Vin Scully deserves one last honor at Cooperstown

first_imgOne isn’t really “enshrined” in the Hall when they are voted for this, however. Their black-and-white photo is actually just added to a big green wall, a display about the game’s broadcast and writing history in the “Scribes and Mikemen” wing.The writers are honored annually with the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, appropriately enough named after the longtime editor of The Sporting News.Not to go fracking on Frick’s future, but his past isn’t all that broadcast worthy.He was elevated to commissioner of baseball in 1951 and stayed there until 1965. His claim to fame was ghostwriting for Babe Ruth, so no wonder the mark he left on the game has to do with an asterisk — preventing Roger Maris from having sole possession of the 162-game single-season home-run record in 1961 that belonged to Ruth in a 154-game season. Under Frick’s watch, the Dodgers and Giants moved west, and the National League expanded after threats by the Continental League to compete for talent and cities. Frick died in 1978. So the Hall thought by putting his name on this award it would do him a solid.Otherwise?“Vin means so much to baseball and the broadcasting world, but at this point we are comfortable with the name of the Ford C. Frick Award,” said Jon Shestakofsky, the vice president of communications and education with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, when asked about a possible rebranding of the honor.John Thorn, the official Major League Baseball historian, gave us this thought: “I try not to have opinions about other people’s business, but Frick is an odd namesake for the award.”Scully would not be.The Southern California Broadcasters Association will give out its first Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement award in January — and Scully is the first recipient. Scully’s alma mater, Fordham, has one started as well.Cooperstown needs to figure out this is a win-Vin situation. Just do it before the soon-to-be 89-year-old Scully can live to see it and appreciate the gesture.“I began listening and watching to Scully when I was 8, in 1955, the annus mirabilis of the Brooklyn Dodgers,” Thorn added when asked about Scully’s influence on him. “It amazes and delights me that he is still crazy about baseball — and curious about the wider world — after all these years, even if, as a player in our national drama, he exits stage right.“I hadn’t thought that I was modeling my career after Vin’s but maybe, all along, I was.”And the rest could be history.• Oct. 2 might be logged in Dodgers history as Scully’s final game. But it was also the date, 50 years ago this Sunday, of Sandy Koufax’s last victory. His most important? Could be. In a 6-3 win at Connie Mack Stadium, Koufax gutted out eight shutout innings and a rocky ninth to register his 27th win. He started the game against future Hall of Famer Jim Bunning, who was seeking his 20th win. It was the second game of a doubleheader, and the Dodgers needed the win to clinch the National League title and a World Series trip.The one element that may tarnish Koufax’s feat in the baseball annals?He struck out Phillies catcher Bob Uecker twice in the game.• When drifting back to that “Vin Scully Appreciation” ceremony Friday, wouldn’t the perfect conclusion for Kevin Costner’s nine-minute-plus speech had been: “Vin … wanna have a catch?”VIN SCULLY ITEMS IN THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAMEAccording to Jon Shestakofsky, the vice president of communications and education for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, these are among the Vin Scully items in their collection:• A signed scorecard by Scully from the July 23, 1951, annual Hall of Fame exhibition game played between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia A’s. He was in his second year with the franchise at the time.• Audio of his calls from Don Drysdale’s fifth straight shutout in 1968, and the 59th scoreless inning of Orel Hershiser’s streak in 1988 that broke Drysdale’s record; Hank Aaron’s 715th home run call; various locker room interviews from the World Series in 1959, ’63 and ’65; an LP recording of the Bill Singer 1970 no-hitter; a CD of a radio program titled “Vin Scully: Voice of Heaven” in 2005 made by Fordham University’s WFUV-AM (available at• A baseball signed by Scully as well as Walter Alston, Ron Fairly and Jim Gilliam and other Dodgers• The Curt Smith biography on Scully called “Pull Up A Chair.”• A postcard of Scully with partner Jerry Doggett.Said Shestakofsky about future contributions: “Vin has been extremely generous with us in the past. We have a number of items in our collection that are linked to his long and storied career, and have connected with him to see if something else can be added from this season.” Of all the relics that could represent Vin Scully in perpetuity at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., items that might convey to future generations what he did and what he meant, what would mean the most to his legacy?Audio clips of his greatest calls are already there. A few other odd pieces of memorabilia are in the vault as well.But this one is easy: Flip the name of the Ford C. Frick Award to the Vin Scully Award.In 1982, Scully was the sixth recipient of the honor given to broadcasters who make “major contributions to baseball.” Red Barber, his mentor, received the first one in 1978, along with Mel Allen. The Dodgers’ Jaime Jarrin was the first non-English award winner in 1998.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Dam Inn Mates keep on winning after outlasting Steamshovel, Our Glass blasts Trail

