets there, it will bring some hope and relief to the Liberian people as we prepare to deploy a UN peacekeeping operation.” Mr. Annabi said Monday the deployment of the second Nigerian battalion and its equipment – to be transported by the United States – was scheduled to begin around 15 August. The UN, through UNAMSIL, would sustain and provide logistical support to the two battalions for an initial period of 30 days until a contractor, with the support of the US, took over, he said. He pointed out that because of the ongoing downsizing of UNAMSIL, instead of being redeployed to the world body’s logistics base at Brindisi, Italy, some of the Mission’s assets were now being redeployed to Liberia. Mr. Annabi said that in anticipation of Friday’s action by the Council, preparation had already begun for the follow-on peacekeeping force. As was usually the case in such situations, preparations were also underway to send a technical survey mission to Monrovia as soon as security conditions permitted. In addition, the UN was in touch with potential contributors to that follow-on peacekeeping force and would soon be meeting with them to firm up all arrangements for their deployment and ascertain exactly what countries were prepared to participate and what assets and equipment they were prepared to offer. Also as part of the planning process, an Integrated Task Force (ITF) on Liberia was being established and was expected to hold its first meeting this week under the chairmanship of Jacques Paul Klein, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Liberia. Video of the press briefing read more

Takeaway boss has twoyear manslaughter sentence overturned after death of schoolgirl with

Three leading judges allowed an appeal by Kuddus, of Belper Street, Blackburn, ruling that his manslaughter conviction “cannot stand”. Sir Brian Leveson, announcing the decision, said Megan’s order, including the comment about nuts and prawns, was seen by Rashid.There was “no evidence” that the order printout or comments on her order were “seen by or passed on to” Kuddus.Sir Brian said: “The difficulty with the approach in this case was that it was not suggested that the appellant was armed with notice that Megan fell into the category of those in respect of whom a reasonable person in the position of the appellant could have foreseen an obvious and serious risk of death by serving the food that he did.”He knew nothing of the allergy which she had declared.”In those circumstances, the conviction for gross negligence manslaughter cannot stand.”Although the appeal judges overturned Kuddus’ conviction, Sir Brian warned: “There is now a general awareness of the potential risks to those who suffer from allergies and, as a result, it should be understood that the courts will rigorously scrutinise the way in which restaurants discharge the duty of care that they owe such customers.”But Sir Brian said that the case against Kuddus, who spoke little English and had only taken over the restaurant from Rashid the previous year, “in circumstances in which Mr Rashid continued to manage it”, was based “solely upon his failure to introduce appropriate systems at a time when he knew nothing of prospective customers’ allergies”, and there was “no evidence that he was at any stage notified of Megan’s allergy”. Rashid, of Rudd Street, Haslingden, was jailed for a total of three years.He was found guilty of manslaughter, and also convicted of failing to discharge a general duty of employers, contrary to the Health and Safety at Work Act, and another count of failing to put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures in contravention of European Union food safety regulations.He received concurrent jail terms of six months and four months for those offences.Kuddus admitted those charges and was given concurrent sentences of five months and three months.Sir Brian said no application had been made for a retrial against him on the manslaughter charge. A takeaway boss found guilty of the manslaughter of a schoolgirl who suffered an allergic reaction to a meal containing peanut proteins has won an appeal against his conviction.Mohammed Abdul Kuddus was handed a two-year jail sentence in November over the death of 15-year-old Megan Lee, who died from an asthma attack after eating food from the Royal Spice in her home town of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.But Court of Appeal judges, sitting in London on Thursday, quashed his “unsafe” conviction for gross negligence manslaughter.Nut allergy sufferer Megan and a friend ordered a meal online from the takeaway using the Just Eat website on December 30 2016, and wrote “prawns, nuts” in the comments section of the webpage.Despite that, the food delivered, including a seekh kebab and a Peshwari naan, contained peanut proteins.Megan suffered a severe allergic reaction and died in hospital two days later on New Year’s Day 2017.A Home Office pathologist concluded her death was caused by a fatal asthma attack precipitated by an allergic reaction to nuts.Kuddus, the sole director of the takeaway, who also worked there as a chef, was convicted of manslaughter by a jury at Manchester Crown Court in October last year, along with manager Harun Rashid, who had previously sold the business to him. Mohammed Abdul Kuddus (left) and Harun Rashid (right)Credit:Cavendish Press/Ricky Champagne Mohammed Abdul Kuddus (left) and Harun Rashid (right) Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

