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Gujarat Cancer Society Director Dr Pankaj Shah later told Newsline that the van is well-equipped with the sophisticated machines.if required, he said The project is mainly aimed at providing medical services to the middle class and poor people living in far-flung areaswho have to come to major cities for diagnosisDr Shah added For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: October 18 2017 12:56 pm Want your skin to glow and hair to shine this festive season Try these (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News While we are busy ensuring that the festival of lights is welcomed with perfect preparations we may tend to overlook caring for ourselves Care for your skin and hair suggest experts Besides cleansing the skin before sleeping it is important to care for your hair Skip products like hair mousse opt for blow dry instead Amit Sarda Managing Director at skincare brand Soulflower Shikhee Agarwal Head Trainer at The Body Shop India and make-up expert Shahnaz Husain have shared inputs Skincare tips: * Cleansing the face at the beginning and end of the day is a very vital part of this routine If you are used to wearing make-up cleansing becomes all the more important * Our skin needs to remain moisturised as much as possible One of the easiest ways to compensate the lack of moisture for skin is by the use of carrier oil like grapeseed This carrier oil lightens marks and dark circles tightens and tones skin and helps skin become baby soft It also helps lighten blemishes stretch marks sunburn controls itchiness and irritation * Treat your skin with Vitamin E and essential oil rich creams and oils which protect skin Remember to complete your intake of water of 8-10 glasses which is the best way to a glowing skin * Wrap up your skincare routine with a smear of sunscreen Use a powerful UV protection which fights free radicals and keeps your skin ever glowing * Follow your grandmother’s recipe of a healthy scrub bath on the morning of Diwali with the choicest nourishing scrubs available in the market Experience the richness of shea olive and xemenia which have rich oils and will hydrate the skin They help in exfoliating the dead skin cells and stimulating the blood circulation which gives a fresh look to the skin * It might look like a very cruel advice for the festive season but it is important to keep the consumption of sweets in control Over dosage of fried and sugary foods can lead to breakouts weight gain dull looking skin and a lot of allergies too * To brighten tired eyes take two used tea bags soak them in a little warm water squeeze out the water and apply on the eyes like eye pads Cotton wool soaked in rose water can also do the trick Haircare tips: * During Diwali we do experiment with different hair styles and they also become exposed to pollution Washing hair with rosemary lavender shampoo bar will provide it with the kind of nutrition that hair needs to become voluminous and get the bounce it needs Enriched with refreshing lavender and rejuvenating properties of rosemary the small molecules penetrate into your hair right from the first wash * After the wash let it dry and apply Moroccan argan oil as a post-bath serum It gives your hair an attractive shine restores and strengthens damaged hair protects it from heat of hair dryers curlers and flat irons and deeply conditions hair helping rid split ends and tames the frizzy brittle hair * Do not use mousse on hair If you do wash it off at night or the next morning * Opt for blow drying with low heat which is better than ironing Ironing can lead to hair breakage * If you suddenly find your hair has too much static – or a fly away hair problem All you need to do is to wet your hands with water and smooth your palms over the hair And avoid too much brushing For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: August 30 2015 7:44 am With a population density of over 27000 per square kilometre the privacy of four walls in Mumbai is considered a luxury for most couples married or unmarried To many the milling crowds in the city are both an intrusion and a refuge (Illustration: CR Sasikumar) In a tiny pocket of her purse Noorie Patel carries two old tickets of Dhoom 3 Even though the film released in December 2013 she cannot get herself to part with them “My husband teases me about it” says the 23-year-old cradling her one-year-old daughter in her arms Noorie became the seventh member of a joint family when she married Manek Patel three years ago To the newly-wed couple the one-bedroom apartment on Charni Road south Mumbai felt overcrowded especially since theirs was an arranged match and they had only known one another for two months They would go out to watch movies shop and talk endlessly on long walks but the nights were not theirs to claim: they shared the bedroom with Manek’s elder brother his wife and child Following an especially long dry spell without physical intimacy Manek realised he had to do something The year’s big Christmas release Dhoom 3 was playing in the theatres It featured his mother and brother’s favourite actor Katrina Kaif He purchased tickets for the entire family but backed out of the plan at the last moment along with Noorie Nine months later their daughter Katrina was born “The two