first_imgThe Dam Inn Mates remain the only undefeated team in the West Kootenay Men’s Flag Football League.Sparked by Jon Parker’s 80-yard interception for a touchdown, the Mates outlasted Rossland’s Steamshovel Brewers 24-21 in league action Sunday at the Mount Sentinel Field.The win improves the Mates record to 3-0 and a four-point lead over the rest of the league.In the other game Our Glass Ogs pounded expansion Trail Thundercats 59-6.Dam Inn led 12-7 at the half.Other majors were tossed by Dam Inn quarterback Kelly Voykin to Dylan Appleby and Nate Fedorchuk.Fedorchuk also intercepted a pair of passes from Steamshovel quarterback Steven Doyle.When Doyle was firing on all cylinders he connected with Shon Doyle for a pair of touchdowns.Brewer receiver Jon Francis hauled in the other TD pass from Doyle.In the late game Our Glass snapped a 6-6 tie with 53 consecutive points en route to the pasting of the expansion Thundercats.Trail arrived at the contest with one player over the limit while Our Glass had enough players to field two teams.After Trail tied the contest early in the game, everything went south for the Cats as Our Glass coasted to the victory with quarterback Pat Sturtevant tossing a host of TD passes to Matthew Fuhr (3), Dan Farden, two majors and two extra points and Josh Myers, Mike Balance, Al Krause and Kyle Bouttett.Gord Clark intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown and caught a TD reception from Sturtevant.Burnadino Carpio had three interceptions to lead the defensive stand by Our Glass.After three weeks of play Dam Inn leads the league with a 3-0 record.Trail and Our Glass are tied for second with a 1-1 record followed in fourth by Steamshovel at 1-2.Defending champion Castlegar Vikings occupy the basement at 2-0.The league resumes play Sunday at Mount Sentinel Field.In the early 11 a.m. game Trail meets Castlegar before Steamshovel Brewers play Our Glass at 1 p.m.Dam Inn Mates are [email protected]last_img read more

A’s blow 4-0 lead in eighth, lose on back-to-back homers in the ninth

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.NEW YORK — A’s closer Liam Hendriks blew his first save since July 30 and did it in a big way, allowing back-to-back home runs in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium. The 5-4 loss marked the second time in 24 hours that the A’s walked off the field in defeat.The A’s (76-58) had taken a 4-0 lead into the eighth, but New York scored three runs against the once-vaunted Oakland bullpen. Hendriks came on in relief of Lou …last_img

Mosquitoes Developed a Taste for Human Blood Recently

first_img(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 An experiment with disease-carrying mosquitoes in Africa showed a surprising result: they switched to human blood just thousands of years ago.The photo in Science Magazine’s article about mosquito evolution is ready for a horror movie: a close-up of an adult mosquito emerging from its watery nursery.  Even if they won’t attack Manhattan, these small creatures often carry smaller, yet no less deadly, weapons: agents for dengue fever, yellow fever, and chikungunya.  Why do they suck human blood? Elizabeth Pennisi writes about research at Rockefeller and Princeton Universities that shows a recent switch by one variety, Aedes aegypti aegypti, from its close cousin, A. aegypti formosus.  The latter variety bit guinea pigs in the lab, but showed no attraction to humans; the former was the reverse.  One particular gene named Or4 differed between them.  A press release from Rockefeller explains how they isolated the scent that the disease-carrying mosquitoes preferred:The researchers guessed that Or4 must be detecting some aroma in human body odor. To figure out which one, they asked volunteers to wear pantyhose for 24 hours. And then they placed those stinky stockings in a machine designed to separate their scent into the hundreds of individual chemicals that make up body odor. The researchers came up with one match, a chemical called sulcatone that was not found in pantyhose worn by guinea pigs.Humans have a lot of sulcatone, but guinea pigs do not.  It appears that a variant in the Or4 gene caused the mosquitoes to be attracted to sulcatone.  When did this occur?The switch from preferring animals to humans involves a variety of behavior adjustments: Mosquitoes had to become comfortable living around humans, entering their homes, breeding in clean water found in water jugs instead of the muddy water found in tree holes. “There’s a whole suite of things that mosquitoes have to change about their lifestyle to live around humans,” Vosshall says. “This paper provides the first genetic insight into what happened thousands of years ago when some mosquitoes made this switch.”Another insight into mosquito attraction to odors is found in a PNAS paper, where researchers tried to figure out why DEET works as a repellant.We have discovered an odorant receptor in the southern house mosquito, which is essential for repellency, thus unravelling how DEET works. Additionally, we have identified a link between this synthetic repellent and methyl jasmonate, thus suggesting that DEET might work by mimicking defensive compound(s) from plants.More knowledge about the chemicals that attract and repel mosquitoes can lead to better repellants.Pennisi started with an interesting fact: “Out of the millions of species of insects, only about a hundred suck human blood.”Olfactory organs in animals are tremendously complex.  Individual olfactory receptors on the cilia of olfactory neurons have to be able to fit a wide variety of chemicals.  Genes control which olfactory receptors are produced in the olfactory neurons.  It is certainly conceivable that slight changes in the “lock and key fit” of odorants to receptors can cause changes in the sensitivity of the animal to other organisms.  Changes in sensitivity could lead to changes in pre-existing behavioral responses.This story points out that the curse on creation in Genesis 3 did not necessarily have to involve complete overhauls of plants and animals, but at least in some cases, slight changes to existing structures and functions.  Mosquito mouthparts are very complex.  It is hard not to imagine them as designed.  What we see here is that they could have been designed to work in the ecology in a beneficial way, perhaps with non-human targets that would not be harmed.  As diseases began to develop, they could be carried by these miniature flying robots.  When a mutation altered existing structures and functions to aim at odorants humans produce in abundance, another aspect of the curse came on with a vengeance.  The scientists did not say how many thousands of years ago this happened; we don’t know (probably on one knows), but it’s conceivable it was since the time Adam and Eve left Eden.last_img read more