WCh 2015 Russia beat Norway – Two derby matches without winners

← Previous Story Kielce win in Barcelona! Next Story → EHF CL: PICK Szeged still nightmare for the Lions! Here are the complete results of the Women’s World Championship 2015 – Day 1 in DENMARK.GROUP A:Montenegro-Serbia 28:28Hungary-Tunisia 39:20Denmark-Japan 30:21GROUP B:Netherlands-China 42:21Cuba-Poland 22:27Sweden-Angola 37:23GROUP C:Argentina-DR Congo 23:15France-Germany 30:20Brazil-South Korea 24:24GROUP D:Romania-Puerto Rico 47:14Spain-Kazakhstan 31:10Norway-Russia 25:26 Women’s World Championship 2015

Furious Serbs smash Poles in Gdansk

Fantastic performance of the Serbian national team in Polish city of Gdansk – 37:32 (20:14). Serbs,led by new coach Jovica Cvetkovic, played best match in the last few years enough to outplay the fourth team from the Olympic Games in Rio.Match began with numerous counter-attacks on Serbian side, which led Balkan guys to 11:3 after 14 minutes. Poles only came on 22:18 in 37th minute, but that was the smallest gap between two teams…POLAND – SERBIA 32:37 (14:20)POLAND: Vyszomirski, Schmal – Bielecki 6, T. Gebala 5, Dasek 4, Lijewski 3, Jachlewski 3, Nogovski 2, Łyžva 2, Kus 2, Przybylski 2, Dacko 1, Jurkiewicz 1, Syprzak 1, Gierak.SRBIJA: Milić, Arsić – Nenadić 10, Đukić 7, Stojković 7, Zelenović 6, Ilić 3, Šešum 3, Abutović 1, Marković, Rnić, Radivojević. ← Previous Story Xavi Pascual about win in Belarus: Romanians can be proud on this team Next Story → ROAD TO CROATIA 2018: Clear wins of favorites read more

Married couple found dead in house on Galway Mayo border

first_img Short URL By Sinead O’Carroll Source: Eamonn FarrellUpdated 21.39THE BODIES OF a man and woman have been discovered at a house near Irishtown, County Mayo.Gardaí confirmed they have been in attendance at a scene close to the Galway border this evening.The couple have been named locally this evening as Tom and Kitty Fitzgerald. A married couple, Tom was in his 70s and Kitty was in her 60s.Tom Fitzgerald is understood to have been heavily involved in local voluntary organisations.It is understood a third person – a man in his late 30s – has been taken to hospital and is being treated for injuries.At present, it’s also understood that gardaí are keeping an open mind regarding the investigation.“Gardaí are investigating all the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the bodies of a man, late 70s and a woman, mid 60s at a house in Irishtown this afternoon shortly after 3pm,” a spokesperson for the force said this evening.A man in his late 30s was also discovered at the scene with serious injuries. He was taken to Galway University Hospital.“The Office of the State Pathologist has been notified and the bodies of the deceased remain at scene which has been preserved for technical examination,” they added.Additional reporting Cianan BrennanFirst published 18.08Read: Kinahan associate ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson arrested in DublinRead: Emergency services at the scene of apartment fire in Clongriffin Married couple found dead in house on Galway / Mayo border The couple have been named locally as Tom and Kitty Fitzgerald. Share155 Tweet Email3 136,991 Views Nov 1st 2016, 9:35 PM 45 Comments Tuesday 1 Nov 2016, 9:35 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Illuminer lintérieur des cellules grâce à une protéine