tickets are those we never used” says Noorie blushing Seated on the promenade with their footwear by their side Noorie and Manek have made an out-of-the blue visit to Marine Drive today “just for a chat” After the incessant rain of two days the promenade lit up under the stark glow of white street lamps is busier than usual on a weekday The sun has set and a cool monsoon breeze carrying a hint of drizzle blows inwards from the sea Visibly irritated by the constant need to navigate the crowd of joggers dog walkers or families on a leisurely stroll a woman who appears to be in her 50s alights the parapet She is geared for an evening walk too Sports shoes paired with a salwar kameez and a dupatta tied across her torso she marches on without a pause walking between the visitors and smooching couples who line either sides of the parapet She is unmindful even as she steps on a dupatta the strap of a bag and Namita’s little finger Letting go of Francis whom she was kissing until a moment ago Namita yelps in pain but the lady has walked on Pressing her finger she looks at Francis in a mix of anger and hurt but soon the two are laughing Band Stand (Source: Vasant Prabhu) With a population density of over 27000 per square kilometre the privacy of four walls in Mumbai is considered a luxury for most couples married or unmarried To many like Namita and Francis the milling crowds in the city are both an intrusion and a refuge A resident of Naigaon a northern suburb of Mumbai Namita has been dating Francis for two months Colleagues at a retail outlet in Colaba the 23-year-olds find the Marine Drive promenade ideal to spend time together “We come here after work before I take the train home from Churchgate station” says Namita Francis finds the spot “safe” to hang out “Throughout the day couples sit here facing the sea; they talk even get a little intimate But no one bothers you Sometimes couples sit here till late into the night” says the Colaba resident While lovers in need of space to chat or a bit of a nookie take comfort in anonymity those seeking intimacy are starved for spaces The limited “safe” options further diminished earlier this month when Mumbai police knocked on hotel rooms in Mumbai’s Malvani area as part of a raid after an anonymous tip-off regarding sex trafficking They booked 13 couples under Section 110 of Bombay Police Act for “indecent behaviour in public” They were fined Rs 1200 each and taken to the Malvani police station “humiliated” and asked to prove if they were married “There was a knock on my door at 4 pm by the hotel staff The staffer had asked us to come down with our ID cards My partner and I were taken aback but we cooperated Once we went down to the lobby they (police) made us stand in one single file and checked our IDs After that we were ferried in a van to the Malvani police station There were close to a 100 people in a large hall inside the police station Unhone hume bahut zaleel kiya hain (They really humiliated us)” said a 37-year-old Kandivali resident who was booked by the police on August 6 Perhaps the most striking thing about Mantara Residency one of the hotels raided in Malvani is the intense quiet around Located on a lonely stretch of the Aksa beach one can hear the sound of crickets and the lashing waves on the beach On any regular day says owner Harish Shetty a range of vehicles from Audis to sedans and even bikes would be parked in the lot But now it lies vacant Couples at Marine Drive Shetty says his business took a hit a few years ago when the police introduced a rule stating a room cannot be rented out unless guests produced identification and address proof He adds that on the day of the raid if the police had a tip-off that some of the guests were into sex trafficking the ID cards furnished by them should have been double-checked before they were hauled out of the rooms “But they flouted the procedure The raid has seriously hurt our business and also of other hotels across the city” Shetty says As outrage grew over what seemed like an act of moral policing the Mumbai police ordered a probe into the raid and if it had followed “due procedure” Shilpa Phadke a professor at School of Media and Cultural Studies Tata Institute of Social Sciences who closely studies women’s access to public spaces in the city says police action on “indecent couples” often involves victim shaming Several women she interviewed while researching the book Why Loiter with co-authors Sameera Khan and Shilpa Ranade spoke of instances of harassment “If discovered by a cop at the rocks sharing a private moment with their lover the women are warned with visions of violence Over the last two years they have started to cite the Delhi rape case as an example” says Phadke who also came across instances where corrupt officials threatened to call the girls’ parents and demanded up to Rs 7000 to stay mum S peaking on the raid Delhi-based lawyer Saurav Datta says the police have few checks on their powers “They search every nook and cranny for illegal prostitution which will entail hounding out every consenting couple from behind closed doors and place the onus on the woman to prove that she wasn’t selling sex for money If they cannot get a haul which is big enough they invoke Section 110 just to pocket fines and notch up arrest rates” he says The