Awesome mathematical sculptures made out of playing cards office supplies

first_imgCreated by Zachary Abel, the amazing playing card structure above represents the geometric math shapes the artist is obsessed with and sees wherever he goes. Abel makes those sculptures out of cards, paper clips, lollipop sticks, binder clips, and other similarly mundane things.The sculpture above is named “Poker Faces”, and has two “lucky” characteristics. Taking thirty standard playing cards, Abel slit and assembled them into six intersecting pentagonal prisms. If you could look at the piece closely you might notice that four of the prisms display a royal flush. This is one of most difficult hands to receive in a five card deal. The odds of being dealt a Royal Flush in 5 cards is 1 in 649,739. It does happen, but obviously rarely. (I know several card players who would love to carry this around as a good luck charm.)To understand the second lucky aspect of the sculpture you need to be a math geek, as it pertains to the shape in which the cards are arranged. Because of the aspect ratio of the cards, each prism in the sculpture meet with all the other prisms in 12 five way junctures.Abel has several other pieces of art on his site that you can check out using the link below. Some of the best ones utilize office supplies, including the paper clip snub dodecahedron below, and then the excellent Impenetraball which is made out out 132 binder clips.Zachary Abel is a student at MIT, and obviously has got some brain power going on in his dome.Read more at Abel’s personal sitelast_img read more