Estate Jewelry At Kluh Jewelers

first_imgFacebook7Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by L. Jeanette Strole Parks for Kluh JewelersIf you have ever come into ownership of a quirky old brooch, necklace, or ring that once belonged to your Great Aunt Ruth, and you’re not quite sure if you actually care enough about it to keep it, you might consider swinging by to meet Matt Kluh at Kluh Jewelers at South Sound Center.They have a special fondness for buying and selling vintage and estate jewelry, which are proudly featured, in addition to their normal stock of pieces. In fact, if you walk into the store, you’ll see two prominent display cases–  large glass fronted cabinets with rich wood that is arranged with a variety of unique pieces.Such pieces might include absolutely stunning items like a pair of platinum diamond opera glasses that once passed through their store. As of the writing of this article, another remarkable piece in the case was a graduated strand of marble-sized opal beads. “They are beautiful and full of fire. They remind me of looking at earth from space.”Matt goes on to explain, “Estate Jewelry is jewelry that has been previously loved by another person. Some items are true vintage antique styles and some are almost new.” Occasionally these pieces are acquired from ordinary folks who just are thinning out their jewelry cabinets of inherited items or pieces they are tired of wearing. And sometimes, they are bought off from estate-sale businesses that are unloading inventory. The history of the Kluh family dealing with estate jewelry dates back to the old indoor mall at South Sound Center when they owned an entire store of estate jewelry called Estates Ltd. “Providing our customers with great deal on estate jewelry has been part of our business forever.” In order to create such fantastic deals, “each piece of jewelry is appraised at today’s market value. We then sell it for half, or less than than what it would cost to buy new.”What separates their jewelry from other pawn-shop items is that they are all scrutinized by the in-house goldsmith prior to going into the showcase. “Most pawned items are not very expensive. We carry items from very affordable to very rare. But since our goldsmith inspects and repairs if needed all of our estate jewelry, you can be assured of the item is in great condition and ready to wear.”Having such an unpredictable rotation of estate pieces means that you never know what you might find. Kluh has regular customers that come in to see what new items are available from week to week. With the random assortment, it really is a first-come, first-serve, especially with custom-made estate pieces that could never be found elsewhere. “[The estate jewelry is for] people who like a good deal! Most of our estate jewelry sells for half of what it would cost to buy new. The jewelry sells fast.”If you are in the market to unload some estate-style jewelry, Kluh has some tips and suggestions for you. “Doing the leg work yourself and selling independently will usually bring the most money. However, Kluhs makes it quick and easy and offers a fair price. I have a list of customers always looking for that large diamond or unique piece of jewelry. We pay the most money for quality estate jewelry. We get a lot of referrals.” So if you are still hoping to sell stuff without the tedium of figuring out what something is worth, and then having to go through the trouble of listing it on an auction site or classified ad, photographing it, waiting for a buyer and then meeting them or packaging it up and shipping it, it is well advisable to take a trip to Kluh’s. As Matt says, he will look at everything, that is some form of jewelry.“My best advice is to bring everything in to my store for me to inspect. I do not charge to sort all of the jewelry for you. I once found a $700 item that was mixed in with some costume jewelry that was on its way to the Goodwill.”So maybe while you’re spring cleaning, or organizing that box of trinkets from grandma, or you are looking for a great deal on a piece of jewelry, come see Matt Kluh at Kluh Jewelers in Lacey.Don’t forget to check out the official Kluh Jewelers website at: or their Facebook page for regular updates:

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