Electrical conductor sparks interest

first_imgChemists at Harvard and three other institutions have created a purified version of an organic semiconductor with electrical properties that put it among a small handful of organic compounds and that provides an important proof of concept for a screening process to find new compounds for solar panels.Alán Aspuru-Guzik, associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology, worked with colleagues at Stanford University, Haverford College, and Clark University to identify, synthesize, and characterize the compound. It was based on a compound created several years ago by a team from Japan. The compound, with the tongue-twisting name of dinapthothienothiophene, intrigued Aspuru-Guzik and Haverford colleague Joshua Schrier, who decided to use computers to model several variations and screen them for improved electrical properties.That process resulted in seven candidate compounds, from which they selected one, whose synthesis was originally devised by Sergio Granados-Focil, an assistant professor of chemistry at Clark, and was synthesized in the lab of Zhenan Bao, an associate professor in Stanford’s Chemical Engineering Department. Initial measurements by Bao’s group of the compound’s “hole mobility” — a measure of how quickly electrons move analogous to current in a metallic material — showed it was among a small handful of top-performing organic molecules.“It would have taken several years to both synthesize and characterize all the seven candidate compounds. With this approach, we were able to focus on the most promising candidate … as predicted by theory,” Bao said. “This is a rare example of ‘truly rational’ design of new high performance materials.”The Japanese team that created the original compound, led by Kazuo Takimiya, also recently reported that it had created the same compound, though its measurements showed that the compound had lower electrical properties.Though the discovery, reported today in the journal Nature Communications, may have creative applications in electronics, where organic semiconductors are used in thin film transistors and to create extremely thin television screens, Aspuru-Guzik was just as enthusiastic that it provided confirmation of the screening process, based on computer modeling, that he is using to find new materials for solar panels. Sule Atahan, a postdoctoral fellow working with Aspuru-Guzik, said that the close match between the predicted and measured crystal structures of the compound is key, and that theoretical screening is crucial to identify new materials for clean-energy applications.From a cost standpoint, organic semiconductors still cannot compete with the silicon typically used in photovoltaic panels. But organics — a family of typically large, complex molecules built around a backbone of carbon atoms — have many advantages over rigid, heavy silicon. Organic semiconductors can be used to make flexible display screens and can be sprayed like paint or ink, opening a broad range of applications.If a compound can be identified for use in photovoltaics, Aspuru-Guzik said, it may find applications where the rigid structure and equipment needed for traditional solar panels preclude their use, such as in the developing world, where more than 2 billion people still don’t have access to reliable electricity.To identify such a compound, Aspuru-Guzik several years ago began the Clean Energy Project, a distributed computing effort, conducted in collaboration with the IBM World Community Grid, that uses the surplus computing power of idle desktop machines to screen 2.7 million possible candidates. So far, Aspuru-Guzik said, they’ve identified about 5,000 compounds predicted more than 10 percent efficient at converting sunlight to electricity. Additionally, Aspuru-Guzik and Bao have a joint research project, sponsored by the Stanford Global Climate and Energy Program, to use this approach for accelerating the discovery of high performance organic solar cell materials.When the screening is complete, Aspuru-Guzik said, researchers plan to publish a list of the 1,000 most promising compounds. After that will come the labor-intensive process of making them and checking for properties that improve on materials used in solar panels today.“We need only one for the world to be happy,” Aspuru-Guzik said.last_img read more

