“The call from Florentino Pérez is the one that surprised me the most”

first_imgHow do you carry out so much change of city ?: “We have been changing cities a lot. He bought his house in Madrid when he came to Atlético.”Did you miss the benches ?: “He wanted to enjoy the grandchildren, but the last team he coached was three years ago. In China he really enjoyed it. He had many offers, but he didn’t want to train any more.”He was a very soccer man: “I don’t know if there is anyone in the world who watched more soccer games than him. There were times when he watched three games at once.”Thanks: “At this moment I am at a loss for words to thank all the expressions of affection. I am sorry that he left so soon and that he could not be fired as he deserved. When all this happens, he will have the tribute and funeral he deserves.”Pantic: “Radomir’s house was open 24 hours”Along with Dusan Antic, he was also Milinko Pantic, player that his father signed for Atlético de Madrid and who was very close to the Serbian coach personally.Pain after loss: “I lack words to describe what he has done for me, thanks to him my family and I are here. He was a very different person in everything, not only in soccer. He was very intelligent. Apart from a great coach, he was a great father and friend of Everyone. His house was open 24 hours for everyone. A happy guy who infected you. He had no enemies. “First contact with Antic: “We met in ’85 in the Partizán. He was a scout and I played as in Segunda B here. Thanks to him, the Partizán signed me. We had a friendship of many years.”Arrival at Atlético: “It was not an easy decision because he was very happy in Greece. He was a God there, although he was a small team. It was a challenge when he called me. I wanted to work with him. We met a bit late but he could not sign me for Zaragoza Perhaps it would have been better to arrive for me with four years younger, but I think I did what he asked. “What do you miss most in the absence of the mister ?: “I am missing everything from the mister. We were very close. The last time we were with him was December 19, but I have been many times with him in the hospital until he entered the ICU. I was convinced that he was going to save himself, because it was not a disease to die for, although it was serious. Then it got a little complicated and it is a shame because it left us very soon. He was a person who never complained of pain. I never heard him say this or that hurts me Once he injured his ankle and he could not foul with me and it was the only time I heard him and it was because he could not foul. “Role in Atlético: “He was a very smart guy. He knew how far he could go. He had it clear, I sent him a video with my goals and he was clear that he wanted this type of player to supply balls to Kiko and Penev. He worked using his head, but things in life, I scored my most important goal with my head “. Dusan Antic, son of the recently deceased Radomir Antic, passed this Wednesday by the microphones of The Stringer of the SER Chain to talk about the figure of his father, the only coach who has trained Atlético, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​among others. Were you surprised by the love for your father ?: “The displays of affection have been incredible and from everywhere, not only from fans, but also from other types of people. I lack words to thank the words they have had towards my father. It would be unfair to mention some and not others. My father He was sick, but it didn’t seem serious. He was improving a lot, but he got a bacterium that is only found in hospitals and it left us in two days. “Any calls that especially surprised you ?: “I did not expect Florentino Perez to call me. He promised me that he would receive the Bernabéu recognition because it was Real Madrid’s history and he showed his affection to the whole family. He is very grateful. At first, when everything happened, Butragueño called and people who had more to do with my father. Ceferin sent a telegram to the family. We were also contacted by a lot of players, but it would be unfair to name just a few. “The emptiness that Radomir leaves: “You cannot imagine the incredible emptiness that has left us. We are at home with my mother, but my father has left a void that you cannot imagine. With my father we have gone to the Camp Nou or the Bernabéu and he never had problems with no fan. He stopped to sign autographs and take pictures. “Disease: “He had improved a lot, but they put him in the ICU to protect him from the coronavirus. They moved him and that made him feel bad and in two days he left us. He caught a bacteria on Saturday and on Monday he left. We couldn’t say goodbye to him as we wanted. “Atlético de Madrid: “I know that he had a great relationship with Enrique Cerezo and with many people from Atlético. When all this happens, I suppose they will contact us to do anything. My father would have been 25 years old as an Atlético partner this year. My father was of football, he has never said it belonged to any team. He really likes the new stadium, but the collapse of Calderón did not go well for him. “Milinko Pantic: “Pantic for him was not a footballer, it was as if he were his son. He always counted on him for all the events at home.”Was it very familiar ?: “He always had time for his grandchildren and said that it was a privilege to enjoy them. My children also went to see them play soccer, but less because I did not want to put pressure on them. I enjoyed the children very much. He was a better father than a coach, that’s for sure He went to all the Atlético matches with us because we are all partners. “last_img

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