first_imgIlluminer l’intérieur des cellules grâce à une protéineUne équipe de scientifique a créé une molécule qui est capable d’éclairer les cellules vivantes de l’intérieur. La lumière turquoise alors émise permettra d’étudier les interactions existantes entre les protéines intracellulaires.Depuis les années 1910, grâce à des CFP (protéines fluorescentes cyan), il est possible d’observer des processus auparavant invisibles, comme le développement des cellules nerveuses dans le cerveau ou la propagation des cellules cancéreuses dans le corps. Toutefois, le signal de fluorescence restait faible puisqu’il ne convertissait que 36% de la lumière bleue incidente en lumière cyan. Mais ce problème a été résolu grâce à l’équipe dirigée par Antoine Royant de l’Institut de Biologie Structurale (CNRS/CEA/Université Joseph Fourier) et les chercheurs des Universités d’Amsterdam et d’Oxford et de l’ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility). À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Il a fallu pour cela comprendre comment les CFP stockent l’énergie incidente avant de la réémettre sous forme de lumière fluorescente. Ce sont tout d’abord les équipes de Grenoble et d’Oxford qui, grâce aux rayons X du synchrotron ESRF, ont décelé d’infimes détails permettant d’expliquer le phénomène. Ce sont donc différents atomes individuels à l’intérieur des CFP qui sont responsables de la fluorescence et les chercheurs sont parvenus à identifier la partie de la molécule qui avait besoin d’être modifiée pour augmenter le signal de fluorescence. De son côté, l’équipe d’Amsterdam dirigée par le Professeur Theodorus Gadella s’est servie d’une technique de criblage innovante pour étudier des centaines de molécules CFP modifiées. Comme le rapporte le CNRS, les chercheurs ont mesuré leur durée de vie de fluorescence au microscope, afin d’identifier les protéines dont les propriétés avaient été améliorées. La publication parue hier dans la revue Nature Communications indique que le résultat de ces études combinées a permis au final de concevoir une nouvelle CFP, appelée mTurquoise2. Les résultats des tests effectués montrent un niveau de fluorescence de 93%, jamais atteint jusqu’ici pour ce type de protéine. Grâce à cette haute sensibilité, les scientifiques pourront désormais étudier les réactions rapides qui ont lieu à l’intérieur des cellules vivantes. Par cette nouvelle approche basée sur la connaissance de la dynamique structurale de la protéine, les chercheurs espèrent maintenant concevoir des protéines fluorescentes améliorées avec des couleurs différentes pour d’autres applications.Le 22 mars 2012 à 19:35 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Armed robbers fatally shoot patron inside Miami pawn shop

first_imgOne man, officials said, smashed casings and grabbed jewelry while the other subject took aim at a man in his 60s before opening fire. “The victim that died on the scene received one gunshot wound,” said City of Miami Police Officer Kenia Fallat.The subjects then fled the scene in what may have been a red SUV driven by a third subject. “A red SUV was seen fleeing from the area in the northbound area, on 17th Avenue, just minutes after the robbery took place,” Fallat said.“I stopped there when I heard all the commotion from the police,” said witness Luz Rodriguez. “Then, I stopped and looked that way, and they were running in there.”Miami Police went through security cameras near the building in hopes of finding a new clue. “There is surveillance video that may have captured the images from beginning to end, so that’s something detectives are looking at,” Fallat said.If you have any information on this shooting and robbery, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. MIAMI (WSVN) – Police continue to search for two armed suspects, who fatally shot a man inside a Miami pawn shop, Thursday.Police said two men stormed into Value Joyeria y Prestamos, located at 717 S.W. 17th Ave., and shot a patron during a robbery of the store.The patron, a man in his 60s, was shopping for a television at the time with his friend. The victim died on the scene.The medical examiner arrived on the scene Thursday night as detectives continued to track down the shooter.City of Miami Police worked well into the night.“We had heard a gunshot, and we ran over,” said Gamal Baez, a nearby store owner. “People know they have money. Unfortunately, they’re at a disadvantage to these crooks and these thieves.”Police officers rushed to the pawn shop after an alarm went off, at 1:30 p.m. They said the store was filled with customers and employees at the time of the shooting. last_img read more