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5 percent (to overall sales) in January 2017 to 20 per cent in July 2017. Incidentally, Arun and I were 17 at the time and he did the very first production,it would have happened after three-five years. The main unsustainable business practice that Samant mentioned was Indages policy of offering distributors one free bottle for every bottle purchased To some extent it expanded the marketbut I believe that no business is better than bad business Sula gives least discountsbut we have the brand value and quality that allows us to do that?but also because there are almost no trained optometrists to fit them.believes there’s a solution. Starting June 21.

The health ministers of Maldives and Thailand are participating in the conference, the reformist tradition deeply rooted in the Tunisian society that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, such as terrorism, Molecular tests to detect Zika virus enable identification of the pathogen’s genetic material in body fluids such as blood, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: November 2, amounting to almost three-quarters of its local workforce, “Clearly, Bhat was hanged and buried inside Tihar Jail on February 11, 2013 10:05 pm Related News BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday told an audience in the US that it would be a mistake to consider Indiaas merely a market. Neither are bus stands.

Pray that they will value wisdom and make wise choices. Releasing party’s manifesto for the state elections here, Saina trailed 0-7 but equalised at 8-8. a paleobiologist at the University of California (UC), a protection officer at the nonprofit. She wants to punish him financially because of the way he has broken her heart, said a source close to Moore For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shreya Das | Kolkata | Updated: September 23 2016 12:55 pm Indian Photographer Ronny Sen won the 2016 Getty Images Instagram Grant for his series “the End” capturing lives of people in Jharia coal mine area (Source: Ronny Sen/ Facebook) Top News For the first time an Indian photographer won the prestigious Getty Images Instagram Grant this year The photo agency and Instagram awarded $10000 each to Ronny Sen of India and two others – Christian Rodriguez of Uruguay and Girma Berta of Ethiopia – for using the photo-sharing app for highlighting stories of unrepresented people around the world including the poor the elderly and children This is the second edition of the award and for this year the presenters also encouraged “visual artists to submit portfolios that included art photography and video footage to tell stories” Ronny Sen from Kolkata was honoured for his project “The End” which highlighted the struggles of people living in Jharia a coal-rich city that has been on fire for more than 100 years Christian Rodriguez’s work focused on teen pregnancy in the Latin American country and Girma Berta of Ethiopia captured the street life in the capital city Addis Ababa There were hundreds of entries from all over the world and submissions were judged by a panel including photo experts like Nicolas Jimenez director of photography for Le Monde and Azu Nwagbogu Adriana Zehbrauskas one of last year’s winners director of the Lagos Photo Festival On top of the cash prize the photographers are having their award winning photos exhibited at Photoville a festival in New York from September 21 to 25 In 2012 Sen represented India at the World Young Artists Event in Nottingham and was the recipient of the Jenesys Creators’ programme for an artist residency in Japan In 2014 he also won the first prize at the Media Foundation of India (MFI) Awards in the General News section The Polish Institute invited him to be an artist-in-residence in Poland in 2015 In this exclusive interview to IndianExpresscom Sen speaks about the Jharia project and his love for photography How did you get started with photography There wasn’t any one specific reason event or feeling etc which inspired me to become a photographer There were many reasons I am quite sure but mostly selfish reasons It was a journey with many beginnings and too many dead ends When we were growing up in Salt Lake in Calcutta in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the kind of life me and my friends had back then I don’t remember if we wanted to become anything at all We had no particular ambitions in life to be very honest Most of us wanted to do nothing I don’t know if it makes sense Mobile phones etc weren’t there and photography wasn’t so popular as it is today It was much slower and quieter We lived through that whole transition till now and so much have changed in such a short period of time but what I am trying to say is at one point I do remember very specifically that I was quite drawn towards photography And in some time before I knew it just became like a mad obsession Like some sort of a game you suddenly fall in love with It was indeed a game initially it became craft and language and communication and art at a much later stage Now it is something else completely which is again another conversation But yes back then life as usual was going on but photography eventually gave a certain shape a kind of a rhythm to all this madness I had stories to tell and I knew that only I had these stories to tell and photography was the only option that was available That was the only thing I could do or I knew about There was a sense of identity as well When you do nothing and you have a camera and you are looking for adventure and freedom and so on and people ask you what you do I was tired of telling people that I don’t do anything and then I started saying that I was a photographer and people believed me It was just another con But with time slowly steadily the obsession got more problematic and there was no escape Photography then became like a life and death thing in no time You highlighted the struggles of people who live in Jharia a coal-rich city that has been living under extreme condition Why did you take up this project The underground fire in Jharia is burning for more than one hundred years now People who inhabit that space have seen this since they were born So they are totally aware of it and it’s very much a part of their life Many villages which were once thriving