Casemiro: “I wanted Neymar to come to Real Madrid”

first_imgWhat has improved the most?I don’t play the same now than at 21 when I arrived. The soccer player, until he retires, keeps learning, every day we learn a new lesson.It’s humble and simple, but now everyone talks about you and everyone talks well …I know the importance I have for this club and I know how important I am to Zidane, but I never forget where I come from. I never forget my neighborhood in Brazil, I don’t forget my family, my mother. Those are the values ​​that I take with me.Who was Morera?It was my first coach, with 5 or 6 years, who almost forced me to play. He gave me clothes, boots to play and let me play without paying, because we had no money. As a child I always liked to play football, no matter the position. For me the goal is to steal a ball and the Bernabéu celebrates it the same way.After playing a year with Ancelotti, he decided to leave for Porto. What was the use?I have a lot of love for Lopetegui, I think he is a great person and a great coach. In Madrid he did not go out because this is football and the results did not come, but for me he is a great coach. The simplest thing in football is to change the coach, but we know that the players are also guilty of everything that happens on the field.Do all the kids who arrive in Madrid recommend leaving on loan?I made the decision to leave and it went well, but everyone decides with their future. We trust all the players who are in the first team of Madrid.What changed after the defeat in Mallorca?The most beautiful thing about football is that, you don’t understand what happens.Did the fact that thieves came into the house with his wife and daughter inside him? Are you one of the players with the most carats in the team?We are all important, some play more than others, but we are all important … I notice that I have gallons because I am one of the three players who have played more this season … I want to play, I want to continue working. It is a sensitive issue that I cannot talk about. It was very sad.Tell me about Valverde.He is a great player but he is going to be much better than he is now. It is growing a lot. We have one of the best 8 in the world for the next 12 years.What happened to them in the Cup?In all the matches in which I am not suffering much. Zidane has always made it clear that we are all important here, and that is a very good mentality. I don’t think I missed that game. To win titles we have to be all prepared.Has Zidane evolved as a coach?Very much.He said he gives more credit to winning the League than the Champions League.It is that the League is what marks the regularity of the whole year. But when the Champions League anthem plays at the Bernabéu, Madrid is different. I prefer the Champions.Do you usually talk to Neymar?I speak almost every day with Neymar. Is a crack.Does he prefer to go to Barça?That has to ask him. I wanted him to come to Madrid.Do you prefer Neymar over Mbappé?They are two great players, but they are very different.Are you surprised by what is happening in Barça?I don’t know what’s going on at Barça … I have a friend there, Arthur, but I don’t know what’s going on there.Aren’t you going to end up very tired if you play the Copa América?I want to play, I am a soldier.How’s Hazard?It’s very good, of the players that surprised me the most, it has something that nobody has, thinks ahead of the rest and has a lot to give us.Is this Madrid stronger with four midfielders or with three strikers?We have to do well whatever the system.How about Bale leaving before the end of the game?I am a defender of Bale, he is a huge player. He only talks about things he does wrong, but he doesn’t talk about what he does well, the goals that have given us titles. What I do outside the field doesn’t matter to me. He is a great player.When he hears that Zidane has a flower …I laugh. He is making history. For us it is an honor to have him as a coach, he is the best.Would be eliminated before the City would be a failure?Madrid is always obliged to win.What do you think of Casillas being present at the Federation elections?I have had him as a partner and he is a great person. I wish you all the luck in the world.Would you introduce yourself to those in Brazil?I’m 27 years old … Now I can’t think about that.Who is the player that has impressed you the most?Marcelo and Hazard. In Brazil Coutinho, Neymar, Vinicius, Rodrygo … I play in the best team and the best team in the world.Why did you choose 14?By Guti and Xabi Alonso.Do you still miss Cristiano?How can we not miss a player like Cristiano … He is a great player.Will Vinicius end up triumphing at Real Madrid?Definitely. It is a great game to which we do not have to give so much responsibility. Last year was the best team with Benzema.And do you see Odegaard already in Madrid?Madrid has always believed in him and is having a great season. I have to congratulate him because he is doing an incredible year, but it is not for me to say if next year he has to play in Madrid. 14 When Zidane arrived, at first I put you less, he disappeared a little from the team … Has he changed a lot about that boy who came with 21 years?Zidane talked to me and gave me a lot of peace of mind. Now it’s different, I’m 27 years old, I have more games. But the desire to work and succeed in this club remains intact, I am increasingly looking forward to success here. Of course I am not the same as I came with 21 years, but that happens everywhere, not only in football, it happens in all professions, the experience is important.What do you think has made him take hold in Madrid?It’s a bit of everything, work, talent, humility. Especially the work, I think that when you work you get the results. Work is my strength.last_img

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