Buckeye Shepherd’s Symposium Dec. 13-14

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Buckeye Shepherd’s Symposium takes place at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster, including the youth program, on Dec. 13 and 14. A celebration of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association’s 70th Anniversary also will take place.Friday speakers at the event will include Sandi Brock, Commercial sheep producer and face of “Sheepishly Me- Adventures in Sheep Farming” on social media and YouTube, of Shepherd Creek Farms in Ontario, Canada; Cameron Lauwers — a first generation sheep producer and fourth generation farmer from Capac, Michigan who runs 600 ewes in a mostly housed accelerated lambing system; and Dr. Luciana da Costa, DVM of the OSU Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicines, who will be sharing her expertise on mammary health and mastitis.On Saturday additional speakers including John Foltz, Ohio State Animal Sciences chair and Lee Fitzsimmons, from Wayne Savings Community Bank. Discussion topics will include progressive accelerated housed management, getting started in a housed system, using social media in agriculture, an overview of OSU sheep research, nutrient and manure management, working with ag lenders, and more. To register, visit read more

LSU S Jamal Adams Blasts Tigers’ Fans For Leaving Basketball Game Early, Says They “Show No Loyalty”

first_imgJamal Adams rips LSU fans on Twitter.These LSU fans aren’t loyal. That’s what Tigers’ safety Jamal Adams thinks, anyway. Wednesday evening, LSU’s men’s basketball team lost to Tennessee, 78-63. Many Tigers’ fans were seen departing from the Pete Maravich Assembly Center with minutes to go in the contest. This did not please Adams, a 6-foot, 206-pound rising sophomore on the LSU football team. I can’t hold my tongue. LSU fans show no loyalty. You expect so much from us athletes,but won’t stay and support through the whole game.— JamalAdams™ (@TheAdams_era) March 5, 2015LSU has been known for having such prideful and loyal fans, and I hate to see people ruining that image. The game’s not over until it ends.— JamalAdams™ (@TheAdams_era) March 5, 2015While it’s probably not smart for Adams to call out his school’s fan base on Twitter, he’s not wrong in expressing some frustration. It’s the final home game of the season – you can stay in your seats until the final buzzer sounds, LSU fans.last_img read more

Minister Neita Headley Meets With WADA

first_img These include the invitation to a National Anti-Doping Organisation to work with JADCO at an operational level. Minister Neita Headley met with the WADA Director General David Howman. Story Highlights WADA says it is satisfied that the Minister has accepted the practical suggestions in the report. Consequent on the receipt of the report prepared by the WADA Review Team which visited Jamaica, October 28 – 29, Minister with responsibility for Sport, Hon Natalie Neita Headley, who is in South Africa attending the 4th World Conference on Doping in Sport, met with the WADA Director General David Howman on Thursday, November 14.Minister Neita Headley responded to the recommendations made in the report. WADA says it is satisfied that the Minister has accepted the practical suggestions made and now looks forward to the full and speedy implementation of the recommendations.These include the invitation to a National Anti-Doping Organisation to work with JADCO at an operational level; undertaking of a review of Jamaica’s anti-doping legislation, and the evaluation of JADCO’s governance and management structure. Minister Neita Headley assured WADA that additional budgetary resources will be made available to JADCO, and reconfirmed that that the process was advanced for the filling of vacant posts at the Commission.Minister Neita Headley assured WADA that the Government of Jamaica was fully committed to addressing any deficiencies that exist and to improving the efficiency and efficacy of the anti-doping programme in Jamaica. For its part WADA said it will continue to work with JADCO in the interest of dope- free sport and the protection of its clean athletes.last_img read more