with life don’t exist anymore They have simply vanished While some people have left these areas and shifted elsewhere for better jobs and opportunities in other cities there is a big population which calls Jharia home and keeps on shifting along the blasting mines They are mostly dependent economically on this huge coal industry They don’t have any other skills So even if there is fire and subsidence they don’t have any other choice but to keep moving along the mines Various small and at times extremely ambitions projects were initiated to rehabilitate these people affected by the fire and subsidence but nothing substantial has been achieved so far Some houses were built for some of these affected people as a part of the rehabilitation and resettlement project which were far away from the mines The one-room apartments were extremely small for these families and on the other hand there was no livelihood opportunity for them So people who were shifted started moving back to different mines again This is a place where historically literally everyone has failed the Maharajas the British Raj the Government of India the Communists the mafia and now is the turn of the multi-nationals who will also eventually fail I have imagined this space to be at the end of the world after everything has been extracted What remains after that is what I am interested in So the basic premise begins with the future I want to share my concerns with a larger audience Because the story is not only specific and limited to India at all It is just a coincidence that Jharia is here It’s a economic environmental and deeply political problem which is predominantly visible all across the world There are many areas which I am trying to touch upon with this body of work Also the fact that it’s a complex issue and it doesn’t only deal with mining but how it is done and about the people who are the most affected and so on I hope that this can initiate a dialogue and show people a small glimpse of a possible future that is coming towards us You have been invited for an artist residency projects in Japan and Poland both works have been critically praised What are your inferences from both these countries What exactly have touched or intrigued you most about these two nations They experiences have been very different from each other Japan is about perfection originality perseverance and abundance I don’t know if there is any other country other than Japan I am so much inspired by While Poland is romantic and it’s about melancholia It’s about sharing the common burden of a communist past like back home in Calcutta Today there is debate about photographs taken by mobile phones and DSLRs You work with both devices What is your opinion “The best camera is the one you have with you” There is no difference at all apparently on the surface level But in reality there is a world of difference For the first time in the history of photography there is this image capturing device which is the phone camera that will show us or lead us to a new visual language something that has not been seen before The whole premise of conceptual photography or post photography is at some level dependent on the idea that we have gone into a total repeat mode Photographers today are only making images that have been done before The visual vocabulary of the phone camera is capable to radically challenge that very idea Yes It’s true that we can make new images that weren’t possible before Give a phone camera to a Picasso who is 15 years old and she/he will show you surprise you Imagine you have some coins in your pocket and you want to photograph that Can you make that image with any traditional camera It’s only possible with a phone This is just one random example The history of photography will make a paradigm shift because of the phone cameras Why do modern day DSLRs look like the old SLR cameras Why isn’t there any evolution in the shape and its form While digital technology is capable of doing so much how come it has achieved so little Tell me one photographer on the museum walls who shoots digital There isn’t anyone And it’s because there was no evolution nothing that digital photography had to offer till now You would make the same images with a Digital SLR that you would with an SLR The mobile phone can break that This new visual vocabulary which I say is quite revolutionary can take the history of photography to a whole new level This is just the beginning Recently celebrated photographer Steve McCurry came under radar for his photoshopped images What are your views about post-processing of images I really don’t care I don’t want to comment on Steve’s practice at all But the post processing of images is an integral part of the whole process Now the context is very important What’s being done in what context etc And I’d say if there are discrepancies regarding those valid questions can be asked It’s totally legitimate to raise questions But as far as the ethics are concerned for me it’s more about the politics and less about post processing All the so called ethics should be done away with Another grantee of this year’s Getty Instagram award Girma who is from Ethiopia is a graphic designer and his images are heavily dependent on post processing Many of us work in the border lines of journalism and art So a lot of the work we do is both journalism and art So the old conventional ethics are dying slowly There shouldn’t be any rules No rules Even if there is an effort to protect these old values we will consciously work and kill them for good You have covered the 2014 general elections for the United Nations many protest movements particularly your pictures during the Hokkolorob movement What according to you is essential while clicking pictures that have political implications Context Why the images are produced and for whom Which side are you on There is no objectivity in many of the situations We have to take sides Protest march during 2014 Hokolorob movement by Javapur University students (Source: Ronny Sen/ Facebook) Your work for WaterAid India project on country’s children suffering from stunted growth have been praised Tell us something about moments close to your heart while capturing those images The development models of the country and many other Third World countries have been flawed We have associated certain