Two Saint Mary’s seniors granted Orr Fellowships

first_imgSaint Mary’s seniors Lauren Hlavin and Lauren Jamieson were chosen for The Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship, a program that gives students the opportunity to join growing companies in Indianapolis and develop their business skills.According to Hlavin, there were over 800 applicants this recruitment season, and Hlavin and Jamieson were accepted as two of the 47 fellows.With the help of College alumnae, Jamieson said she was able to enter the extensive interview process with a better understanding of the fellowship. Jamieson had to prepare for activities such as an on-campus scouting event, interviews with board members and interviews with four potential employers in one day.“Saint Mary’s girls who are currently in the fellowship helped me to understand what exactly the fellowship is and got me excited for all the opportunities it offers,” Jamieson said. “They answered all my questions and helped me through the entire interview process.”Hlavin said she is excited to join the Indianapolis-based startup company, Digby Home Automation, LLC.“I am really anxious to get to work,” she said. “Right now it is hard to have a ‘hands-off’ approach, especially since I will be joining a start-up where the beginning of the enterprise is where you’ll get the most raw experience and knowledge.”Jamieson said she is looking forward to start her life in Indianapolis, working at CloudOne, a company dedicated to providing clients with a secure cloud network.“I can’t think of a better fit for me post-graduation,” she said. “I am excited to enter the Indianapolis community and become part of the Orr family.”Hlavin said her time at Saint Mary’s for helping cultivate her abilities as a young entrepreneur, fostering her sense of creativity, innovation and independence. She said her professors and classes helped mold her into a well-rounded person.“I have had endless leadership opportunities, which have pushed me to excel in areas where I wouldn’t have naturally gone,” she said. “I feel confident and capable in my area of study, as well as others, thanks to professors and students who are above par in every way possible.”Jamieson said the fellowship gives them the opportunity to interact and grow with other young business leaders.“I am looking forward to the curriculum that is offered and the opportunities I will have to expand my network and continue learning about myself and what path I want to pursue after my time with Orr,” Jamieson said.Hlavin said the fellowship offers a “truly one-of-a-kind” experience.“ … And to be amongst some of the top-tier grads of 2016 will undoubtedly be challenging yet extremely rewarding,” Hlavin said.“Each fellow brings a difference perspective, focus and form of creativity, which makes this an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional growth.”Hlavin said she is looking forward to her future as an Orr fellow.“It has been a wild ride so far, and I cannot wait for the next Orr adventure,” she said.Tags: Orr Fellowshiplast_img read more

Guggenheim to start in Europe with real estate debt investments

first_imgGuggenheim is likely to target investments in the UK and Spain, although Goldstein also has responsibility for the French and Swedish markets.Goldstein said Spain offered the “best opportunities at the moment”, and that Guggenheim would therefore focus on this market, as well as the UK, in the first few months.In the UK, it will focus on office and industrial properties, both in central London and the regions.“Residential is flavour of the month in London,” Goldstein said. “But it is clearly frothy at the top.”Guggenheim, which attempted to acquire Deutsche Bank’s real estate investment management arm in 2012, established its real estate operation in 2001, and has been expanding its activities and building up a real estate portfolio in both debt and equity.In March 2013, the firm appointed Henry Silverman to the new position of global head of real estate and infrastructure.Goldstein said Guggenheim would be making a careful entry into the European real estate market, remarking that it was “important not to run before you can walk”.He said one of his strengths was his ability “to forge partnerships and long-term relationships”. Guggenheim Partners is expected to make its first European real estate investment via the debt markets and will maintain a particular focus on the UK and Spain, according to its new head of real estate.Jonathan Goldstein, who joined the US company this year to lead its new European real estate business, told IP Real Estate he was already working on concluding two debt investments.Goldstein, who spent the past five years as deputy chief executive at Heron International, said: “We have a couple of situations that are well advanced, and that is because they were in progress already.”He added: “We clearly have capacity on the debt side and clients who are yield-hungry on the equity side. It will be a slightly slower burn.”last_img read more