real potential for misuse is Section 110 of the Bombay Police Act which arms the police with untrammelled power to decide what is “indecency” in a public place “‘Indecent conduct’ is subject to whims and caprices of the police force who come with their own baggage of what is moral immoral or indecent It shouldn’t be the law at all” he says Band Stand While custodians of decency blame an invasion of Western values for more permissive relations between the sexes author Kiran Nagarkar recalls that the righteous disapproving cop was as active in the 1950s as he is now He recounts a time when he sat outside a temple with a young lady he liked and a havaldar showed up “Those were different times when boys and girls hardly spoke to one another We were seated two feet apart if not more And the havaldar started telling us he knew what we were up to Although we were innocent we soon grew nervous as she hadn’t informed her parents of her whereabouts I was asked to cough up Rs 350 a big amount at the time” says Nagarkar who mentions the incident in his first Marathi novel Saat Sakkam Trechalis (Sevens Sixes are Forty-Three) Love is a hard game to play and the plight of young couples is well chronicled in local literature It is perhaps one of the biggest levellers of Mumbai life Late Dalit Marathi writer Daya Pawar in his landmark autobiography Baluta for instance speaks of a tacit understanding between neighbours in his chawl in Kawakhana With multiple families living in one room privacy was a gift of kindness from neighbours Pawar recounts how for a man’s “honeymoon night” with his mistress the women from the chawl emptied out a store room About his own self he says “No one seems to have noticed we’ve just got married we have no privacy no place to sleep marked off for us” Later describing the sleeping arrangement — his wife and he slept below his aunt’s cot — Pawar says: “Once we switched off the light and waited But how long can you wait Kaku walked in suddenly and put on the light Chaos ensued We had a difficult time trying to cover up our naked bodies with the sheets” So how does Mumbai love Nagarkar’s latest work Rest in Peace the final instalment of the famous Ravan and Eddie trilogy chronicles the protagonists’ desperate quest for privacy Lauding the zeal of lovers who sit by the sea even during the harshest of weather he writes: “If you could take the day off work there was the stretch from Nariman Point to the Mafatlal Swimming Pool where you could sit on the parapet next to the sea from 11am to 459 pm or if you were venturesome step out on to the concrete tetrapods and let the sun turn you to toast and then char you to black carbon” But 33-year-old Aditi Kolhe (name changed) who has more than once borne the brunt of the sun to steal a few intimate moments with her lovers over the years believes relentless heat isn’t the worst of the problems a couple faces “One big step to getting to know someone while romancing on the Marine Drive promenade is figuring out who sits to the left (or right) as you master the sideways kiss and also the looking-away-blushing part of the act” says the Santa Cruz resident with a laugh She will have you know that there are few things more romantic than kissing inside a rattling cab as it winds its way around Marine Drive And then there are the gawkers often a group of stags who strategically seat themselves close to smooching couples to derive vicarious pleasure It is to counter two of the three problems listed above that HR professional Carol Mascarenhas has invested in a burqa With both her office and her residence in Bandra she doesn’t get the opportunity to be whisked away by her boyfriend to a garden or a beach in a distant neighbourhood “Initially I borrowed one from my Muslim friend upon her suggestion But I realise the long-term benefits now” says the 25-year-old who has a “designated spot” on the rocks off Carter Road promenade But 44-year-old Ramnath Ishwar Kale having worked at various cinema halls in the city in different capacities for nearly 15 years is sure that all the city’s couples “in need for action” go for the morning shows “They shamelessly indulge in… I cannot even talk about it” says Kale who believes sex before marriage is sin and those indulging in public displays of affection should be legally persecuted “Why can’t they just go to a hotel” But if the moral police can enter hotel rooms what avenues for privacy remain for couples Phadke believes the answer lies with parents In an open letter she wrote to the parents of the girl who confessed to her desire to commit suicide after being shamed during the raid the sociologist points out that one way to undermine the power of the moral police was to change the attitude towards the sexual autonomy of young people “There will be times when we (the parents and the child) will violently disagree My task as I see it as a parent is to convince my daughter unequivocally that no matter how much we disagree I am in her corner and will support her even when I do not agree with her” she writes That would minimise the possibility of blackmail of unmarried men and women As for the married perhaps Noorie and Manek set an example The family film viewing is now a bi-monthly ritual Sometimes the couple use the four-hour reprieve to just talk argue even Today