Northern BC man dies while testing a piece of pipe

first_imgIt took nearly a month but, WorkSafe BC has released some of the details surrounding a pipeline testing accident in this region. To a large extent we now have answers to the what, why and how questions associated with the accident but we’re still lacking specifics on who, where and when. Now we understand the name of the victim has been withheld, at the request of the family and that has and will continue to be honored. According to the WorkSafe release, two unidentified workers were involved, somewhere in Northern BC, and the incident occurred sometime in December. It also says the two workers had just completed, a hydrostatic test, on two, 16 inch pipeline cleaning pig traps, when one of the workers, closed a valve to isolate the piping being tested, from the recording device and the pressure gauge. – Advertisement -The release goes on to say, the lines to the recording equipment and gauge were removed and, the worker then began to remove the testing connection from the value using a pipe wrench. However, instead of the testing connection unthreading, from the valve the valve unthreated from the pipe nipple connecting the valve to the pig traps which were still pressurized. As a result of the pressure, the worker was then struck and injured by the test piping and valve and he died several days later in hospital.last_img

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