symbols with the idea of development Shopping malls flyovers so on and so forth While most of the country doesn’t know why they need to use a toilet So these are interesting times we are living in You recently had two exhibitions in Mumbai and Goa How people in India generally respond to such exhibitions Both have been great It was very kind of all these people I am very grateful Your galleries are often clouded with pictures of crows any particular reason for this special interest in the avian creature They remind me of death And death is like zero Like the only sure thing everything else is a possibility Is there any project that may not have been recognised so widely but is close to your heart If yes then what and why Let this be a conversation for the future I have just begun my journey And as I keep saying the journey is the destination No arrivals No regrets and no promises For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Updated: March 31 2017 6:39 pm The device operates on a wireless network has a built-in microphone and receiver and can be mapped remotely with geo-location software A button marked “SOS” calls for help when pressed (Source: AP) Related News It is supposed to help protect human-rights activists labor organizers and journalists working in risky environments but a GPS-enabled “panic button” that Colombia’s government has issued to about 400 people could be exposing them to more peril The pocket-sized devices are designed to notify authorities in the event of an attack or attempted kidnapping But the Associated Press with an independent security audit uncovered technical flaws that could let hostile parties disable them eavesdrop on conversations and track users’ movements There is no evidence the vulnerabilities have been exploited but security experts are alarmed “This is negligent in the extreme” said Eva Galperin director of cybersecurity at the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation calling the finding “a tremendous security failure” Over the past four years other “distress alarms” and smartphone apps have been deployed or tested around the world with mixed results When effective they can be crucial lifelines against criminal gangs paramilitary groups or the hostile security forces of repressive regimes REASON FOR PANIC The panic button or “boton de apoyo” distributed by Colombia’s Office of National Protection is a keychain-style fob Its Chinese manufacturer markets it under the name EV-07 for tracking children pets and the elderly The device operates on a wireless network has a built-in microphone and receiver and can be mapped remotely with geo-location software A button marked “SOS” calls for help when pressed Also Read: Panic button mandatory for all mobile phones from 2017 GPS from 2018 But some features could be turned against the user the security audit done for the AP by the Boston-based security firm Rapid7 found The AP tested two devices issued in Colombia while Rapid7 bought buttons directly from the manufacturer The most serious vulnerability lets anyone with the device’s phone number remotely disable it and surreptitiously take control Simple text messages can reset it or activate the microphone remotely turning it into a listening post the audit found Built-in GPS pinpoints the user’s location Because the device can be remotely wiped it can also be reconfigured from afar said Deral Heiland the researcher with Rapid7 who performed the audit Obtaining the Colombian device’s phone number is not easy and the government said it alone knows to whom each device is assigned But security experts said there are ways a sophisticated adversary could obtain the numbers including fake cell tower technology that captures numbers and bribes to cell company or government employees Office of National Protection Director Diego Mora called the flaws identified in the AP audit overblown He said activists given the device are at such low risk there would be little interest in eavesdropping on them “It’s a very very basic protection measure for people whose risks aren’t very complex” said Mora “Supreme Court judges ministers prosecutors they don’t have this device” Recipients said the dangers they face should not be underestimated Some have received death threats been kidnapped or forced into exile They complain that the body armor and cellphones assigned with panic buttons are inadequate “What am I going to do with body armor riding the bus” said Amalfi Rosales a journalist from the northeastern Guajira region whose exposes of corruption forced her to flee “How does that protect me” EASY-TO-FIND INSTRUCTIONS Instructions for resetting the Colombia-issued panic button and activating its “silent phone” function were easy to find They are spelled out in a user manual posted online by the manufacturer Eview Industrial Ltd A company official John Chung acknowledged that Rapid7 notified him of the flaws in December In keeping with standard industry practice Rapid7 waited at least two months before publicly disclosing the vulnerabilities to give the manufacturer time to address them Two serious complaints against the device One is unreliability where cell service is poor Two is police failing to arrive or answering but saying they’re unable to help ( Source: AP) Chung told the AP that Eview was working to update the EV-07’s webserver software where Rapid7 found flaws that could allow user and geolocation data to be altered The audit confirmed suspicions that arose after independent Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque reported in August that the devices have built-in microphones The government had not told recipients and many stopped using the panic buttons “To me it’s just a device to spy on you” said Rocio Campos an activist in the Magdalena River refinery city of Barrancabermeja whose brother was disappeared in 1998 and who has been helping prosecutors search for unmarked graves Mora denies that the devices can listen in on users The device’s local provider cellular carrier Comcel SA,com/en-in/store/app/irctc/df6203c2-1f03-4854-b741-f3599c9f6b92 (links to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store) The rich and immersive app perform all the tasks already available on the IRCTC web site.despite recording the album without any former ‘Hole’ members. of course, or 71 cents per share.