Holder reprimanded, will retain captaincy – Report

first_imgPORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):Jason Holder is expected to retain his position as captain of the West Indies Test team for the upcoming series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates, according to media reports in Trinidad.However, Holder has been reprimanded and given notice that he could be stripped of his position if he continues to underperform, a report in the Trinidad Guardian has suggested.There was widespread speculation that the Barbadian all-rounder would lose his job in the days leading up to last weekend’s meeting of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in Dominica.However, The Guardian, without citing sources, has reported that Holder was given “a serious dressing down” by chairman of selectors Courtney Browne.The Guardian has reported that a note was passed to the board of directors during the weekend meeting, stating that the selection chairman had a “frank talk” with Holder concerning his form in the longer format of the game and whether he warrants selection outside of being captain.The Guardian has reported that the selection panel is not yet convinced that Holder should be removed as leader of the Test team and that he runs the risk of being removed as captain if he fails to produce during the Pakistan series.Holder, who replaced wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin a year ago, became the second-youngest Test captain of all time for the West Indies and the 15th-youngest of all time for any Test nation.However, he is yet to lead West Indies in a winning series, losing 2-0 to Sri Lanka, 2-0 to Australia and by a similar margin to India.Holder, 24, has captained the team for nine matches, winning none, losing six, with three ending in draws.West Indies start their tour with a warm-up game against Emirates Cricket Board XI at the ICC Academy next Tuesday before meeting Pakistan in the opening T20 International three days later at the Dubai International Stadium.last_img read more

Pressing questions answered

first_imgQ: In the television show “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” the secret agents often entered the headquarters through a tailor shop. What was the name of the shop? How about the address of the HQ? – M.H., Winchester, Ky. A: The name of the nondescript tailor shop was Del Floria’s. The exact location varied through the run of the series. However, the general location is the East Side of Manhattan, near the United Nations, along First Avenue in the 40s. Q: In the 1968 science-fiction movie “Planet of the Apes,” in what year did the events take place? Q: I have never seen Bojangles dance, but it is my understanding he was a pre-eminent tap dancer. Where did he get his nickname? When and where was he born? – J.R., Lincoln, Neb. A: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson (1878-1949) was born in Richmond, Va. Robinson, who wasalways claimed that he had no idea where Bojangles came from or what it meant. Q: I understand one of the most visited sites at Arlington National Cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknowns. I’ve also heard it called the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Which is correct? When did it open to the public? When did guarding the tomb begin? given the nickname as a child, – C.E., Ann Arbor, Mich. A: According to the folks at Arlington National Cemetery, there is no official name for the tomb, which opened to the public on April 9, 1932. The Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) began protecting the monument around-the-clock on April 6, 1948. Q: In more than one spy novel, the hero orders a magnum of champagne for himself and his lady friend. What kind of champagne is this? – B.E.R., Middle Valley, Tenn. A: It’s not a type or brand; it’s the size of the bottle. A magnum is equivalent to two standard- size bottles, or 1.50 liters. Q: You said three Major League Baseball players hit a grand-slam home run in their first at-bat: Bill Duggleby (1898), Jeremy Hermida (2005) and Kevin Kouzmanoff (2006). What about Bobby Bonds? Didn’t he do the same thing? – M.L., Elmira, N.Y. A: Bobby Bonds (San Francisco Giants) played his first major-league game on June 25, 1968. If you were scoring his first plate appearance that night, your scorecard would have read HBP – hit by pitch. However, in the sixth inning, he hit a grand slam. Bonds, like the others, hit a grand slam in his first major-league game – but not in his first appearance at the plate. Q: For several years I have had tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ear. What does the word tinnitus mean? – B.L., Waco, Texas A: Tinnitus comes from the Latin “tinnire,” meaning “to ring.” Send your questions to Mr. Know-It-All at [email protected] or c/o United Feature Syndicate, 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.– F.T., Roanoke, Va. A: The film – starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter – took place in A.D. 3978. Q: In the 1960s, I spent my teenage years in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I listened to a local group called Chad Allan and the Reflections. I even have the band members’ autographs in my collection of stuff. I know this is a long shot, but can you tell me what happened to the band? – K.H., Bar Harbor, Maine A: The band formed in 1960 as the Silvertones and, two years later, became Chad Allan and the Reflections; the members subsequently changed their name again, to Chad Allan and the Expressions. One more name change in 1965 to The Guess Who. last_img read more