Canada Jetlines plans to base Montreal operations at small St Hubert airport

first_imgDiscount airline Canada Jetlines Ltd. says it plans to base its Montreal operations in a couple of years out of a small airport that is undergoing an expansion.The Vancouver-based company hasn’t yet launched service, but it announced Thursday a partnership with Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport to support its efforts to build a low-cost secondary airport on the south shore of the city.Canada Jetlines CEO Javier Suarez says Montreal travellers deserve low-cost air travel options that don’t require them to cross the U.S. border.“Saint-Hubert is a short commute out of the downtown core of Montreal, and our passengers will not only benefit from ultra-low airfares, they will also have convenient access to a new purpose-built low-cost facility in Saint-Hubert,” he said in a news release.Saint-Hubert airport is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Montreal and 32 kilometres from Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport.The airline is working towards a launch next summer and would seek to start Montreal service by early 2020. It will also fly to secondary airports in Abbotsford, B.C., Hamilton, as well as Halifax Stanfield International Airport, offering domestic service and winter flights to sun destinations. It plans to start with two Airbus A320s and add four planes annually.Saint-Hubert airport, which mainly serves private aircraft, recently upgraded its runway, supported by a $13-million federal contribution, that can accommodate narrowbody planes as big as the Boeing 737 or A320. It also plans to build a new passenger terminal.“With this announcement and this commitment we’re going to have to fast-track something,” said Jane Foyle, general manager of DASH-L, the non-profit organization that runs the Saint Hubert airport.“I think we can deliver for 2020. If there’s interest to start faster we’re also looking at what we could use at the airport at the moment as a temporary type facility.”Foyle has a vision for Saint-Hubert joining a national network of secondary airports that offer lower fees to support the Canadian expansion of ultra low cost airlines like Swoop and Flair Airlines.“If we had a network of ultra low cost airports across Canada, I think that’s what we want to be part of,” she said in an interview.“Abbotsford in B.C. is that already. Hamilton is at that game too but their cost structure might not be as flexible as ours will be. We’re going to be financially attractive for airlines to come here.”Discount carrier Flair Airlines says it is reviewing options for the Quebec market and hasn’t made a firm commitment to any airport in the province.WestJet subsidiary Swoop said as its fleet increases to 10 next year it will be looking for markets and airports for its 189-seat planes.“This could potentially include service to Quebec, but I’m unable to confirm that for you at this time,” said spokeswoman Karen McIsaac.Porter Airlines spokesman Brad Cicero says the airline based at Toronto Island’s Billy Bishop Airport has no plans to change its Trudeau airport-based service out of Montreal.Foyle said catering to ultra low cost carriers can be risky because their success is unproven in Canada. But she also hopes to offer flights to transport business people to Toronto, be a hub for regional service in Quebec and attract travel airlines like Sunwing and Air Transat for flights south.She said the main challenge is to secure designated airport status that will provide security screening services from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority at an affordable rate and obtain customs and immigration services from the Canada Border Services Agency to offer transborder flights.Foyle said Saint-Hubert airport can also help in keeping Quebecers from crossing the U.S. border to catch flights.“We’re losing a lot of Canadians that are going to Plattsburgh and Burlington to fly out of American airports and we would be strategically located to try to get these passengers, these Quebecers back and flying out of our airlines potentially and our airport.”Companies in this story: (TSX:WJA)last_img read more

Football Marcus Hooker suspended one game for DUI arrest

Freshman defensive back Marcus Hooker will be suspended one game by the team for a charge from June when he was arrested for driving under the influence, head coach Urban Meyer said at Big Ten Media Days Tuesday.“He’ll be suspended for the first game,” Meyer said on Hooker.A three-star recruit who was ranked No. 642 in his class according to 247Sports, Hooker was arrested in Township, Pennsylvania, at a traffic stop. The 18-year-old was charged back in June with driving under the influence, purchasing alcohol as a minor, careless driving, disregarding traffic lanes and missing rear lights.Hooker is the brother of ex-Ohio State safety and Indianapolis Colts player Malik Hooker, and committed to the Buckeyes back in July 2017.