Rural Vermont surveying raw milk producers for 2012 Raw Milk Report

first_imgRural Vermont is requesting all raw milk producers across the state participate in a survey on raw milk sales in Vermont. The Vermont Legislature has requested that Rural Vermont present data to the House and Agricultural Committees representing the viability of raw milk sales in the state. Farmers who sell raw milk will be asked questions ranging from gross annual sales to issues encountered with the current law. The motivation behind this comprehensive survey is to gather valuable information to convince policy makers that raw milk is a growing and important part of Vermont’s agricultural economy.Since 2005, Rural Vermont has been advocating with farmers and consumers to expand the legal allowances of raw milk sales. In July of 2009, the Un-pasteurized (Raw) Milk Bill, Act 62, took effect and created a two-tiered system for raw milk dairies. This regulatory system requires basic production standards to be met by all farmers. Farmers selling up to 40 gallons per day or delivering directly to consumers have to meet additional standards.Although Rural Vermont views Act 62 as a positive step forward, many farmers want to see additional changes to the current law.‘When Act 62 was enacted in 2009, it allowed me to double my raw milk sales,’ says Lindsay Harris of the Family Cow Farmstand in Hinesburg. She further states ‘the law established in statute our right to sell raw milk. Even though there are still ways we can improve the law, it’s important for us [farmers] to keep communicating our visions to policy makers.’ Robb Kidd, Rural Vermont Organizer, states that ‘in order for the legislature to understand necessary improvements to the law, it is important for all raw milk producers to provide Rural Vermont current statistical data to demonstrate the economic viability of raw milk and the potentials for growth.’ If you are a raw milk producer please contact Rural Vermont at (802) 223-7222 to obtain a survey.Rural Vermont is a nonprofit advocacy group founded by farmers in 1985 that advocates, activates, and educates for living soils, thriving farms, and healthy communities.last_img

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