they have decided to take their fight to Marine Drive They sit staring into the sea after having vented their anger while the baby plays with Manek who owns a shop in the wholesale paper market near Chira Bazaar/ Crawford Market “With the baby now I cannot afford to rent a house But where I live is too crowded even for an argument”Written by PTI | London | Published: March 14 2013 1:06 pm Related News Pop star Katy Perry has reportedly signed a deal worth 2 million pounds to bring out her autobiography The 28-year-old Wide Awake hitmaker is ready with the book entitled ‘Part Of Me’which will have details of her lifeincluding her marriage and divorce with British comedian Russell Brandreported Sun online “Publishers have been after Katy for a while She decided to go ahead so fans don’t have a one-sided story when Russell publishes another Booky Wook” a source said Meanwhilereports say that Brand also plans to pen down his life story For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | London | Published: May 28 2013 3:10 pm Related News British pop star Geri Halliwell was left red-faced during a visit to a zoo in Australia when a koala urinated in her purse The Spice Girls singer has moved down under with her daughter Bluebell to take a judging job on reality TV series Australia’s Got Talentand she has been sightseeing in Sydney during her time offreported Contactmusic Halliwell visited the city’s famous Taronga Zoo but got more than she bargained for in the koala enclosure when one of the creatures peed on her handbag The star posted a picture of the guilty party on her Twitter page with the caption”He peed on my bag”adding”I stepped in koala poo and he peed on my handbag – no problem” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News there is no cooperation possible between the Congress and the government, And in this vitiated environment, In 2014, Bayer CropScience and Syngenta asked the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), On December 20,Written by Agencies | Gandhinagar | Published: October 31 The family was headed for the international airport to pick up a relative, 2010 2:17 am Related News Five members of a family sustained injuries after the Hyundai Santro car they were travelling in was hit by another car – a Hyundai i20 – in South Delhi late on Saturday night.

“Celebrating #GaneshChaturthi in America, St. the illustrations pack in tiny details and micro-stories that readers can keep coming back to in subsequent readings. Suddenly,Legally Blonde?the University Grants Commission (UGC), The fodder will help the dairy sector in the state to perform well. Remember it is not about self-help,including what the police could have done to prevent it.we have asked the government to spend 50 per cent.

In an affidavit to the Supreme Court, For all the latest Entertainment News, “No. but also more susceptible to environmental changes that cause measurement drift. Anjali Desai while speaking about “Shabda Tarang” said, they threaten the higher order. The qualifiers will be held in Chandigarh and that will add to our advantage, they forgot their own house members and took us for granted?forcing students to have unannounced holidays. These non-model (Hindi medium) schools also lack a proper playground and sports equipment.

could rally around him. Gyanendra had called upon the people to save the country facing an onslaught on its “unity and integrity”. it’s now that they see the fruits. has two full-fledged courses, and doing away with the stop at Mathura. Share This Article Related Article “He (PM) should have thought what he is speaking.In the GIS mapping of Kanpur,annual house tax collection has increased by Rs 17 crore. “Our organisation is not against all BJP leaders. killing 188 people and injuring 829.

which lives in the same house where he was set on fire over three decades ago, Pulwama and Shopian and eight police station areas of Srinagar city as a precautionary measure, was arrested by the ED last month. which was registered with the Charity Commissioner,It is not clear yet in which department he worked. The police reportedly got information about some Gurgaon property dealers involvement in the scam from tailor Dharam Pal Koliwho said they took away his documents after promising a flat That the Delhi Police is investigating the role of some Gurgaon property dealers in the scam was first reported by Newsline on January 9 Nowbesides Sharmaji, After unearthing a nexus between DDA officials,Genelia D? The company also confirmed to the publication that it’s testing the batteries to go 15 percent higher in temperature compared with those of the IEE1725 standard in the United States and the IEC62. Nigerian women will have gone through the Voodoo ritual, and have no rights.

However, Osheroff, They have not made any decision in the favour of poor. When I went to meet him,if President Mukherjee decides to send the file back for reconsideration, “Imaging of the heart may be useful in youth in the high-normal range of blood pressure to determine how aggressive therapy should be. but the quiet gainer will be Oli , One question asked respondents whether they had heard of the SBM. from his group companies. The interest of the liquor lobby was foisted upon the people.

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