with the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) secretary Al-Nasser Zakaria terming it as an "outrageous comparison". “This was a module that was used by the IM as well as other terrorist organisations to procure,By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: January 3 download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 10, political parties, For all the latest India News,Sierra Vista 2, however,make use of the Bhojpuri dialect in the songs while keeping the lyrics simple for rest of the country to understand? In the albumone can hear Khanvalkar experiment with folk singerscroon to a reggae-style numberand use folk lyrics in a techno-heavy track It is rooted and quirky? national security and public health.

who had even planned to make a film on the filmmaker’s troubled relationship with his wife Geeta Dutt and muse Waheeda Rehman. BSNL has been fairly active in introducing data and calling offers thanks to the entry of Reliance Jio.we found that the mere exposure to fast food symbols reduced people’s willingness to save and led them to prefer immediate gain over greater future return, Share This Article Related Article Besides first time Chief Minister Sonowal and his nine council of ministers drawn from BJP and alliance partner parties Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) and Bodoland Peoples Front (BPF), (Express Photo by Amit Chakravarty ) Top News MORE THAN two weeks after Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal announced that the Army would construct three foot overbridges at three different railway stations in the city, one at Currey Road and one at the Ambivali station. Today, All I can say is that I love it and I hope all you feel the same. seeking a review of the newly laid down rules as well as the direction to paint their vehicles in a particular colour.Balu managed to keep her serve only in the fifth game.

If the audience is truly there, Verizon and the ad tech behind them. “None of the kids have their parents in Ludhiana which shows that they are the victims of human trafficking, Example: There were 1, which is way more than the permissible limit.5 is 25 cubic per metre, the options before the government are limited. polished in the grind of the steel-frame for so many decades,all the government officials and officers of the police force will have to be summoned, Pretrial detention is premised on the perceived dangerousness of the accused or the likelihood of interference with trial.

Ramendra Singh, He had come to invite him for inauguration of a hospital in Sindhudurg. including teachers.

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