Hazard: “Zidane loves his players, the group is happy”

first_imgIs it an attraction? “After the 2018 World Cup I wanted to come to Madrid. Chelsea said no” Frankly, it does something. He has this power over me. It didn’t break my head in the whole Euro. He simply told me he was following me. “We will see you one day if you come to Madrid,” he said. It always stayed in my head.Humanly, what kind of coach is he?He does not talk too much. It is simple. Come talk to you before the game with a short sentence so you feel comfortable. The first two or three months were not as I wanted. He told me to stay calm. “Treat yourself,” he repeated. He is a normal guy. He doesn’t complain about anything. He goes straight to the point. He loves his players. Keep this emotional side. You feel that the group is happy that he is the coach. Even those who do not play. Is essential. This is where you see that he understands what the players feel because he was on this side.What does it give you?Our training is always with the ball. The pleasure of playing, especially. The movements, the parties … When you meet Italian coaches, like me (Conte, Sarri), you have much less pleasure. It is more framed, repetitive. You find pleasure in victory. I was three years with Italian trainers. Rediscovering this pleasure does me good.He signed for 100 million euros. Did you have an adrenaline rush during your presentation?I discovered another world. In Chelsea, one of the best clubs in the world, it was easier in the presentation. On the plane, when I came with my brothers, they asked me what I was going to do. “Be careful, if you fail, everyone will make fun of you!” Thorgan said. Even at Chelsea, they insisted: “We’re not going to watch your games, just your presentation!” When they asked me to speak …I had not prepared anything …Nothing at all. I thought to do something in Spanish. But since I don’t speak Spanish … It would have been seen. I wanted to be spontaneous. I said to myself: OK, in French. It is still a good memory.Despite his injury, he played half of the team’s matches …I did the whole preseason. Two or three days before the first game in Vigo I felt pain in my thigh. I often have pain before games. I thought it would happen. The next day, it was still. Zidane asks me if I want to get a scanner. The doctor insists. We do it and see a small injury. The coach did not want to take a risk at the start of the season. Once the wound was healed, I continued. But he had stopped three weeks. I had to find the rhythm. The first game against PSG was waiting for an easy match. And it went wrong. What does playing in Madrid represent?When you are little, you see this club as a dream. When you arrive, when you enter the buildings, there is security everywhere. The training center is already super large. The first time, I reached the other side by car. I drove two or three minutes to get to the players training center. I saw the fields. I never tried to count them. It was the players hotel. You tell yourself that if this club is so efficient, it is also thanks to these work tools. The best players, the weight of the story … You enter the locker room, you feel that the players are only there to win. You meet fans who tell you every day that you have to win the Champions League. It is a culture.Zidane was his model …We do not have the same style. Technically, it was above me. But what I like is that when you look at him, you have the impression that he always has fun, that makes others play. Soccer, for me, is nothing else. When I looked at Zidane, I never said to myself: he wants to dribble everyone, play just for him. I played for the team. I like those who have fun. I am not looking to shine. Of course, I am happy if I do, but this is not my goal.Did you seek to emulate Zidane gesturally?It was hard to copy it. But when you looked at their controls, their passes, it was elegant. Not only did he look at him. There was also Thierry Henry. My generation watched many YouTube videos. Then, I went to the garden to try to do the same thing as Zidane with my brothers, in a game. My attraction was to him, as an identification.It is a powerful, almost emotional relationship …I didn’t talk much with him. The first time was in the 2016 European Championship in France. He called me. He said: “It would be good if you came.” When Zidane calls you, it’s serious! He talked about his weight and said he had gained weight. It is true?It is true. I will not hide it. When I am on vacation, I am on vacation. He had taken five kilos in summer. I am one of those who catch quickly and lose fast if I pay attention. When he was 18, in Lille, he weighed 72 or 73 kilos. Then, when I gained muscle mass, I went to 75. On a bad day, 77. This summer I gained 80 kilos. I lost everything in ten days.How do you judge your start of the season?The only bad thing is the statistics. I scored once, gave an assistance and provoked a penalty (at the time of the interview). People just remember that. The first two months, what I proposed was not enough. I said to myself: I can do better. I really felt better after. I take the ball, bargain, accelerate and try to make others play well. I don’t do everything right, but I try. The first two months, I said to myself: you are new, be simple. And I tried to make too many passes. People expected me to dribble … Eden Hazard granted an interview to the magazine Sport / Foot Magazine in which he takes stock of his first months at Real Madrid. The Belgian player, who is still recovering from the microfissure in the ankle suffered after an entry from his countryman Meunier on November 26 against PSG, he said that Madrid is “a dream”, he acknowledged that he arrived with several kilos more and launched flowers to Zidane … Below we publish an excerpt from the interview.Was it his dream to play in Madrid?Yes, a dream. When I started playing in the home garden it was always the club I supported. Zidane was my idol. The stadium, when I saw it on television, was magical. The white shirt, impeccable, for me was exceptional. A myth. We often went on vacation, with family, to Spain. Never to Madrid. It is too far from Belgium by car. Everyone talked to me about Real when we were playing soccer on vacation. We were watching their matches.Did you get frustrated for not signing for Madrid?No, because throughout my career I have done very well where I have been. But it was logical to sign one day for this club. I could have signed there before.center_img “Madrid told Mariano:” You have to give Eden the 7 “. Why didn’t it happen?Already when I was in Lille this possibility existed. But I wanted to try in England. It was easier to go to England than to Spain. He was only 21 years old. It’s hard for a 21 year old to come here.But could he come to Madrid two years ago?Every year there was talk of my arrival in Madrid. I have never had contact, not even my surroundings, with the club. The contacts began two, three years ago, when I got injured with the national team. After the 2018 World Cup I wanted to come. Chelsea said no. It was necessary to spend a year with Sarri.But Zidane’s desire to recruit him could have been stronger, right?I do not know. Nor did he want to leave Chelsea badly. I have always been clean with all my clubs. As I did in Lille. My last year at Lille (2011-2012) I didn’t want to do it. My surroundings made me understand that it was necessary to stay a season. The same thing happened at Chelsea. In the summer of 2018 I received a call from Marina Granovskaia (general director of Chelsea). He told me: “Don’t go, Sarri comes to train you.” I tried to do my best. Zidane told me in 2016: “It would be good if you came.” When he calls you, he’s serious! “ It is often said that Madrid’s costumes are difficult. How are you?I am someone who is not looking for problems. I am open Perhaps the partners, given what I have done before in France or in England, also respect me. I do not arrive with 21 years with everything to prove. They know me.He wears number 7, which was owned by Cristiano Ronaldo …At first it was from Mariano. I didn’t want to go ask him. Is not my style. I knew that 10 was Modric. In Chelsea, I took the 17. Lucas Vázquez has it. I was free on 16 but I didn’t want to. In LaLiga, you can’t beat 25. I said: “Give me 50”. And the club told Mariano: “You have to give Eden the 7”.Who helped you the most?Of course, Courtois. There is also Greg Dupont, the physical trainer. Integration is easy because there are many who speak French (Varane, Mendy, Benzema …). The staff is Francophone. For me it is perfect.last_img

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