Nimba Arson Death Toll Reaches 4, Perpetrator Still at Large

first_imgAt least four persons have now died from the arson incident which occurred late last month in the Nimba County bordering town called Loguatuo.One person died on the spot while three were on the critical list, but two days after they were taken to the hospital, one of them died, bringing the death toll to two.Last weekend the balance two who were very critical,  including the little child, died,  bringing the total death toll now to four.The location of the perpetrator, Arthur Duan, is  yet to be known since his escape after he set the house ablaze with children asleep in it.  Unconfirmed sources, however, suggest that he might have cross over into the Ivory Coast.What actually led to this man set his children at blaze is yet to be established, but some unconfirmed report reaching the Daily Observer say that, the wife, Rebecca Duan, has been refusing the man in bed making the man to believe that she was engaged in extra marital affair.But police early quoted the lady of saying that since she and the man got together as husband and wife, the man had always been complaining about the children.An angry man, believed to be his late 30s, on the 26th of September 2014 set his house containing four children ablaze in the Nimba County bordering town of Loguatuo. The children were all rushed to the Ganta Hospital, but one subsequently died after a few days, while the other two were critical.The perpetrator, Arthur Duan,  met Rebecca Duan when she already had four children before they got married in April this year.On Saturday, 25th September 2014, the man bought gasoline while his wife was out sleeping with friend, sprinkled the gasoline on the belongings in the house, and while the children were in bed sleeping, locked the door on them and at about 1 a.m. on 26th September 2014, he set the house ablaze and then fled to an unknown destination.The screaming of the children and the blazing fire awoke the residents from bed and they began applying some rescue efforts, but because the door was locked, they find their way through the window and rescued the smaller children,  leaving one of children, 12 year-old boy, identified as Timothy Newah, losing his life instantly. Benda Luo, Mercy Luo and their youngest sister sustained serious injuries  and they later died at the hospital.The behavior of the man brought great shock among residents of Nimba and close relatives, with many saying Arthur Duan had never been in a fight with anyone before then.  This caused them to wonder what led him to such desperation this time.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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