HR Measures and Benchmarking

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. An essential one-day seminar from and IRS shows HRpractitioners and line managers how to establish contribution to the bottomline HRMeasures and BenchmarkingHumanResources is unique among business functions in that its value is hard tomeasure. Trying to establish its contribution to the bottom line is notoriouslydifficult. Nevertheless,as organisations look hard at what areas add value, HR must be able to justifyits role. WhichHR metrics will provide the proof? Is your HR team ready to answer thesequestions with the right measurement and benchmarking techniques? Thisseminar will provide the answers with a recognised benchmarking scale of HRmaturity used by many blue-chip organisations. Itis simple to understand both within the HR department and by senior andoperational nowThebenefits to you and your organisationAfterattending the seminar, you will be able to:–Benchmark your HR function on the HR Maturity Scale –Provide a clear, added-value strategic HR role –Identify business-linked HR measures for critical activities –Demonstrate greater added value from the HR function Therewill be particular emphasis on:–How does our HR function rate compared with others? –How effective is our HR strategy? –Are we using the best HR measures? –How closely aligned are we with the business strategy? –Is the HR function positioned to add value? –Do our HR people have the right skills and knowledge for their role? –What value do we add and can we quantify our contribution? –Are we getting the best from our Human Capital? Whoshould attend?HumanResource directors, managers and officers. Internal and external HRconsultants. Senior management considering the role of HR in theirorganisation. Anyone involved in advising on policy.In-CompanyTrainingIRScan run a specially tailored version of this seminar for your organisation.Call Paul Gasowski on 020 7347 3592.ProgrammeBriefbackground to HR measurement and benchmarking–Why is measurement so important to benchmarking? –Internal and external benchmarking –How do we correlate HR practices and business success? –Who is measuring what currently? –Business scorecards, Human Capital and the bottom line –How do we tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly in HRmeasures? –What does a mature organisation benchmark against? –The HR Maturity Scale Choosingand prioritising HR practices–HR priorities must match business priorities –Linking HR strategy with business strategy –Analysing HR activities and processes –Choosing the right HR measures –Prioritising HR activity –Attaching real £ signs to HR –How to measure added value in HR using ROI PositioningHR’s role as a value-added function–Old roles and new roles in HR –HR as strategic-business partner: what exactly does this mean? –You are as good as the questions you ask –Developing consultancy and analytical skills –Installing an HR measurement framework –HR data collection DemonstratingHR’s value through Human Capital Management–Moving HR into the performance arena –Redesigning conventional business measurement systems –How much are your people worth? –Identifying added-value opportunities through people –Making the intangible tangible; hard results from soft issues –Designing the organisation around the people Allseminars come with comprehensive documentation, model policy statements and aCertificate of Attendance. book now HR Measures and BenchmarkingOn 15 Jun 2004 in Personnel Today Maximum delegates 20 Timings 9am – 4.30pmcenter_img Fees £399 + VAT Public sector £449 + VAT Private sector Dates 30 June 20 October Comments are closed. Duration One-day Location Central Londonlast_img read more